Top Bike Insurance Companies in India: 2024 Guide

Navigating the bustling roads of India calls for not just skill but also a shield of protection for your bike. With the Indian Motor Vehicle Act mandating at least third-party insurance, you’re probably on the lookout for the best bike insurance company that offers more than just compliance.

With around 25 general insurance companies vying for the title, it’s vital to choose one that stands out with comprehensive coverage, exceptional customer service, and premiums that won’t break the bank. Whether you’re zipping through city streets or cruising on country roads, the right insurer can make all the difference.

Top bike insurance companies in India

Choosing the best bike insurance in India isn’t just about finding the lowest premium; it’s about securing a policy that will stand by you when you need it the most. With a plethora of options available, it’s crucial to make an informed decision. Let’s take a closer look at some of the top contenders for your consideration.

TATA AIG Comprehensive Bike Insurance Policy

TATA AIG Comprehensive Bike Insurance Policy

TATA AIG’s position in the bike insurance sector is as solid as it gets. Offering a comprehensive policy that goes beyond just fulfilling regulatory requirements, TATA AIG brings an impressive suite of benefits to the table. Features like free pick-up in case of accidents and a six-month warranty on repairs make it an attractive option. Moreover, discounts of up to 75% on online purchases underline the economic advantage of choosing TATA AIG. What’s even more convincing is their promise of a claims settlement within seven days, delivering on both speed and efficiency.

Bajaj Allianz- Long term Two-Wheeler Package Insurance

Bajaj Allianz- Long term Two-Wheeler Package Insurance

Bajaj Allianz’s Long-Term Two-Wheeler Package is a game-changer for those who dread the annual renewal hassle. Get insured for up to three years with a fixed premium that doesn’t budge regardless of market changes. The policy covers an array of damages, from natural disasters to theft, and provides third-party liability cover. You’re not just getting a policy, you’re getting peace of mind knowing that there’ll be no unexpected premiums for the tenure of your policy.

IFFCO Tokio- Comprehensive Two-Wheeler Insurance with Zero Depreciation Cover

IFFCO Tokio- Comprehensive Two-Wheeler Insurance with Zero Depreciation Cover

When every bit of your bike is precious, IFFCO Tokio’s Comprehensive Two-Wheeler Insurance with Zero Depreciation Cover ensures that age doesn’t depreciate your claim amount. This policy is tailored to buffer the blow in case of repairs or replacements, without factoring in the usual wear and tear. The cherry on top is IFFCO Tokio’s high claim settlement ratio, which reinforces their reliability.

HDFC Ergo- Comprehensive Two-Wheeler Insurance

HDFC Ergo- Comprehensive Two-Wheeler Insurance

HDFC Ergo stands out with its promise of high discounts and a reputation for a seamless claim process. Known as a go-to choice for comprehensive two-wheeler insurance, this policy backs you up with extensive damage cover, third-party liability, and a suite of customer-friendly services. All of this comes along with the comfort of 24/7 customer support and digital inspection for claims.

SBI General Comprehensive Bike Insurance

SBI General Comprehensive Bike Insurance

Backed by the trust associated with State Bank of India, SBI General’s Comprehensive Bike Insurance secures a place in the list with its straightforward, robust policy options. It touches upon all the primary needs of a biker, earning points for hassle-free claim settlement and reliable coverage against both man-made and natural adversities.

Bharti AXA General Insurance Company

bharti axa general insurance company

Bharti AXA’s insurance solutions are synonymous with reliability and customer satisfaction. They offer a comprehensive policy that caters to a wide spectrum of risks including, accidental damages and third-party liabilities. With round-the-clock assistance and an easy renewal process, your bike insurance is just as accessible as it is dependable.

United India Insurance Company – UIIC

United India Insurance Company – UIIC

United India Insurance Company (UIIC) offers a solid two-wheeler policy with the backing of a public sector enterprise. The policy includes features that ensure both the rider and the vehicle are protected under various circumstances. UIIC may be the right choice for those who prefer an insurer with a longstanding presence in the market and a traditional approach to customer service.

With these options, you’ll find that there’s no one-size-fits-all answer; instead, your choice depends on the specifics of your needs, be it long-term stability, personalized coverage, or extensive support networks. Evaluate each policy for its individual merits and how they align with your priorities. Remember, the right insurance safeguards not just your bike, but also your financial and emotional wellbeing on the road.

Factors to consider when choosing a bike insurance company

When you’re in the market for bike insurance, it’s not just about finding a policy. It’s about securing peace of mind. That’s why it’s crucial to delve into the specifics and select an insurance company that meets your unique requirements. Here are key factors that demand your keen attention.

Claim Settlement Ratio

The claim settlement ratio (CSR) is a pivotal metric indicating an insurer’s reliability. It represents the percentage of claims an insurance company has settled against the total claims received within a financial year.

Financial Year Claims Received Claims Settled Claim Settlement Ratio (%)

A high CSR suggests that you’re more likely to have your claim resolved without unnecessary hassle, which is why you ought to always check this ratio before making a decision.

Network of Garages

Access to a robust network of garages can be a lifesaver in the event of bike damage. Insurance companies collaborate with a slew of workshops across the country where you can receive cashless repair services. This means that in times of need, you won’t have to worry about upfront payments. Ensure that the insurance provider boasts a wide network that includes garages close to your location for added convenience and faster service.

Additional Features and Benefits

While the core coverage is fundamental, don’t overlook the importance of additional features and benefits. Many bike insurance companies offer a variety of add-ons that enhance your policy and provide extra protection. These may include:

  • Zero depreciation cover
  • Roadside assistance
  • Engine protection cover
  • Personal accident cover for pillion riders

Remember, these add-ons usually imply a slightly higher premium, yet their value could be immeasurable in the case of an unforeseen event. As such, take a moment to reflect on which extra features could be beneficial for you and whether the insurer offers them.

Comparison of bike insurance plans offered by top companies

Coverage Options

When you’re on the hunt for the perfect bike insurance policy, coverage is king. Top insurers in India craft their bike insurance plans to include a variety of coverage options catering to various needs. You’ll find that comprehensive plans generally cover natural calamities like floods and unexpected events such as theft and fires. They also address third-party liabilities up to INR 1 lakh in case of injury, death or property damage.

Moreover, these companies offer personal accident coverage up to INR 15 lakhs, which is a significant safety net in the unfortunate event of an accident. Companies have realised the varied needs of riders and have structured their policies to provide flexibility in policy tenure, with options available for two, three, and even five years, avoiding the hassle of annual renewals.

The choice available allows you to pick coverage levels that align with your concerns, be it extensive protection against own or third-party damages. Look out for policies underlined with features like unlimited claims, a facility that’s incredibly useful if you’re prone to mishaps.

Premium Rates

Let’s chat about one of the most critical aspects of choosing a bike insurance policy – the premium rates. They’re the deal-maker or breaker for many. While features and benefits are paramount, the cost-effectiveness of the plan cannot be ignored. Despite the lure of low premiums, you’ve got to balance them against the coverage offered.

Premiums are usually determined by the Insured Declared Value or IDV, which is essentially the maximum claim your insurer will cough up in dreary times of total loss or theft. Generally, the IDV is calculated as:

IDV (INR) Premium Rate (%) Add-Ons (INR) Discount (%) NCB (%)
Your Vehicle’s IDV Decided by Insurer Extra Coverage Cost Up to Policyholder Based on No Claim Years

You can manoeuvre your premium by opting for voluntary deductibles. This choice can slash your premium by 5 to 20%. Also, securing No Claim Bonus (NCB) offers up to a 50% discount if you’ve been claim-free, which can be a serious wallet saver at the end of your policy period.

Add-On Options

The real cherry on top of your bike insurance plan comes in the form of add-ons. Major insurers now offer a tantalizing spread of add-on options that push your coverage from standard to superb. Options like zero depreciation cover ensure that value depreciation doesn’t eat into your claim amount. Add-ons like engine protection cover shield your bike’s heart against oil leakage and the aftermath of natural calamities.

But that’s not all. If you’re worried about little things adding up, the consumables cover is your best friend, taking care of oils, nuts, and bolts that usually get overlooked. More so, features like Return to Invoice give you the full price of your bike, including road tax and registration, in severe damage cases.

And if you’re someone who hits the road often, a roadside assistance cover is a wise pick, providing 24/7 help whenever and wherever your bike decides to throw a tantrum. With insurers competing for your nod, the spectrum of add-ons has never looked more appealing. Here’s to making a smart pick that embellishes your bike insurance to perfection.


Choosing the right bike insurance company in India is crucial for your peace of mind on the road. You’ve seen the importance of evaluating various factors that make an insurer stand out. Remember, it’s about finding a balance that suits your specific needs—extensive coverage, competitive premiums, and the additional perks that make your policy truly comprehensive. With the right insurer, you’ll enjoy the freedom of the ride knowing you’re well-protected. Make a well-informed decision and ride with confidence, secure in the knowledge that you’re backed by the best possible insurance support.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the key factors to consider when choosing a bike insurance company in India?

Key factors include the company’s claim settlement ratio, the network of affiliated garages, the range of additional features and benefits, coverage options, premium rates, and the variety of add-on covers available.

What does comprehensive bike insurance cover?

Comprehensive bike insurance protects against damages to your bike from accidents, theft, fires, and natural calamities, in addition to third-party liabilities. It often includes personal accident coverage and optional add-ons for enhanced protection.

How can I reduce my bike insurance premium?

You can lower your insurance premium by opting for voluntary deductibles, maintaining a No Claim Bonus (NCB) for claim-free years, and carefully selecting only necessary add-on covers.

What are the most recommended add-ons for bike insurance?

Popular add-ons include zero depreciation cover, engine protection cover, consumables cover, return to invoice cover, and roadside assistance. These enhance your policy coverage while providing specific protections against additional risks.

What are the advantages of a long-term bike insurance policy?

Long-term bike insurance policies offer convenience, as they reduce the hassle of annual renewals. They protect against premium hikes and may also provide better NCB benefits. Plus, a 5-year third-party cover is mandated by Indian law for new bikes.

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