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Top Ice Cream Makers in India: Find Your Perfect Scoop

Diving into the sweet world of ice creams, you’ll find a rich history as tantalising as the dessert itself. From the frosty indulgences of King Solomon to the innovative sorbets of 17th-century Naples, ice cream’s journey is as diverse as its flavours. And now, with the best ice cream makers in India at your fingertips, creating these frozen delights at home is a breeze.

Imagine scooping out a creamy, homemade custard-based vanilla ice cream to share with family and friends. That’s the joy an instant ice cream maker brings to your kitchen. Whether you’re a connoisseur of the classics or an adventurer in flavour, you’ll find an ice cream maker that meets your needs, allowing you to indulge in the perfect scoop every time.

Agaro Maple Ice Cream Maker

Cuisinart ICE30 Ice Cream Maker Sorbet

When you’re on the hunt for an ice cream maker that combines ease of use with speedy results, the Agaro Maple Ice Cream Maker stands out. Agaro’s attention to detail reflects in their understanding of what strikes a chord with families, especially during the warm summer months. You’ll find the 1.2-litre capacity of this machine both sufficient and impressive, given its ability to churn out delicious ice cream far quicker than many other models on the market.

The striking maple wood barrel design is not just for aesthetics; it resonates with a certain homeliness, adding a touch of elegance to your kitchen countertop. The powerful compressor freezer of the Agaro Maple means you can get started on your frozen dessert without the preliminaries of pre-freezing, often required by other ice cream makers. It’s a plug-and-play marvel – you add the ingredients, and with a simple push of a button, your ice cream making journey begins.

Moreover, the double-insulated walls work their magic to maintain an even temperature throughout the freezing process, ensuring consistency in your ice cream’s texture. The addition of an easy push-button operation enhances user-friendliness, making ice cream crafting an enjoyable and hassle-free experience.

Here’s a quick glance at what this ice cream maker has to offer:

Feature Agaro Maple Kitchenif Digital
Capacity 1.2 Litres 1.5 Litres
Design Maple wood, compressor freezer Digital control, viewing window
Price Rs 5,299 Rs 5,590
Notable Advantages Fast freezing, no pre-freezing Digital display, larger capacity
Potential Disadvantages Smaller capacity Higher price, pre-freezing

It’s evident that the Agaro Maple serves up ice cream making with style and efficiency. Its features cater to those who value both form and function, looking for a machine that doesn’t just perform well but also enhances the look of their kitchen. Whether you’re in the mood for sorbet, slush, or a classic frozen yogurt, Agaro Maple’s versatility has got you covered.

Kitchenif Digital Ice Cream Sorbet Slush

Kitchenif Digital Ice Cream Sorbet Slush

When you’re in the mood for a frosty treat, the Kitchenif Digital Ice Cream Maker stands out as a top contender in India’s crowded market of ice cream machines. With its spacious 1.5-litre capacity, this appliance is well-suited to meet the dessert demands of your entire family. Picture the smiles as you serve up homemade ice cream, tailored with your choice of mix-ins. The digital control panel and transparent mixer bowl are user-friendly features that make crafting your frozen delights almost as enjoyable as eating them.

Not only does the Kitchenif deliver on size, but its digital precision: with a simple touch, you can tweak settings for the perfect consistency whether you’re making ice cream, sorbet, slush or frozen yogurt. The convenience of the mixer bowl window lets you peer into the magic happening inside, turning dessert making into a fun spectacle.

For those prioritising ease and efficiency in their kitchen gadgets, the double-insulated walls of this machine are worth noting. They play a critical role in ensuring a uniform freezing temperature, which translates to a creamier texture in your frozen treats. Plus, you won’t be left in a lurch when life gets busy; the automatic shut-off function means you can walk away with peace of mind, knowing your dessert won’t turn into soup.

Below, you’ll find an informative breakdown of the key features, advantages, and disadvantages of the Kitchenif Digital Ice Cream Maker:

Feature Advantage Disadvantage
1.5-Litre Capacity Perfect for large batches May be bulky for smaller kitchens
Digital Control Panel Ensures precise temperature control and timing Requires initial learning to navigate options
Mixer Bowl Window Allows monitoring of the dessert-making process
Double-Insulated Walls Guarantees even freezing for a smoother texture
Automatic Shut-Off Offers convenience and safety
Recipes Included Encourages experimentation with new flavours Initial trial and error to perfect recipes

Popsicle Mold Set 4 Pieces Ice Cream Maker

Popsicle Mold Set 4 Pieces Ice Cream Maker

When you’re aiming to cool down or simply indulge in a homemade treat, speed and convenience are key. That’s where the Popsicle Mold Set comes into play, stepping up as a quick solution for your ice cream cravings. This four-slot ice cream maker boasts a design that facilitates a much faster freezing time, ensuring that you can enjoy your frozen desserts without extended waiting.

Crafted from non-stick silicone, these molds make it a breeze to release your ice cream. Just a twist and out pops your customised popsicle, letting you dive into the flavors you’ve created without any fuss. The set’s simplicity and ease of use make it a must-have for those sunny afternoons or impromptu dessert plans.

Feature Advantage Disadvantage
Four ice cream-freezing slots Accelerates the freezing process Limited to popsicle shapes
Non-stick silicone material Simplifies the removal of ice cream May require manual cleaning
Easy twist-release design Reduces the hassle of unmolding

The flexibility that comes with the Popsicle Mold Set is not limited to its physical properties but also pertains to its ability to cater to a variety of preferences. Whether you’re after fruity flavors, classic vanilla, or a chocolate-filled delight, the molds provide a platform for creativity in your kitchen. They let you experiment with ingredients, mix-ins, and dazzling combinations that could rival those from your favorite ice cream parlor.

Investing in this ice cream maker reveals its value beyond the product itself—it’s an investment in family fun and culinary exploration. Whether you’re serving the kids or entertaining guests, each piece you craft can be a conversation starter, not to mention a delectable homemade creation.

Everhype Slushy Ice Cream Maker

Everhype Slushy Ice Cream Maker

When you’re on the hunt for an ice cream maker that’s as stylish as it is functional, the Everhype Slushy Ice Cream Maker is your go-to option. High-quality stainless steel construction sets it apart from the crowd, ensuring that your frozen treats don’t just taste good—they’re made with equipment that’s durable and long-lasting. The design is reminiscent of an old-fashioned ice cream glass, adding a touch of nostalgia to your kitchen.

One of its core advantages is the ability to freeze your ice cream rapidly, which is impressive given that time is often of the essence during those hot summer months or when that ice cream craving hits hard. Unlike other machines that may require pre-freezing the bowl or extensive setup, the Everhype model allows you to dive straight into the action, making it a popular choice among enthusiasts.

To help you weigh your options, here’s a table outlining some key features, advantages, and disadvantages of the Everhype Slushy Ice Cream Maker:

Features Advantages Disadvantages
Stainless Steel Design Durable and quick freezing May be heavier due to the material
Ice Cream Glass Look Adds aesthetic value to the process Limited capacity compared to others
Competitive Pricing Economical without compromising on quality Might not have digital features

This machine’s cost efficiency is another stand-out feature. In a market where the price can often skyrocket for premium materials and designs, the Everyhype Slushy Ice Cream Maker remains affordable. If you don’t need the bells and whistles of digital displays or timers and are content with simplicity and speed, this could be the ideal maker for your sweet concoctions.

Remember, while the Everyhype Slushy Ice Cream Maker may not boast digital sophistication, it excels in swiftly turning your ice cream mixture into a delectable frozen dessert with minimal fuss. It’s a reminder that sometimes, the best results come from sticking to the basics—all without breaking the bank.

Cuisinart ICE30 Ice Cream Maker Sorbet

Cuisinart ICE30 Ice Cream Maker Sorbet

When you’re on the hunt for a high-quality ice cream maker, Cuisinart ICE30 should be on your radar. Known for its efficiency and durability, this device transforms your kitchen into a gourmet ice cream parlor. Its sleek, brushed-stainless appearance not only complements modern kitchen aesthetics but also hides fingerprints, making maintenance a breeze.

The Cuisinart ICE30 model boasts a 2-Quart capacity, ample enough for a family treat or indulgent solo sessions. You’ll love the freedom it provides—you can experiment with countless flavours, from the classic vanilla bean to zesty lemon sorbet. The simplicity of operation is a standout feature; simply pour in your ingredients, press a button, and let the machine work its magic.

Features Advantages Disadvantages
2-Quart Capacity Large batch production Requires pre-freezing
Fully automatic operation User-friendly Initial cost may be high
Brushed stainless-steel housing Easy to clean and aesthetically pleasing
Removable mixing paddle and freezer bowl Easy to clean and store

Your discovery of ice cream textures is unfettered with this machine; smooth gelato, rich frozen yogurt, and refreshing slushies are all within your grasp. Be aware that the bowl needs to be frozen prior to usage. This minor planning step ensures that your ice cream chills and churns evenly.

Despite its advantages, the ICE30 does come with a price tag that may cause some to hesitate. However, the investment can quickly pay off for ardent ice cream aficionados who will relish the convenience and customisation this machine offers.

In this modern age, where your kitchen appliances are as much a statement as they are a one-time purchase, choosing the Cuisinart ICE30 is as much about performance as it is about design. Embrace the art of ice cream crafting, and watch as the Cuisinart Ice Cream Maker becomes not just an appliance, but a gateway to your culinary creativity.

Factors to Consider When Buying an Ice Cream Maker

When looking for the perfect ice cream maker, a few key factors will steer you towards the ideal machine that fits your needs. Diving deeper, let’s explore what you should keep in mind before committing to a purchase.


Your household size or the amount of guests you entertain directly impacts the capacity that’ll best suit your lifestyle. If you’re someone who often hosts large gatherings or has a big joint family with a shared love for homemade frozen delights, you’ll want an ice cream maker with a larger capacity.

Here’s a brief overview of the specific capacities:

  • Kitchenif Ice Cream Machine: Boasting a 1.5-litre capacity, it’s perfect for churning out generous quantities of ice cream, catering to sizeable family events.
  • Cuisinart ICE30 Ice Cream Maker Sorbet: With its 2-Quart (approx. 1.9 litres) capacity, you’re well-equipped to experiment with new and exciting flavours.

Type of Freezing Mechanism

Choosing the right freezing mechanism to meet your expectations for convenience and efficiency is paramount. The primary types include:

  • Freezer Bowl Makers: These require the bowl to be frozen in advance, usually 24 hours before use.
  • Self-Refrigerating Machines: These typically come with built-in compressors, eliminating the need for pre-freezing and allowing for more spontaneous ice cream making.

Consider the ambient temperature where you’ll operate the machine, as compressor-based models work best under 30°C for optimal efficiency.

Ease of Use and Cleaning

You want your ice cream making to be a pleasure, not a chore. Opt for devices that provide:

  • Simple Operations: Single-touch controllers and transparent lids for visibility during mixing.
  • Easy Cleaning: Non-stick bowls and dishwasher-safe components make the clean-up process hassle-free.

Here’s a comparison of a few ice cream makers highlighting their key features, advantages, and disadvantages:

Product Features Advantages Disadvantages
Kitchenif Ice Cream Machine 1.5-litre capacity, Ease of use Perfect for families, No pre-freezing May not be sufficiently robust for commercial use
Cuisinart ICE30 2-Quart capacity, Stainless-steel design Large capacity, Automated operation High initial cost, Requires pre-freezing
Hamilton Beach Ice Cream Maker Easy operation, Transparent lid User-friendly, Quick cleaning Smaller capacity, May need additional freezing
Nostalgia Double Flavour Ice Cream Maker Dual flavour capability, Compact size Simultaneously make two flavours, Space-saving Limited overall capacity
Andrew James Ice Cream Maker Modern design, Digital display Aesthetic appeal, Precise control over settings May have higher power consumption

With these insights, you’re now equipped with the knowledge to select an ice cream maker that’ll satisfy your sweet tooth while perfectly fitting into your home life. Whether engaging in creamy experiments or sticking to classic favourites, ensure the machine you choose can deliver the quality and quantity of ice cream you desire.

Pros and Cons of Each Ice Cream Maker

When considering the best ice cream makers in India, it’s essential to weigh the advantages and disadvantages of each machine. Doing so ensures you make an informed decision tailored to your lifestyle and ice cream preferences.

Mr Freeze EIM700 Ice Cream Maker

The Mr Freeze EIM700 isn’t just another ice cream maker; it’s a premium segment equipment that boasts thermoelectric freezing capabilities, which means you don’t have to pre-freeze the container – a significant advantage over many models. However, it’s crucial to note that you’ll need the appropriate cabling for operation at 220V since it’s rated for North American standards.

Chefn Sweet Spot Instant Ice Cream Maker

This machine is a hit, especially with kids, due to its ability to produce quick results without the need for electricity. But remember, the bowl needs pre-freezing, and the machine can only make small batches at a time. Ensure your kitchen is ready to accommodate the process.

Cuisinart ICE100 Compressor Ice Cream Maker

Cuisinart does the heavy lifting with the ICE100, eliminating the need to pre-freeze bowls or hand mix batter. Offering convenience and a hands-off approach, this model is top of the line in the home-made ice cream arena. With machines like the ICE100, your role simplifies to choosing your favourite recipe and adding the ingredients.

Ice Cream Makers Feature Comparison:

Ice Cream Maker Type Key Feature Pros Cons
Mr Freeze EIM700 Electric Thermoelectric freezing -No need to pre-freeze
– Energy-saving
– Premium price
– Requires proper cabling
Chefn Sweet Spot Manual No electricity required – Quick results
– Fun for kids
– Pre-freezing needed
– Small batches
Cuisinart ICE100 Compressor Electric In-built freezer mechanism – Easy to use
– No pre-freezing needed
– Space-consuming


Choosing the right ice cream maker can transform your dessert-making experience. Whether you’re drawn to the Mr Freeze EIM700 for its thermoelectric freezing, the Chefn Sweet Spot for its manual simplicity, or the Cuisinart ICE100 for its top-tier features, there’s a maker tailored to your needs. Remember to consider factors like batch size, convenience, and electricity usage when making your decision. You’re now equipped with the knowledge to select the best ice cream maker that India has to offer. Happy churning!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best ice cream maker according to your tests?

The ice cream maker that topped our tests is the Cuisinart ICE-21, acclaimed for its ease of use, clean-up convenience, and ability to produce creamy, rich ice cream consistently.

Which company is the largest ice cream manufacturer in India?

The largest ice cream manufacturer in India is GCMMF, known for the Amul brand, alongside significant players like Unilever and Hatsun Agro.

Which ice cream maker brand do you recommend?

Our top recommendations include the Ninja Creami Deluxe XL Ice Cream Maker for overall performance, the Breville The Smart Scoop Ice Cream Maker for those willing to splurge, the Cuisinart Frozen Yogurt, Ice Cream, & Sorbet Maker for best value, and the compact Cuisinart 2-Qt. Ice Cream Maker.

What do you call a professional ice cream maker?

A professional ice cream maker is referred to as an ice cream churner or ice cream maker. This professional specializes in the craft of ice cream preparation and production.

Who leads in ice cream sales?

As of 2022, the leading ice cream brand in the United States by sales was Ben & Jerry’s, with an impressive $911 million in sales within the year. However, it’s worth noting that private-label brands recorded even higher sales figures.

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