Top Mileage Scooters in India: Save Fuel & Ride Smart

Navigating through bustling streets and narrow lanes, you’re on the hunt for a ride that’s not just comfortable but also kind to your wallet. With petrol prices on the rise, fuel efficiency has become a deal-breaker. That’s where the best mileage scooters in India come into play, offering you the perfect blend of economy and convenience.

From the reliable Yamaha Fascino 125 Hybrid to the ever-popular Honda Activa 6G, these two-wheelers promise to stretch every litre of fuel to its fullest. With an average mileage ranging from 55 to 65 kmpl, these scooters are tailored for the cost-conscious rider who doesn’t want to compromise on performance. So, let’s dive into the world of high-mileage scooters and discover how you can zip around town without the constant worry of refuelling.

Yamaha RayZR 125 Fi Hybrid

Yamaha RayZR 125 Fi Hybrid

When you’re looking for economical transportation that doesn’t skimp on style, the Yamaha RayZR 125 Fi Hybrid is an attractive option in the current scooter market. It stands out not just with its edgy design but also through its impressive fuel efficiency, one of the best amongst its peers. With a reported mileage of 71 kmpl, this scooter is designed for riders who value both performance and economy in their daily commute.

The RayZR 125 Fi comes equipped with Yamaha’s latest hybrid technology. This system primarily consists of an electric motor assist feature, which gives you a power boost when accelerating from a stand-still. This means less strain on the engine, more responsive acceleration, and ultimately, fuel savings. It sits comfortably in a sweet spot where cutting-edge technology meets everyday practicality.

Price is always a consideration, and the Yamaha RayZR 125 Fi Hybrid ticks the box of affordability, with an ex-showroom price ranging from Rs 84,730 to Rs 94,830 in Delhi. This makes it a strong contender for your choice in a cost-effective yet modern ride.

Below is a summary of key details for the Yamaha RayZR 125 Fi Hybrid:

Model Ex-Showroom Price (Delhi) Mileage
Yamaha RayZR 125 Fi Hybrid Rs 84,730 – Rs 94,830 71 kmpl

Considering the blend of economy, style, and technology, the Yamaha RayZR 125 Fi Hybrid is not just a smart investment but also a leap forward in scooter innovation. Its mileage efficiency places it in high demand among the top mileage performers in India’s bustling scooter segment.

Whether you are a student darting around campus or a professional navigating through city traffic, the RayZR provides a smooth riding experience while keeping your fuel costs low. The days of tedious stops at petrol stations can be reduced, allowing you to enjoy longer journeys without the worry of constant refueling. This scooter is for those who aspire for a blend of efficiency, agility, and design in their two-wheeled companion.



When diving into the landscape of fuel-efficient scooters, you can’t overlook the TVS XL100. This scooter is a staple for pragmatists who value performance along with fuel efficiency. The XL100 boasts a robust 99.7 cc engine which provides a balance of power and economical riding. Remarkably, it’s also incredibly light on your wallet, thanks to its impressive fuel mileage.

Your journey on the TVS XL100 is further enriched by the Integrated Starter Generator (ISG), which allows silent and instant starts, contributing to a smoother ride experience while saving on fuel. This feature, along with a promising mileage of over 80 kmpl, ensures that you get more distance out of every drop. The XL100’s affordability is reflected in both its price tag and day-to-day running costs.

Despite its utilitarian design, the TVS XL100 doesn’t skimp on functionality. It’s equipped with handy features, including a larger seat for added comfort and ample storage space for your essentials. The XL100 also comes with easy-to-use controls and a simple yet informative instrument cluster. These features make it an excellent choice for city dwellers as well as rural riders who require a dependable mode of transport.

When considering maintenance, the TVS XL100 scores high on the list of low-maintenance scooters. Its durability and the easy availability of parts across India reduce the lifetime ownership cost even further. Whether you’re running errands or navigating through city traffic, the XL100 stands out as a practical investment for those who prioritize efficiency and reliability.

Honda Activa 125

Honda Activa 125

When diving into the plethora of options for the best mileage scooter in India, the Honda Activa 125 stands out for its remarkable blend of performance and efficiency. With a starting Ex-Showroom price of Rs 79,806, this model from Honda is a substantial contender if you’re aiming for an economical ride without compromising on power.

The Honda Activa 125 touts a mileage of 60 kmpl, striking a perfect balance between fuel consumption and the ability to navigate through the bustling city streets. The robust 109.51cc fuel-injection engine ensures a smooth riding experience, backed by a peak torque of 8.79 NM at 5250 RPM and a maximum power output of 7.68 HP at 8000 RPM.

Feature Honda Activa 125
Price Ex-Showroom Rs 79,806
Mileage 60 KMPL
Fuel Tank Capacity 5.3 Litres
Top Speed 80 KMPH
Seat Height 720 mm
Under Seat Storage 21 Litres
Engine 109.51cc Fuel Injection, 4-Stroke, Fan-Cooled, 1-Cylinder
Peak Torque 8.79 NM at 5250 RPM
Maximum Power 7.68 HP at 8000 RPM

Safety and convenience feature greatly in the Honda Activa 125. It’s equipped with an engine kill switch for emergency situations and incorporates a full LED headlight for better visibility during night rides. The analog instrument cluster is easy to read, and tubeless tyres add an extra layer of security against punctures.

For comfort during long commutes, the Activa 125 is engineered with both telescopic front suspension and a 3-step adjustable spring-loaded rear suspension. This effectively absorbs shocks from uneven roads, providing you with a comfortable journey. Not only that, but with a generous 21-litre under-seat storage, you’re equipped to carry your necessities wherever you go.

Yamaha Fascino 125 Fi Hybrid

Yamaha Fascino 125 Fi Hybrid

When considering scooters that blend design with efficiency, the Yamaha Fascino 125 Fi Hybrid stands out. You’re not alone in your quest for a ride that doesn’t sacrifice style for fuel economy. The Fascino catches the eye with a unique slick design and features aimed at enhancing your riding experience.

The Fascino 125 Fi Hybrid, with a mileage of 68.75 kmpl, is one of the market leaders in fuel economy. This efficiency is not at the expense of performance; the scooter still offers smooth acceleration and commendable torque. This means you get to enjoy fewer stops at the petrol station and more time on the road.

With a starting Ex-Showroom price of Rs 79,600, the Fascino 125 Fi Hybrid presents itself as an attractive option in the competitive scooter segment. It’s designed for riders who value both aesthetic appeal and functionality. Plus, the hybrid system provides a power assist that makes accelerating from a stop smooth and swift, striking the perfect balance between power and economy.

Model Ex-Showroom Price (Rs) Mileage
Yamaha Fascino 125 Fi Hybrid 79,600 – 92,530 68.75 kmpl

In terms of functionalities, the Fascino doesn’t disappoint. The hybrid system is not only about improved fuel efficiency; it also contributes to reduced carbon emissions. That’s great news if you’re environmentally conscious. The scooter’s battery charges as you ride, ensuring that the hybrid system is always ready to assist you.

In the realm of best mileage scooters in India, it’s essential to consider not only the cost of ownership but also how the scooter fits into your lifestyle. Whether it’s navigating through city traffic or enjoying a leisurely ride on the weekend, the Yamaha Fascino 125 Fi Hybrid could be the companion you’re looking for.

Remember to account for safety and comfort features when making your decision. The Fascino comes equipped with tubeless tyres, effective braking systems, and suspension that handles the bumps and turns of daily commutes with ease. These practical touches ensure a comfortable journey, no matter your destination.

Hero Destini 125

Hero Destini 125

If you’re in the market for a scooter that balances economy with everyday utility, you’ll want to consider the Hero Destini 125. Known for its reputation as one of the most affordable 125cc scooters in India, the Destini 125 is a blend of practicality and efficiency. Designed with a no-frills approach, it ensures you get where you’re going without unnecessary complications.

Under the hood, the Destini 125 features a robust 125cc engine, offering a sensible mix of power and fuel economy. When it comes to mileage, which is a key aspect of a cost-effective ride, the Destini delivers approximately 40 km/l. This level of fuel efficiency is a notable attribute for those looking to minimize fuel expenditures.

Let’s break down some of the essential specifications of the Hero Destini 125:

Spec Detail
Engine Capacity 125cc
Mileage 40 km/l
Weight 113 kgs
Fuel Tank Capacity 5 litres
Seat Height 778 mm

For daily commutes, the Hero Destini can be a comfortable option that won’t break the bank. At a weight of 113 kgs, it provides a stable and manageable ride, while the seat height of 778 mm caters to a wide range of riders, ensuring ease of access and control.

Moreover, Hero MotoCorp’s widespread network of service centres speaks volumes about the brand’s support and reliability. With a focus on providing wallet-friendly post-sales service, you’ll find maintaining your Destini 125 far less taxing on your finances.

When utility and affordability are at the top of your checklist, the Hero Destini 125 is a contender that’s hard to overlook. Its efficiency, simplicity, and practicality make it an attractive option for riders looking for a no-nonsense approach to daily commuting.

Suzuki Access 125

Suzuki Access 125

When you’re in the market for a scooter that balances performance with fuel efficiency, the Suzuki Access 125 stands out. Known as the most fuel-efficient scooter in India, this model is not just about saving pennies at the pump but also about providing a comfortable and smart ride.

Starting with the engine specifications, the Access 125 sports a robust 124cc 4-stroke, air-cooled engine, ensuring a smooth and stable journey. It’s built to deliver, with a maximum output of 8.58 HP at 6750 RPM and a torque of 10 Nm at 5500 RPM. This power allows you to navigate through city traffic effortlessly or cruise on open roads with ease.

Suzuki Access 125
Engine Capacity 124 cc
Engine Type 4 Stroke, Air-cooled 1-Cylinder
Maximum Power 6.3 kW @ 6750 RPM
Maximum Torque 10 Nm @ 5500 rpm

If it’s the tech you’re after, the Suzuki Access 125 doesn’t disappoint. The Ride Connect Edition comes with a Bluetooth-enabled digital console, keeping you seamlessly connected on the go. Ride with the confidence that your scooter is technologically adept to meet today’s smart-living standards.

In addition to its performance attributes, the Access 125 is a winner when it comes to mileage. With an average of 50-55 kmpl, and an exceptional 64 kmpl milestone, it’s no wonder that this model holds the accolade for the best mileage. The generous fuel tank capacity further enhances your uninterrupted rides.

Mileage 64 KMPL
Fuel Tank 5 Litres
Top Speed 85 KMPH
Under Seat Storage 21.8 Litres

Choose the style that suits you best; the Access 125 offers three editions and multiple colour options to fit your aesthetic. Its anniversary edition even features a bit of retro flair for those who appreciate a classic touch. For practicality, the under-seat storage is a roomy 21.8 litres – perfect for your helmet or shopping bags.

Honda Activa 6G

Honda Activa 6G

When you’re scouring the market for the best mileage scooters, you can’t overlook the Honda Activa 6G. Like a crowd favourite, this scooter exemplifies a blend of high fuel efficiency and comfortable riding experience. Grab attention with its six colour options and get functionality with its spacious seating and storage.

Here’s some key information on the Honda Activa 6G:

Honda Activa 6G
Price (Ex-Showroom) Rs 65,419
Mileage 60 KMPL
Fuel Tank 5.3 Litres
Top Speed 80 KMPH
Seat Height 720 mm
Under Seat Storage 21 Litres
Engine 109.51cc Fuel Injection 4-Stroke Fan-Cooled 1-Cylinder
Peak Torque 8.79 NM at 5250 RPM
Maximum Power 7.68 HP at 8000 RPM
Start/Stop Electric
Front Brake 130 mm Drum
Rear Brake 130 mm Drum

With a reliable 109.51cc engine at its core, the 6G variant brings forth admirable torque and power for your daily scoots around town. The Activa 6G integrates practicality with its telescopic fork front suspension and 3-step adjustable spring at the rear, cushioning you through the quirks of city roads.

Your safety is enhanced with the full LED headlamps and tubeless tyres, ensuring visibility and durability. Its features include smart technology like engine kill switch and an efficient fuel injection system, making the Activa 6G a stand-out choice for daily users prioritising mileage and utility.

Moreover, Activa 6G’s lightweight body adorned with a metal front fender and 110 mm wide rear tyre provides stability with a splash of elegance. Its design has comfort written all over it with a considerable seat height of 720 mm, accommodating riders of varying statures effortlessly.



If you’re in the market for a scooter that doesn’t skimp on performance while delivering impressive fuel economy, the TVS NTORQ 125 is a name you’ve likely come across. Renowned for its sporty design and peppy engine, this scooter has established a solid foothold in the competitive Indian two-wheeler market.

TVS doesn’t just prioritize aesthetics in the NTORQ 125; the scooter boasts a CVTi-REVV 124.79 cc engine that’s been tuned for the thrill of riding without compromising on efficiency. You’ll feel the responsiveness with each twist of the throttle, courtesy of its 6.9 kW power output at 7000 rpm and 10.5 Nm of torque at 5500 rpm. Here’s a quick look at the key specifications:

Engine Capacity 124.79 cc
Engine Type Single cylinder, 3-Valve, OHC
Maximum Power 6.9 kW @ 7000 rpm
Maximum Torque 10.5 Nm @ 5500 rpm

Fuel efficiency is where the NTORQ 125 shines, clocking in an impressive mileage of around 47-52 kmpl thanks to its optimally designed engine and aerodynamics. This efficiency makes it an ideal choice for daily commutes and ensures that your trips to the petrol station are few and far between.

Beyond the engine performance, the NTORQ 125 mesmerizes with its intelligent features like the SmartXonnect system – an exclusive technology that allows you to connect your smartphone with the scooter for navigation assistance, caller ID, and more. These smart features elevate the riding experience to new heights, blending practicality with pleasure.

For a scooter that stands as a testament to innovation and efficiency, the NTORQ 125’s price point serves as the icing on the cake. Starting at INR 77,865 (Ex-Showroom, Delhi), it’s positioned as an accessible option for a wide array of buyers looking for quality without the hefty price tag. Whether it’s the daily hustle or a leisurely evening ride, the NTORQ 125 is engineered to deliver on all fronts, ensuring a ride that’s as economical as it is exhilarating.

Hero Maestro Edge 125

Hero Maestro Edge 125

When it comes to high-mileage scooters, Hero Maestro Edge 125 stakes its claim with a competitive edge. Known for its robust build and reliable performance, Maestro Edge has cemented Hero MotoCorp’s stronghold in the scooter market. Its heart, a 110cc single-cylinder engine, is also used across other Hero scooters, showcasing the trust in its efficiency. This engine strikes a balance between power and fuel economy, delivering about 55 kmpl, which is impressive for daily commuting.

The Hero Maestro Edge is not just economical; it’s packed with features that cater to your practical needs. With prices starting from Rs 68,698 (Ex-Showroom, Delhi), it’s a value proposition that’s hard to overlook. The scooter’s popularity isn’t just about numbers, it’s about the quality and performance that you get for a fairly reasonable price.

Moreover, it’s not just the mileage that makes the Maestro Edge 125 a standout option. The design language speaks volumes about Hero MotoCorp’s approach to combining style with substance. The sleek lines and contemporary aesthetic appeal to a wide audience, ensuring that your ride is not just efficient but also visually pleasing.

This efficiency stems from the adoption of the i3S technology, an idle start-stop system that conservatively manages fuel usage by shutting off the engine when stationary, and springing it back to life when you’re ready to move, thereby stretching each litre of petrol even further.

When considering cost-to-mileage ratio, it’s evident that the Hero Maestro Edge 125 falls within an economically advantageous bracket, making it an excellent choice for a wide variety of riders. Whether you’re maneuvering through bustling city streets or cruising on open roads, the Maestro Edge 125 promises a ride that’s as frugal as it is enjoyable.

Embrace the blend of design, performance, and mileage that Hero Maestro Edge 125 brings to the table. It transcends being just a mode of transport; it becomes a smart mobility choice that adheres to both your budget and riding pleasure.

TVS Scooty Pep Plus

TVS Scooty Pep Plus

When considering fuel efficiency and affordability in scooters, the TVS Scooty Pep Plus stands out in the crowded two-wheeler market. Not only is it one of the most budget-friendly options, but it’s also known for its remarkable mileage and light weight. With an engine capacity of 87.8cc and a fuel efficiency of approximately 50 km/l, you’re equipped for cost-effective commutes. Its stature as the most affordable scooter in India is unwavering.

What sets the TVS Scooty Pep Plus apart is its ease of handling, courtesy of its slim profile and light frame, weighing in at just 93 kgs. The accessibility of this vehicle is further enhanced by its best-in-class seat height of 760mm, which makes it an excellent choice for riders of all statures. The low kerb weight doesn’t just contribute to better mileage; it makes this scooter a breeze to maneuver through bustling city streets.

The Scooty Pep Plus doesn’t skimp on practicality, with a fuel tank capacity of 4.2 litres, ensuring that you can cover significant distances on a single tank. However, it’s not only its range that’s impressive. This scooter boasts ample storage space to accommodate your essentials, making it not just economically viable but also a highly practical choice for everyday use.

In a market where value for money is paramount, the TVS Scooty Pep Plus shines as an exemplary model of what a high-mileage, economical scooter should offer. It’s clear why it remains a favourite among a diverse array of consumers seeking a reliable and cost-effective means of transportation. If your priorities are centered around efficiency and ease of use, this scooter merits your consideration.

Hero Xoom 110

Hero Xoom 110

When performance meets style, you’ve got the Hero Xoom 110. It’s not just another scooter; it’s an aerodynamic marvel tailored for those who crave agility and flair in their ride. Picture yourself gliding through the city with a scooter that sports a sporty muffler, diamond-cut alloy wheels, and an aggressive stance that turns heads. The Hero Xoom 110 is designed with your dynamic lifestyle in mind.

You’ll appreciate the technical prowess under the hood. With a 110.9 CC engine that churns out a maximum power of 6.0 kW at 7250 RPM and peak torque of 8.70 Nm at 5750 RPM, this scooter ensures you’re zipping through streets with ease. The engine, an air-cooled, 4-stroke, SI type, offers the perfect blend of power and efficiency. Let’s glance at the quick specs:

Engine Capacity 110.9 CC
Engine Type Air-cooled, 4-stroke, SI Engine
Maximum Power 6.0 kW @ 7250 RPM
Maximum Torque 8.70 Nm @ 5750 RPM

Not to forget, the Xoom is also about smart connectivity. A fully digital meter showcases low fuel indicators, SMS alerts, real-time mileage, and Bluetooth connectivity. This tech-forward approach means you’re always in control and informed.

The Hero Xoom’s corner bending light is the first in-segment feature enhancing nighttime visibility – casting light in the direction of the turn, increasing your safety quotient. It’s not just a vehicle but a companion that watches out for you. Blending performance with confidence, it’s a choice that supports your spirited driving.

And then there’s the mileage – a crucial factor for any scooter. The Hero Xoom doesn’t disappoint with a mileage ranging from 45-50 km/l, making it a robust choice for your pocket. With the Ex-Showroom price starting at INR 73,936, it promises visual appeal, cutting-edge features, and wallet-friendly rides.

Before you decide, imagine the convenience of a scooter that looks sporty, feels robust, and rides smoothly. That’s Hero Xoom 110 for you – a practical yet passionate riding companion.

TVS Scooty Zest

TVS Scooty Zest

When you’re eyeing a scooter that’s both economical and stylish, the TVS Scooty Zest shouldn’t be overlooked. Tailor-made for bustling city streets, this agile ride encapsulates what it means to have the perfect commuter partner. User-reported mileage for the Zest stands between 55-60 km/l, striking a commendable balance between performance and efficiency.

The Zest’s zippy nature stems from its well-engineered powerplant paired with a light frame. Ideal for those short-distance errands, it ensures you get more kilometres out of every litre without compromising on pep. Plus, the Zest’s ex-showroom price starts from Rs. 73,216, a competitive tag that makes it a budget-friendly option for the urban rider.

Here’s a snapshot of the TVS Scooty Zest’s key statistics:

Scooter User Reported Mileage Ex-Showroom Price Onwards
TVS Scooty Zest 55-60 km/l Rs. 73,216

Given its promise of fuel efficiency and a blend of practical features, the Scooty Zest hits sweet notes for cost-conscious consumers. You’ll enjoy the freedom of seamless commutes even during peak hours, thanks to its nimble handling and easy manoeuvrability.

The unique design aesthetics set you apart in the crowded scooter segment, where the Zest’s vibrant colour palette and sleek contours earn second glances. Inside, the thoughtful storage solutions and ergonomic seating add to your everyday riding pleasure, making it more than just an economical choice.

Adapting to your lifestyle needs, the TVS Scooty Zest represents a harmonious mix of reliability, style, and functionality. And while it’s important to consider fuel efficiency, the overall health of the scooter, road conditions and your riding quality will always influence the actual mileage you experience.

Yamaha Aerox 155

Yamaha Aerox 155

When you’re charting the top-performing scooters in India, Yamaha Aerox 155 grabs the spotlight for its sheer power. Dubbed as the most powerful scooty on Indian roads, the Aerox 155 brings motorcycle-like performance to the scooter segment. If your priority is speed coupled with a dynamic riding experience, this model is a thrilling pick.

The engine is the heart of Aerox’s performance, boasting a 155cc capacity derived from the Yamaha R15. This powerplant exudes strength with 15 hp, making it a leader in its class. When it comes to mileage, although powerful scooters often compromise on fuel efficiency, the Aerox 155 manages to strike a reasonable balance.

  • Engine Displacement: 155cc
  • Power Output: 15 hp

Much like its counterparts, the Aerox is designed for the urban rider. However, it stands out with its sporty design and a focus on riding excitement. The fuel efficacy does dip slightly due to its robust engine but expect to get satisfactory mileage that doesn’t burden your wallet.

Marketed as a high-end choice, Aerox 155’s sleek look and performance do come with a higher price tag. Still, for enthusiasts who value power and design, it may justify the investment. Remember, this isn’t just any scooter; it’s a statement on wheels, built to cater to the younger, style-conscious demographic searching for more than just an economy ride.

The Aerox’s ride quality is another highlight, with its suspension system absorbing bumps to ensure a comfortable ride. You might wonder about its practicality for daily commutes; it’s built to navigate the hustle and bustle with ease, making it a versatile option for both quick errands and longer urban jaunts.

When evaluating the Yamaha Aerox 155 for your use, weigh in factors like performance, design, ride quality, and brand repute. It might not be the conventional choice for high mileage seeking buyers, but it certainly adds a dash of adventure to your everyday scoot.

Tips for Increasing Mileage of your Scooter

Fuel efficiency is the cornerstone of a cost-effective ride. To ensure your scooter stays at the top of its mileage game, regular maintenance is key. A well-maintained scooter not only runs better but also consumes less fuel, boosting its overall efficiency. Your scooter’s service schedule shouldn’t be an afterthought. Adhering to the recommended timelines helps in maintaining the engine’s health which directly influences mileage.

Proper tyre pressure plays a pivotal role as well. Tyres with lower than recommended air pressure increase road friction and, in turn, your scooter’s fuel consumption. Regularly checking and inflating the tyres to the manufacturer’s suggested pressure can lead to a noticeable improvement in mileage. This not only saves fuel but also extends the lifespan of your tyres.

Riding style significantly impacts your scooter’s mileage. Avoid rash riding habits such as quick acceleration and abrupt braking, which lead to higher fuel consumption. Smooth, consistent riding ensures that the engine works steadily, minimizing the stress on it and improving fuel efficiency. Plan your rides during non-peak hours to avoid frequent stops and starts due to traffic. This constant pushing and braking is a surefire way to burn more fuel.

Lastly, make sure your scooter has the required insurance. While this doesn’t directly affect mileage, riding without insurance can lead to penalties that might offset the savings from your fuel-efficient scooter. In India, it’s mandatory to at least have a Third-party Bike Insurance Policy. Stay compliant with the law to ensure that your rides are not just efficient but also legally covered.

By following these tips, your scooter’s mileage can significantly increase and provide you with a more economical ride. Implementing these practices incorporates an element of responsibility not just towards your pocket but also towards the environment, marking a step towards a sustainable lifestyle.


Choosing the right scooter can make all the difference in your daily commute. With options like the Yamaha Aerox 155, you’re not just getting efficiency but also a thrilling ride. Remember, the longevity of your scooter’s mileage isn’t just about the model; it’s also in your hands. Regular upkeep and mindful riding are key to sustaining peak performance. Armed with these insights, you’re set to enjoy the benefits of a high-mileage scooter while keeping running costs low. Embrace the journey ahead with confidence, knowing you’ve made a smart, informed decision for your travel needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the number 1 scooter in India?

Honda Activa 6G, priced at Rs. 76,234, currently holds the title as the number 1 scooter in India, with Suzuki Access 125 (Rs. 79,899) and TVS NTORQ 125 (Rs. 84,636) trailing closely behind in popularity.

Which is better, Activa 125 or 6G?

Activa 125 boasts a larger 125cc engine compared to the 110cc engine in Activa 6G, resulting in higher power and torque. Because of its bigger engine and additional features, Activa 125 typically comes at a higher cost than the Activa 6G.

Is Activa 125 mileage-efficient?

Honda Activa 125 is known for its fuel efficiency with an ARAI claimed mileage of 60 kmpl, which is quite impressive for scooters in its category.

Which scooter has low maintenance?

The HONDA ACTIVA 6G stands out for its high reliability and low maintenance costs, achieving an average mileage of 40 km per litre and proving economical over time.

Which scooter is better than Activa?

While the TVS Jupiter and Honda Activa 6G both offer robust 110cc scooters with contemporary safety features, the Activa 6G edges ahead with additional safety provisions, such as an anti-theft alarm system.

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