Best Pillow Brands in India

Finding the perfect pillow can transform your sleep from restless to rejuvenating, yet with so many options in India, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. A good pillow does more than just cradle your head; it’s crucial for spinal alignment, easing pressure points, and helping you drift into deep slumber.

You’re about to discover the top pillow brands in India, renowned for their quality, design, and materials. Dive into the world of comfort where customer reviews and brand reputations guide you to the pillow that promises the sweetest dreams.

Sleepwell PillowsSleepwell Pillows

When you’re in pursuit of that perfect pillow, Sleepwell should be near the top of your list. Sleepwell stands out in the Indian market with a diverse range of pillows to cater to your specific comfort needs. Their commitment to quality is evident in products such as the Sleepwell Ploy Fiber Senses Pillow. This particular pillow strikes an ideal balance with medium softness and high-rise support, ensuring you wake up refreshed and without any nagging neck discomfort.

  • Microfiber construction provides a smooth and luxurious feel, akin to what you would experience in a premium hotel.
  • Its high-rise design is particularly suitable if you prefer a more substantial elevation while you sleep.
  • Renowned for its durability, a Sleepwell pillow is an investment in your sleep health.
  • Medium fluffiness offers a middle ground between too soft and too firm, catering to a wide range of sleep preferences.
Feature Benefit
Machine Washable Easy to clean for long-term hygiene.
Microfiber Soft touch for a luxurious sleep experience.
High-rise Design Ideal support for head and neck alignment.
Durability Built to last, making it cost-effective.

Priced at Rs.928, it’s an accessible option for those who value sleep without the burden of an overpriced tag.

Sleepwell’s other offerings, crafted with the same attention to detail, cater to different sleep styles and preferences. Whether it’s extra neck support you’re after or a pillow that conforms to your unique shape, Sleepwell’s range likely has something that will meet your needs. The brand’s name alone suggests a dedication to improving your sleep quality—you can’t ignore that kind of promise when you’re hunting for the right pillow. And with a reputation for creating comfy mattresses and other sleep aids, Sleepwell extends its expertise beyond just pillows.


Kurl-On Pillows

In your quest for the perfect pillow, you’re likely to come across Kurl-On, a brand synonymous with exceptional comfort in India. Kurl-On pillows harness the innovative material rubberized coconut coir fiber, originally inspired by the ergonomics of fancy car seats. This unique technology ensures that the pillows are not only comfortable but also maintain a high standard of quality.

Diving into the vast array of pillows offered by Kurl-On, you’ll find an impressive ability to customize your experience. Whether you’re shopping directly from their special website or browsing through other trusted online platforms, the options at your disposal are extensive. Imagine a pillow that perfectly contours to your individual needs, cradling your head and neck with the precise support needed for a restorative sleep.

Kurl-On’s innovation doesn’t stop at customization. Their products feature materials such as hypoallergenic CertiPUR-US certified shredded memory foam and fibers from the Kapok tree — known for its light, buoyant qualities and as a sustainable down alternative. These materials ensure that your sleep is uninterrupted by allergies and you remain cosy throughout the night.

The consideration for your well-being goes further with Kurl-On’s customer-centric approach. If the pillow doesn’t meet your expectations, they offer a generous 120-day return policy, giving you ample time to test out the product. Such confidence in their pillows reflects their commitment to providing an excellent customer experience.

Remember, a pillow isn’t just a bedroom accessory—it’s a crucial component for your nightly recharge. With Kurl-On, this necessity is turned into a luxury with their high-quality materials and customer-focused services.

SpringfitSpringfit Pillows

When your quest for the ultimate comfort continues, Springfit emerges as a brand that strikes a fine balance between hygiene and comfort. Springfit’s pillows stand out with their special fabrics designed to stay cool, ensuring that overheating won’t disrupt your slumber. You might appreciate how these pillows also feature a comfort meter, guiding you to make an informed decision about the softness or firmness that meets your personal preferences.

Discovering the right pillow can be challenging, but Springfit makes this quest easier by offering an array of options online and in various retail stores. The availability across multiple platforms means you’ll find these pillows without any hassle. The brand has carved a niche not only in pillows but in mattresses as well, promising to elevate your comfort to a level where quality sleep becomes a nightly luxury.

Moreover, with the rise of remote work setups, Springfit’s offerings come in handy. The prolonged hours of working from bed have made it imperative to support your body correctly to avoid any discomfort. Ergonomically designed, their pillows provide the necessary support to prevent your body from misalignment caused by sub-optimal working conditions.

Springfit’s dedication to a clean breathing experience through its pillows aligns well with health-conscious consumers. If you’re someone who values a clean, allergen-free sleep environment, their pillows could be your next great find. The ability to sleep cool and breathe easily with Springfit’s unique fabric technology may just be the solution for those long, restful nights you’ve been longing for.

Sleeping preferences are diverse, and so is Springfit’s product range. Whether you prioritize a cool touch, a specific firmness level, or the assurance of a hygienic rest, Springfit seems to hold a key to a more personalized sleep experience. Keep your eyes peeled for these comfy offerings as you navigate through the vast market of sleep accessories.

Linenwalas Pillows

Linenwalas Pillows

When prioritizing environmental sustainability and comfort in your quest for the perfect pillow, Linenwalas emerges as a promising brand that aligns with your values. Cultivated from the swiftly renewable resource, organic bamboo, Linenwalas prides itself on its commitment to the environment without compromising on luxury.

Experience unparalleled softness as Linenwalas pillows boast a texture reputed to be softer than silk. The natural properties of bamboo also afford a cooling effect, ensuring that your sleep remains undisturbed by fluctuations in temperature.

Here’s what sets Linenwalas apart in the market:

  • Their range of products includes everything from duvet covers to mattress toppers
  • Microfiber pillows create a plush, hotel-like feel
  • Memory foam options adapt to your shape for a tailored sleep experience
  • A blend of white goose feathers and down offers sumptuous comfort

Moreover, sustainability isn’t just about the materials; it’s about the entire product lifecycle. Linenwalas takes this seriously, providing durable products that stand the test of time.

As you explore the plethora of Linenwalas offerings, you’ll find that their commendable approach goes beyond the product. They strive for a more holistic impact, ensuring your sleep is peaceful and your conscience, clear. Your indulgence in Linenwalas pillows isn’t just a win for your sleep health; it’s a small victory for the Earth.

Comfort Meets Personalization

While Linenwalas caters to eco-friendly preferences, Springfit adds another dimension with their unwavering focus on customization and innovation. Having established a legacy over four decades, Springfit underscores the significance of research and tailored solutions in the pillow industry.

What stands out with Springfit is their dedication to understanding individual sleep patterns and producing products that are perfected for personal comfort. Their bespoke pillows, though perhaps a premium investment, promise to deliver value that truly reflects your unique needs.

Wink & Nod

Wink & Nod Pillows

When scouring through countless reviews for the ideal comfort companion, Wink & Nod emerges as a stellar performer. Google and Amazon customers consistently praise their ingenuity in creating pillows that blend comfort with convenience. Imagine a pillow that cools you down on contact, thanks to cutting-edge Kooltex fabric; that’s what Wink & Nod’s travel pillow offers you. It’s not just comfort; it’s cool comfort for your journeys.

In your search for the perfect night’s rest, don’t overlook the cool gel-infused memory foam pillow from Wink & Nod. Envision settling your head on a cloud – that’s the softness you’ll experience. Yet, the magic lies in its ability to regulate temperature, drawing away your body heat for an uninterrupted, cool slumber. It’s practical too, arriving in a vacuum-sealed pack that exemplifies ease of handling and freshness.

Behind this comfort is a brand that champions affordability without compromising quality. Wink & Nod ensures that the luxurious feeling of meticulously designed foam comes without the hefty price tag. They’ve carved a niche for pillows and mattresses that mold to your needs, striking that just-right balance of softness and support.

Key Features of Wink & Nod Pillows:

  • Made with Kooltex fabric for ultimate coolness
  • Gel-infused memory foam for heat absorption
  • Vacuum-sealed packaging for convenience

With a 100-day free trial and a 10-year warranty offered by Wink & Nod, they’ve set new standards in customer satisfaction. Embracing this brand means you’re not just investing in a product but also in peace of mind for a decade. Plus, their custom size option ensures that everyone finds their perfect match.

Their commitment extends to the holistic sleep experience, offering you not just pillows but a suite of products designed to enhance your comfort in every aspect. From mattresses that adjust to your body to home accessories that exude coziness, Wink & Nod thinks beyond the conventional to transform your rest.


Recron Pillows

As you dive deeper into the world of sleep comfort, you can’t overlook Recron, a subsidiary of Reliance Industries Ltd, which surfaced in 2002 to address the demand for quality and affordable pillows in India. You know it’s not the quantity of sleep but the quality that replenishes your energy. That’s exactly what Recron aims to provide with their lineup, assuring that a short nap with their pillows is as rejuvenating as a long slumber.

Exploring Recron’s collection on their website, you’ll find an impressive variety of pillows boasting the ECS technology. This advanced feature aligns with your body’s needs, delivering support that’s tailored just for you. The concept behind ECS is simple yet transformative: enhance the quality of sleep rather than merely increasing its duration.


Wakefit pillows are designed for optimal comfort and support. They are made with high-quality materials, ensuring durability and hypoallergenic properties. The pillows come in various sizes, catering to different preferences and needs. Their unique design aids in proper spinal alignment, promoting a better sleep posture. Wakefit pillows are known for their breathability and temperature regulation, providing a cool and comfortable sleeping experience.


  • High-quality material
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Various sizes (Standard, King, Queen)
  • Spinal alignment support
  • Breathable and temperature regulating
  • Pillow Feel: Fluffy and medium firm
  • Fabric Material: 300 GSM breathable fabric

NutriBuck Pillows

NutriBuck Pillows

When balancing work and rest at home, you’ll find that not all pillows match the unique challenges of your comfort needs. Enter NutriBuck, a renowned brand in India known for its specialized range that caters to ergonomic needs, ensuring support and alleviation of discomfort derived from long hours of bed-based work. With the shift in work environments, it’s paramount to look at pillows not just as bedtime accessories but as important tools that enhance your overall wellbeing.

Their pillows are crafted with advanced technologies that provide the right balance of softness and firmness. For instance, the Buckwheat Pillow, filled with natural buckwheat hulls, is a standout. Known locally as Sobokawa pillows, they are designed to adapt to your body shape, offering Pressure-Free Support especially suited for side sleepers. While these pillows’ firm nature supports spine alignment, back sleepers discover the added benefit of sustained comfort throughout the night.

Moreover, in response to the sweltering Indian summers, NutriBuck pillows incorporate cooling fabrics that help maintain a comfortable temperature. These pillows make it easier for you to drift off seamlessly into rest by reducing fatigue and curbing sleep interruptions. They’re a seasonal favorite, ensuring that the heat doesn’t encroach upon your peace of mind and body while you rest.

Types of Pillows

When you’re hunting for the ultimate pillow, understanding the various types of pillows is crucial. Memory Foam pillows have gained popularity due to their firmness and ergonomic benefits. Down Pillows, on the other hand, offer unparalleled softness but may not be the best choice for those requiring more support.

Memory Foam Pillow

Famed for providing excellent body support, memory foam pillows are a solid option for maintaining a healthy posture during sleep. They ensure you keep a level head, quite literally, which is essential for a balanced sleeping position.

  • Firm and supportive
  • Maintain better posture
  • Keep head level

Down Pillow

If it’s the softness you’re after, down pillows could be your go-to. Nothing beats the plush comfort that comes from down feathers. However, if you’re someone who suffers from neck or back issues, the lack of firmness might not work in your favour.

  • Soft and plush
  • Made from bird feathers
  • Less supportive for neck and back

Polyester Pillow

Polyester pillows strike a fine balance between comfort and ease of maintenance, a reason why they are a staple in many Indian homes. They’re affordable, hassle-free when it comes to cleaning, and they offer that coveted neck and spine support without breaking the bank.

  • Easily washable
  • Affordable
  • Balance of softness and support

Each pillow type has its benefits, but it’s crucial to choose one that aligns with your specific needs. Whether it’s the SleepyCat Microfiber Cloud Pillow that’s touted as the best overall or the Wakefit Hollow Fiber Pillow that’s preferred by side and back sleepers, there’s a reason these brands have made a mark. Similarly, the Wakewell Soft Microfiber Pillow is a perfect fit for those looking for a budget-friendly option, while the DClub Memory Foam Cervical Contour Medical Pillow is known for targetting neck pain. Remember, the serenity of your sleep might just be a pillow away.

Factors to Consider when Buying a Pillow

When it’s time to purchase a new pillow, there’s more to consider than just size and price. To get through the night without any aches or interruptions, you need to delve a bit deeper into your pillow options. Below are some of the crucial factors you should keep in mind.


Your comfort is paramount when choosing a pillow. Depending on your sleeping position, you’ll need a pillow with the right balance of softness and firmness.

  • Back Sleepers: Look for a pillow that isn’t too high and provides adequate neck support without tilting your head unnaturally.
  • Side Sleepers: A thicker, firmer pillow is ideal to maintain the natural alignment of the neck and spine.
  • Stomach Sleepers: Opt for a softer, flatter pillow to keep your spine as neutral as possible.

Additionally, consider the ‘pillow feel’. This incorporates the overall texture, temperature regulation, and rebound time. A pillow that remains cool and returns to its original shape quickly after use, signifies a well-made product that can contribute to uninterrupted sleep.


A pillow should ideally last for a couple of years before needing replacement. As such, durability is a key attribute. Look for pillows that retain their shape and support over time, despite regular use. Factors affecting durability include:

  • Fill Material: High-quality fill materials like hollow fiber, microfiber, or memory foam will generally last longer.
  • Fabric Strength: The outer material should withstand wear and tear. A higher GSM (grams per square meter) fabric indicates better durability.
  • Warranty: A manufacturer warranty can give you peace of mind about your pillow’s longevity.


For those suffering from allergies, finding a pillow that won’t aggravate your symptoms is crucial. Hypoallergenic pillows are designed to resist common allergens such as dust mites, pollen, and pet dander. When selecting a hypoallergenic pillow, ensure the fabric and filling are certified to keep allergens at bay, letting you breathe easy throughout the night.


The material of your pillow impacts more than just comfort; it also affects breathability, temperature regulation, and even cleanliness. Take note of the following:

  • Breathable Fabric: To prevent overheating, select a pillow with a breathable cover, especially if you live in a warmer climate.
  • Ease of Cleaning: Pillows with removable, machine-washable covers are more hygienic and easier to maintain.
  • All-Weather Fabric: Some materials like Dobby are designed to resist UV light, heat, fading, stains, and moisture, making them suitable for varied climatic conditions.

Your chosen pillow should support and comfort your head and neck while standing the test of time and not forcing you to compromise on health considerations like allergies. With these factors in mind, you’re well on your way to finding a pillow that suits your individual needs perfectly.


You’ve journeyed through the evolution of pillows, uncovering the rich tapestry of their history and the innovative strides in today’s pillow industry. With brands like Sleepwell and Kurl-On at the helm, you’re now equipped to make an informed choice that marries tradition with technology for your ultimate comfort. Remember, the right pillow isn’t just about materials or heritage—it’s about the quality of sleep they promise. So go ahead, rest easy knowing you’re poised to pick a pillow that’s not just a cushion for your head but a cornerstone for your well-being.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Sleepwell pillows stand out in the market?

Sleepwell pillows are praised for their soft microfiber construction and machine-washable convenience. They’re known for their durability, providing lasting comfort through the night.

How do Kurl-On pillows cater to individual needs?

Kurl-On’s innovative approach allows them to customize pillows using materials that adapt to individual sleeping styles and preferences, ensuring a personalized sleep experience.

Can modern pillows provide health benefits?

Yes, modern pillows often incorporate ergonomic designs and hypoallergenic materials, aiding in spinal alignment, reducing allergen exposure, and contributing to overall health and comfort.

How has the history of pillows evolved over time?

Pillow history spans from ancient stone versions to today’s advanced pillows made from latex, memory foam, and polyester, which reflect the changing needs and knowledge of human comfort.

What is the importance of choosing a high-quality pillow?

Choosing a high-quality pillow is crucial for promoting restorative sleep. A good pillow supports proper spinal alignment and enhances the sleep environment for optimal rest and rejuvenation.

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