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Top Packaged Juice Brands in India: Trends & Choices

Packaged fruit juices have become a staple in the quest for a healthy lifestyle, and in India, they’re not just a trend, they’re a revelation. With a myriad of brands lining the shelves, you’re spoilt for choice when it comes to quenching your thirst with a fruity twist.

Leading the pack, Tropicana and Frooti stand tall as the titans of taste, each with a loyal following that spans the globe. Whether you’re after the tang of orange or the sweetness of mango, these brands have perfected the art of delivering high-quality juices that cater to your daily fruit intake needs.

Real Fruit Juice

Real Fruit Juice

When scouring the juice aisles of Indian supermarkets, your eyes are bound to land on the vibrant packs of Real Fruit Juice. A market giant, Real has entrenched itself as a go-to option for premium quality juice. The reason is clear: Real appeals to your taste buds with 14 different flavours, ensuring there’s one for every palette. Whether it’s the rich sweetness of mango or the tangy kick of cranberry, Real has crafted a juice to match your fancy.

At the core of Real’s success is their commitment to natural ingredients. You might be pleasantly surprised to learn that Real uses only the finest fruits for their juices. This detail isn’t just a marketing gimmick; it’s a promise to deliver an experience that’s as close to nature as possible. Their alluring array of flavours includes:

  • Orange juice
  • Apple juice
  • Mango juice
  • Guava juice
  • Amla juice
  • Litchi juice
  • Cranberry juice
  • Peach juice
  • Mixed fruit juice

Of course, choice and quality come with a price tag. Real Juice prices start at Rs 110 and can vary depending on the size and flavour you opt for. But when you’re sipping on a glass of their guava or peach juice, you’ll find that the cost reflects the taste and quality you’re enjoying.

What sets Real apart from its competitors isn’t just their range or quality, but also their easy accessibility. A quick search for the latest offers can lead you to attractive deals that make indulging in these juices even more appealing.

As health-conscious trends continue to rise, you’re not just looking for convenience; you’re pursuing a healthier lifestyle. Real Fruit Juice aligns with this journey, providing a product that not only satisfies your taste but also contributes to your daily fruit intake. With their focus on natural fruit juices, Real stands as a beacon for those seeking a blend of health and flavour in their daily routine.



When you’re considering packaged juice options in India, Tropicana is a name that often tops the list. PepsiCo’s Tropicana entered the competitive Indian market in 2014, making a significant mark with its wide array of juice selections.

Focusing on Quality and Variety, Tropicana caught consumers’ attention by offering two primary lines of juices: Tropicana Delight Juice Drink and Tropicana Slice Juice Drink. While Tropicana Slice revives the essence of mango through its PET bottle as a mango juice drink, Tropicana Delight extends its reach with carton-packed fruit juice in assorted flavors.

Flavor Abundance and Health Focus

With health and variety being paramount, Tropicana asserts that its 100% pure juice options come with no added preservatives, artificial flavors, or additional sugar, ensuring you get the daily benefits of fruits without the downsides of unnecessary additives.

Close on the heels of prevailing health trends, Tropicana’s product range is broad, offering 12-14 varieties of delectable fruit drinks. This assortment lets health-conscious aficionados like you choose from a spectrum of flavors, aligning with the diversified Indian palate. Whether it’s the zest of oranges or an exotic mix fruit juice, Tropicana ensures there’s a flavor for every mood and preference.


Structured to cater to various economic segments, Tropicana’s pricing strategy is inclusive. Prices span from a reasonable Rs 20 for a small pack to around Rs 145 for a substantial 1-liter pack, providing you the flexibility to indulge in a wholesome and refreshing beverage choice without pinching your wallet.

Brand Positioning

Undoubtedly, Tropicana capitalizes on India’s burgeoning demand for packaged fruit juices. By integrating into the local market with its global reputation, Tropicana not only caters to everyday consumption but also fits splendidly within cocktail mixes, broadening its appeal across diverse consumer segments.

Paper Boat

Paper Boat

When you’re sifting through the myriad of packaged juice options in India, Paper Boat is a name that resonates with quality and innovation. Launched by Hector Beverages, this brand has sailed smoothly into the hearts of Indian consumers with its traditional taste and nostalgic essence. Paper Boat’s rise in popularity is attributed to its unique flavour combinations that embrace India’s rich culinary heritage.

Their juices don’t just quench your thirst, they’re a conduit to the past, a sippable slice of tradition. From Aam Panna to Jaljeera, and Kala Khatta, these flavours have stood the test of time. Incorporating regional preferences, every bottle serves as a reminder of the homemade drinks of one’s childhood.

Here’s what sets Paper Boat apart:

  • Natural Ingredients: Every sip is packed with authentic flavors devoid of any artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives, keeping health and wellness at the forefront.
  • Innovative Packaging: Not only does the drink take you on a nostalgic journey, but their aesthetically pleasing packaging also adds to the overall experience.
  • Traditional Recipes: Staying true to its roots, Paper Boat uses recipes that have been passed down through generations.
  • Diverse Range: With options starting at just Rs 20, they offer something for every palate and pocket.

Focusing on local traditions and sustainable practices, Paper Boat supports indigenous farmers and promotes traditional agriculture, ensuring that every purchase contributes to a larger cause. Their buttermilk range with Pudina Jeera and Southern Masala flavours has been a hit among all age groups, proving that Paper Boat’s offering goes beyond fruit juices.

As you seek a refreshing escape or a momentary trip down memory lane, Paper Boat captures that essence beautifully, crafting each drink to be a journey in a bottle. Whether you’re longing for the tangy zest of tamarind or the sweet pulp of ripe mangoes, this brand ensures your taste buds are taken on a voyage through India’s beloved flavors.

Minute Maid

Minute Maid

As you explore the bustling packaged juice market in India, you’ll discover that Minute Maid is a key player. Owned by Coca-Cola, the largest fruit juice marketer globally, this brand stands out for its commitment to mimicking the freshness and texture of real fruit pulp. When you’re seeking an authentic fruit juice experience, Minute Maid tends to hold a spot on the shopping list for many households.

The beverage giant ensures that every sip of Minute Maid fruit juice is laced with high-quality flavour. You’ll find their juices available in both PET bottles and tetra packs, catering to varying preferences and occasions. Starting at an affordable Rs 20, there’s no surprise Minute Maid’s pulpy range, which includes the pulpy orange, mosambi, and mixed fruit juice, has achieved popularity across India.

If you’ve got a preference for pulp in your juice, it’s worth noting that Minute Maid specialises in it. Popular choices include:

  • Pulpy Orange Drink
  • Pulpy Mosambi Juice
  • Pulpy Mixed Fruit Juice

These selections are a testament to the brand’s expertise in delivering a juice that satisfies the palate with pulpiness akin to fresh fruit.

Price and Availability

Boasting competitive pricing, Minute Maid makes itself accessible for most consumers. In fact, it’s among the more affordable natural juice options in India. Their economic pricing model has undeniably played a role in their market penetration.

Market Presence

Entering the Indian market in 2011, Minute Maid aimed to carve its niche amidst established competitors like Pepsi and Dabur. With an array of flavours and an 8% market share, Minute Maid has clearly made its mark. The brand’s Indian flagship, Minute Maid Pulpy Orange, has been widely embraced, finding a home among the country’s juice enthusiasts.

Not to be overlooked is the brand’s traditional agriculture support, ensuring that each purchase contributes to the stability of local farmers. Whether it’s through a chilled bottle of Pulpy Orange or the tangy burst from their mosambi juice, Minute Maid offers you an authentic taste of India’s fruit bounty, wrapped in the convenience of modern packaging.

B Natural

B Natural

When delving into the Indian packaged juice market, B Natural stands out for its adamant use of natural Indian fruit pulp, offering a slice of the country’s vast fruit heritage. With no added preservatives, B Natural’s line of fruit juices captures the essence of fresh, succulent fruits and brings them to your table in their most genuine form.

High-Quality Sourcing is paramount to B Natural. They partner with trusted farms, ensuring the fruit that makes it into every bottle is not only fresh but also ethically sourced. The brand’s commitment to sustainable practices extends beyond the product itself; it is interlaced with the support of local communities and agricultural infrastructure. Not only do you get a refreshing drink, but you’re also contributing to the wellbeing of Indian farmers with every sip.

B Natural understands that variety is the spice of life. That’s why they offer an array of flavours, from the classics like Mango and Orange to the more eclectic Pomegranate and Litchi. Their top-selling Mixed Fruit Juice appears to have struck a particular chord with consumers, creating a perfect blend of taste and nutrition. Unlike some competitors, B Natural steers clear of artificial colours, flavours, and concentrates. The result is a premium juice that’s as close to nature as you can get without plucking the fruit yourself.

Price and Packaging

Focused on accessibility without sacrificing quality, B Natural juices start from Rs 66 for a 1 L package. Their premium PET bottles are not just about looks; they’re designed to maintain the freshness and integrity of the juice inside.

Health at the Forefront

Raising the health bar, B Natural goes beyond the standard fruit offerings. They’ve curated specialised beverages like Wheatgrass and Aloe Vera juice, each bursting with wellness benefits aimed at bolstering your holistic health. Advanced processing techniques are employed to ensure that the vitamins and minerals of the fruit remain intact, delivering not just flavour but also the natural goodness that your body needs.

Indulging in a juice from B Natural means you’re respecting your taste buds and your health. It’s all about sipping on something that feels good and is good for you.

Del Monte

del monte

As you explore the thriving world of packaged fruit juices in India, Del Monte emerges as a significant player. Known for crafting refreshing beverages, Del Monte’s extensive product line sets a benchmark for quality with its variety of fruit juices that includes mango, pineapple, orange, apple, and even more exotic flavours like melon and cucumber.

The company’s commitment to purity is evident as it boasts 100% fruit juice from concentrate with no added artificial sugar, a promise that caters to your health-conscious palate. Del Monte’s self-grown produce reflects their farm-to-package ethos, ensuring that each sip you take is bursting with natural flavours.

One standout product, the Green Apple Fruit Drink, ranks among the top juice brands in India, thanks to its authentic taste and consumer appeal. Similarly, the Del Monte Pineapple Fruit Drink is a testament to the brand’s dedication to both taste and nutrition. Sourced from sweet pineapples of the Philippines, this drink is not just a thirst-quencher but also a vitamin C and antioxidant-packed beverage that benefits your skin and immune system.

The Pineapple Fruit Drink can be a versatile addition to your drinks cabinet. Whether you’re intending to enjoy it solo or mix it to craft enticing cocktails or smoothies, its 240 ml can serve as the perfect base for your creative concoctions.

Here are some quick highlights of the Del Monte Pineapple Fruit Drink:

  • Rich in Vitamin C
  • Loaded with antioxidants
  • Shelf life: 24 months

However, it’s key to note; individual taste preferences vary, and some might opt for other flavours that suit their palate.

Since 1886, Del Monte’s unwavering presence in the market underscores its status as a household name. Their journey from a North American giant to capturing hearts in the Indian market is marked by consistently high-quality outputs in juices, olive oils, pasta, and more—each product a reflection of their storied legacy and dedication to excellence.

Patanjali Juice

Patanjali Juice

When you’re exploring packaged juice options in India, Patanjali Juice arises as a noteworthy contender known not only for its Ayurvedic lineage but for its foray into the healthy beverage market. With a myriad of flavours, Patanjali’s commitment to delivering pure and authentic products is evident across their range.

Offering Six Flavours: Patanjali doesn’t skimp on variety, ensuring there’s a taste to suit everyone’s palate with options like apple, mango, litchi, guava, and the increasingly popular aloe vera juice. Health-minded individuals are drawn to these options, knowing they have the added benefit of vitamins and minerals essential for daily functioning.

Traditional Techniques, No Preservatives: It’s no secret that Patanjali employs traditional production techniques which not only imbue their products with a sense of authenticity but also echo a commitment to healthfulness by foregoing the use of preservatives. This gives Patanjali an edge for consumers seeking a more natural juice experience.

Prominent Features of Patanjali Juices

  • Patanjali Orange Juice: Tailored towards those with specific dietary needs, it addresses ailments like acidity and stomach disorders. Rich in Vitamin C, it’s not just a soothing beverage but also a skin radiance booster.
  • Easy Availability: You can effortlessly find Patanjali juices, online or at your nearby retail store, packaged conveniently in tetra packs.
  • Health-enhancing juice option given its richness in essential vitamins.
  • The fresh taste of their juices wins the palate of many health-conscious consumers.

The standout aspect of Patanjali juice lies in the promise of health benefits. Be it bolstering your dietary intake of vitamins or seeking a remedy for certain health conditions, Patanjali juices bring more than just flavour to your table. Whether you choose to pick a pack from the stores or conveniently order online, Patanjali’s offerings are easily accessible, making it simple to incorporate these nutritional beverages into your diet.

Coupled with the potential ease of crafting juices at home, consumers today favour this interplay of convenience and nutrition. Indeed, with the growing trend of health and wellness, Patanjali has adeptly positioned itself within the Indian market as a beverage choice that harmonizes taste with traditional wellness principles.



Established in the bustling metropolis of New Delhi, Fresca Juices has swiftly carved out a space in the competitive Indian juice market. Launched in 2010, the brand has become synonymous with natural flavours and a vast selection of choices that cater to every palate. Whether you’re seeking to indulge in the sweetness of mango or the tartness of lime, Fresca has something that’ll tantalise your taste buds.

At the heart of Fresca’s appeal is its affordable pricing and quality. Starting at a modest Rs 20, the brand ensures that freshness and taste are accessible to a wide demographic. You’re not just buying a beverage; you’re purchasing a pocket-friendly experience of freshness that echoes the sensation of eating a ripe piece of fruit.

  • Guava
  • Mango
  • Litchi
  • Apple
  • Lime

These are just a few of the flavours offered by Fresca, each crafted to deliver a Genuine Taste Experience. The juices are derived from top-quality pulp concentrates, ensuring that every gulp is packed with natural goodness.

Here’s a glimpse of the starting prices for some of the popular flavours under the Fresca brand:

Juice Flavour Starting Price (INR)
Mango 20
Guava 20
Litchi 20
Apple 20
Lime 20

The packaging options provided by Fresca are as diverse as their flavours. Catering to customer convenience and preference, the brand offers both bottles and cans. This versatility in packaging ensures that whether you’re at home or on the go, you have the choice to enjoy your juice the way you like it.

Furthermore, Fresca’s commitment to delivering genuine flavours has made them a much-loved brand across the nation. As Fresh from the Orchard suggests, every sip guarantees a burst of vitality, a promise that has ingrained Fresca Juices into the fabric of Indian juice preferences.



When you’re looking for a beverage that delivers both flavour and health benefits, Kapiva stands out as a prominent choice. Known for its Ayurvedic-inspired juices, Kapiva blends traditional herbal wisdom with modern nutritional science. This combination not only enhances the taste of the juices but also amplifies their nutritional value.

Ayurvedic Infusions for Holistic Wellbeing

Kapiva’s unique approach involves the fusion of high-quality fruits with Ayurvedic herbs. You’ll find that each juice is rich in essential nutrients, aimed at supporting your overall health. Whether it’s the immunity-boosting properties of Amla or the soothing effects of Aloe Vera, there’s a tailor-made juice for your wellness needs.

  • Amla
  • Aloe Vera
  • Tulsi
  • Jamun
  • Mango
  • Pomegranate
  • Pineapple
  • Triphala

Natural and Wholesome Choices

If you’re vigilant about additives, you’ll appreciate that Kapiva’s fruit juices are free from artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives. The promise of a natural and unaltered taste is not just a claim but a testament to the brand’s commitment to purity and quality.

A Shift to Health-Enhancing Drinks

Embracing a balanced and healthy lifestyle is easier with options like Kapiva. The brand’s devotion to Ayurveda positions it as a distinctive choice among a sea of conventional juice brands. By opting for Kapiva, you’re not just quenching your thirst, but also enriching your body with essential herbs known for their medicinal benefits.

The options available cater to a variety of preferences, ensuring that there’s a flavour for everyone. And if the price is a concern, keep an eye out for Kapiva coupons which can offer discounts on your purchase. After all, choosing a health-enhancing drink like Kapiva is an investment in your well-being, with the added benefit of enjoying an authentic taste experience.

Factors Influencing the Popularity of Packaged Juice Brands

Health Consciousness

As you become more health-conscious, your preferences lean towards products that support your well-being. Packaged juice brands capitalise on this trend with a variety of offerings touted as healthy alternatives to sugary drinks. Brands highlight key nutritional benefits such as vitamins, minerals, and no added preservatives. For example, 24 Mantra Organic emphasises its juices’ organic origins and nutritional profiles which appeal to your desire for natural and wholesome products. This focus on health not only aligns with current lifestyle changes but also leverages the increasing awareness around the importance of maintaining a balanced diet.

Convenience and Portability

Your busy lifestyle demands efficiency and ease. Packaged fruit juices deliver convenience through ready-to-drink formats, ensuring you have access to refreshment anytime, anywhere. Portability is a significant factor making these products a staple in daily routines, be it for a quick breakfast addition or an on-the-go snack. Secure packaging like Tetra Packs and small serving bottles simplify transport and reduce the risk of spillage, making them a practical choice for both adults and children. This ease of use has been a driving force behind the ubiquity of these products across India, right from metro cities to rural areas.

Marketing Strategies

Effective marketing strategies can make or break a brand. In the case of packaged juice brands, clever marketing campaigns play a vital role in their popularity. Real Fruit Juice capitalises on India’s regional palate by offering local favourites like Mango and Litchi, alongside exotic international flavours. Engaging advertisements, strategic product placement, and association with health and vitality resonate with customers. Additionally, endorsements and sponsorships serve to bolster brand image and recall. With a blend of traditional advertising and digital marketing, these brands stay top-of-mind for you when shopping for groceries or looking for a nutritious beverage option.

The influence of these factors on the packaged juice market in India illustrates how brands are not only competing on taste but also on how well they connect with you, your health priorities, and your dynamic lifestyle needs.

As you navigate through the vibrant world of Indian packaged juices, it’s essential to stay abreast of the latest industry trends. These trends are shaping consumer choices and driving brand innovation. Here’s a deeper look into what’s currently making waves in the juice aisle.

Focus on Natural and Organic Juices

The burgeoning demand for health and wellness products has seen a remarkable shift towards natural and organic juices. Indian consumers are increasingly prioritizing drinks that offer purity and nutritional value over their non-organic counterparts. This has led to a surge in organically farmed fruit produce used in juice manufacturing.

  • Indian brands such as B Natural are leading the way with juices extracted from pure fruits.
  • There’s a clear avoidance of concentration processes that can strip away the natural goodness of the fruit.
  • Organic juices by 24 Mantra Organic stand out as they’re made from fruits grown without synthetic pesticides.

Brands displaying FSSAI certification reassure you of the stringent hygiene standards adhered to, keeping your health at the forefront. With the amplified consumer consciousness about what they consume, this organic wave is not just a trend but a lifestyle adjustment making a significant impact.

Introduction of Innovative Flavours

In an effort to stand out, juice brands are delving into the introduction of innovative flavours. As you look for that perfect amalgam of taste and health, companies are responding with unique offerings.

  • Paper Boat has captured the essence of nostalgia by bottling traditional Indian beverages like Aam Panna and Jal Jeera.
  • Del Monte offers an extensive palette of flavours from tropical Pineapple to zesty Cranberry and robust Pomegranate.

By constantly expanding their flavour profiles, brands cater to a wider audience and satiate the evolving palette of Indian consumers who seek variety along with quality in their juice purchases.

Rise of Cold-Pressed Juices

An exciting development in the packaged juice sector is the rise of cold-pressed juices. This technique retains more nutrients and enzymes, due to the absence of the high heat used in traditional pasteurization.

  • Cold-pressed juices offer the closest experience to consuming fresh fruits, locking in vital vitamins and minerals.
  • They typically come with no added sugar, aligning with the increasing consumer demand for healthier beverage alternatives.

Inclusive of fiber-enriched options, these juices are not just refreshing but also functional, aiding in the daily dietary needs of consumers. The trend is buzzing, and its appeal among health enthusiasts continues to grow.

The packaged juice industry in India is witnessing a dynamic transformation, adapting to your evolving tastes and health requirements. With these forward-thinking companies, your drink choices are becoming as diverse as they are delightful.


You’re now equipped with the knowledge of what’s driving the packaged juice industry in India. With health at the forefront, you’ve seen how convenience and innovative marketing are influencing your choices. The shift towards natural, organic options and the rise of cold-pressed juices reflect your growing demand for quality and healthful alternatives. As you reach for your next refreshing drink, remember that you’re part of a trendsetting movement that’s steering the future of packaged juices in India. Keep an eye out for the next flavour innovation or health-centric product—it’s an exciting time to be a consumer in this ever-evolving market.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the No 1 juice and nectar brand in India?

Réal is recognized as the leading juice and nectar brand in India, renowned for providing nutrient-rich fruit juices to consumers for over twenty years.

What is the king of juices?

Carrot juice is frequently termed the ‘King of Juices’ owing to its nutritional benefits, particularly its high Vitamin A content which supports vision health.

Are packaged juices good?

Packaged juices often lack fibre and contain high amounts of sugar, making them less beneficial than freshly squeezed juices or eating fresh fruits, in terms of health.

What brand of juice is 100%?

Old Orchard is a brand known for offering 100% juice, free from added sugars or sweeteners and not diluted with water.

What are the top 3 most popular juices?

The top three globally popular fruit juices are usually orange juice, apple juice, and grapefruit juice, with orange juice being the most consumed due to its availability and high vitamin C content.

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