Top Crockery Brands in India: Porcelain to Melamine Picks

Embarking on a quest for the finest crockery to grace your dining table? You’re in the right place. India’s rich tradition in ceramic craftsmanship brings you an array of brands that promise both beauty and durability. From the everyday meal to the festive spread, the right crockery sets the mood just as much as the food does.

Selecting the perfect dinnerware involves more than just aesthetics; it’s about choosing a brand that stands the test of time. With options ranging from the classic charm of porcelain to the robustness of stainless steel, you’ll find that the best Indian crockery brands offer a blend of quality, design, and longevity. Let’s dive into the world of elegant tableware and discover the brands that will elevate your dining experience.

Cello Crockery

Cello Crockery

When you’re selecting your next dinnerware set, you’ll want to consider Cello, a brand with a longstanding tradition of fine craftsmanship. Cello’s opal ware pieces, with their classic floral patterns, don’t just add elegance to your dining table, they’re versatile too. Imagine serving your special dishes to guests in crockery that’s not just for dining but also suitable for food warming and storing. This kind of multipurpose use is what makes Cello a sought-after option among the top 10 crockery brands in India.

Cello’s dinnerware proves its worth through both its esthetic appeal and practical durability. Let’s delve into the integral features that set Cello apart:

  • Chip Resistance: You won’t have to worry about your crockery’s wear and tear with Cello’s chip-resistant technology.
  • Lightweight Design: Each piece is easy to handle, reducing the chances of accidental drops or mishaps.
  • Ease of Cleaning: Being dishwasher safe, clean-up is hassle-free.

Durability and Design

Cello stands tall with its high-quality tableware that boasts a riveted construction, greatly reducing the likelihood of cracks and ensuring each piece lasts for years to come. Despite being lightweight, these pieces don’t compromise on strength. Their porcelain construction is baked at high temperatures to create a durable glass-like finish.

The Variety Cello Offers

Cello’s variety is impressive, featuring a range of high-grade porcelain with lovely patterns and motifs. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Diverse Patterns: Match any event theme with a wide selection of designs.
  • Versatility: Safe for both microwave and conventional ovens.

Material and Care

Though resistant and durable, to maintain the pristine condition of your Cello crockery, hand washing is recommended over machine wash, ensuring your delicate pieces avoid any unnecessary damages.

With Cello, you’re investing in more than just crockery; you’re choosing a brand that stands by the quality and longevity of its products. Whether you’re using them for everyday meals or special occasions, Cello’s opal ware is sure to enhance your dining experience.

LaOpala Crockery

LaOpala Crockery

When you’re scouring the market for exquisite crockery, LaOpala stands as a hallmark of elegance and durability. Known for its robustness, the LaOpala collection is crafted from toughened extra-strong glass material, boasting three times the resistance to thermal shocks and impacts compared to ordinary glassware. This level of durability is part of LaOpala’s commitment to providing long-lasting kitchenware.

The brand takes pride in an impressive catalogue of over 10,000 designs, each blending functionality with aesthetic appeal. LaOpala’s range extends to:

  • Dinner sets
  • Mugs
  • Glasses
  • Tea sets

All these products mirror the brand’s dedication to variety and style. Whether you’re dressing up the table for a special occasion or simply enjoying a quiet meal at home, LaOpala’s designs seamlessly fit any mood or setting.

What sets LaOpala apart is not just its quality or the striking designs. It’s also the affordability and accessibility of its products. You don’t have to stretch your budget to give your kitchen a touch of class. Despite its designer looks, LaOpala keeps its prices budget-friendly, making it a favored choice for those who cherish both quality and value.

The brand’s innovative approach is evident in their range of crockery items that double as excellent gifting options. Whether you’re looking to spruce up your own collection or searching for the perfect housewarming present, LaOpala’s designer gifting range has something that will capture your eyes and hold your interest.

Moreover, the brand doesn’t compromise on the looks of their products. Even with regular use, LaOpala crockery maintains its sheen, thanks to its breakage-resistant material that withstands the rigor of daily handling. Easy to clean and dishwashers safe, this crockery makes for a practical choice for today’s fast-paced lifestyle.

Borosil Crockery

Borosil Crockery

When you’re on the hunt for crockery that blends luxury with longevity, Borosil should be at the top of your list. This brand is synonymous with premium quality and elegant table settings. Borosil’s fine porcelain collections are not mere dining accessories; they’re a statement of sophisticated taste, seamlessly integrating into both special occasions and stylish everyday use.

  • Exquisite Craftsmanship: Each Borosil piece is handcrafted with meticulous attention to detail.
  • High-Quality Porcelain: The material promises longevity and an upscale feel.
  • Diverse Range: From sleek black to classic white, Borosil caters to all preferences.

Here’s what you’ll find in the Borosil range:

Designs Variety Durability Material
Elegant and sleek Formal and casual Engineered to last longer Fine porcelain

Don’t let the premium pricing deter you; Borosil dishes are an investment in durability and style. They’re crafted to withstand the test of time, making them an ideal option for those seeking long-term value from their crockery. Safe for use in ovens, dishwashers, and microwaves, these pieces offer unparalleled versatility.

Moreover, their stylish designs are perfect for those who have an eye for elegance. Whether it’s gifting or gracing your own table, a Borosil set elevates any dining experience. The price range varies from £500 to £5000, with a rating that speaks for itself: 4.5/5.

Crockery from Borosil isn’t just about serving food; it’s about celebrating the beauty and grace of fine dining. Your dishes will be the talk of the table, drawing eyes with every course served. Whether it’s a quaint family dinner or a lavish party, trust Borosil to make every meal memorable.

Milton Crockery

Milton Crockery

Transitioning smoothly from the elegance of Borosil, Milton Crockery sets itself apart with its distinct variety and functionality. Your search for an adaptable brand that meets both daily needs and the flair of special occasions ends with Milton’s array of crockery. Recognised for blending classic aesthetics with contemporary demands, this crockery brand is a frontrunner in the Indian market.

With a variety that spans from timeless white dishes to the boldness of sleek black, Milton ensures you’ve got options regardless of your taste. Their product range features:

  • Everyday plates
  • Serving bowls
  • Decorative vessels

Milton’s commitment to quality is reflected in their colourmade warranty, assuring that their vibrant products will not lose their lustre. They also promise resilience to high temperatures, making their pieces safe for microwave use without the risk of damage or fading.

Crockery Feature Milton
Design Variety Classic to contemporary
Material Longevity High-heat resistance
Aesthetic Appeal Timeless to modern
Microwave Safety Guaranteed

Moreover, Milton’s dinner sets are particularly noteworthy. Designed to impress, they are crafted to leave a lasting impression with superior standard quality that shines through each meal. Imagine hosting dinner parties where your serving sets become the conversation starter. Milton’s serving sets, with their stylistic flair and durability, will no doubt elevate your home dining experience.

Behind the scenes, maintenance is a breeze. Your new Milton crockery, just like Borosil, is hassle-free when it comes to cleaning and upkeep, thanks to materials and craftsmanship that understand the importance of practicality alongside visual appeal. This ensures your crockery remains a highlight of your kitchen without demanding excessive time or effort in maintenance.

Milton doesn’t just offer beautiful ceramics; they bring a promise of longevity and reliability to your table. Whether you’re reheating leftovers or setting the stage for a festive feast, these pieces effortlessly withstand the gamut of kitchen activities. If your heart’s set on versatility, without compromising on style, Milton might just be the crockery brand to complete your collection.

Corelle Crockery

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When you’re in the market for crockery that combines longevity, aesthetics, and practicality, Corelle is a brand that deserves your attention. Since its inception in 1970, Corelle has made a significant mark on dinner tables across the globe. Here’s why Corelle should be on your radar.

Corelle’s range offers a versatile collection of designs, ensuring there’s something to suit every taste. Contemporary White, Double-Laced Patterns, and Country Cottage Designs are among their most sought-after collections. These designs not only cater to a modern aesthetic but also bring a timeless charm to your dining setup.

The Variety in Corelle’s collection extends to more than just the designs. You’ll find serving sets from shiny plates and chic mugs to elegantly carved wine glasses. Every piece is crafted to enhance the presentation of your meals, whether it’s a casual brunch or a festive dinner party.

When it comes to Longevity, Corelle stands out with its impressive durability. The brand is celebrated for its chip resistance and its ability to withstand stains and scratches. Thanks to the innovative Vitrelle glass technology, Corelle crockery is lightweight and yet break-resistant, providing you with peace of mind no matter the occasion.

Material choice is crucial for any crockery brand. Corelle uses high-quality materials such as porcelain and stoneware, making it a top contender for anyone focused on food-grade quality. Their earthenware sets exude a trendy vibe, designed to captivate guests and complement any dinner table setup.

Moreover, Corelle’s ease of maintenance adds to its appeal. The materials used enable each item to be dishwasher safe, ensuring that upkeep is as effortless as their usage. If you aspire to showcase your culinary skills, Corelle crockery will not only meet but exceed your presentation goals. It’s an investment in elegance and functionality that you’re sure never to regret.

Why Quality Crockery Matters

Enhances Dining Experience

When you’re setting the table for dinner, the visual appeal of your crockery sets the tone. High-quality crockery elevates your dining experience, making it more than just a meal; it becomes an enchanting event. Quality pieces act as art for your dining space, reflecting your exquisite taste and attention to detail. Imagine your guests feeling the weight and smooth glaze of fine porcelain—it’s these subtle touches that transform dining into a memorable affair. A branded crockery set isn’t just for eating; it’s a cornerstone of home decor and an expression of hospitality.

  • Corelle: Their durable collections are crafted for beauty and practicality with designs including:
    • Contemporary White
    • Double-Laced Patterns
    • Country Cottage

Durability and Longevity

Durability isn’t just about how long your crockery lasts; it’s about sustaining its beauty over time. Quality crockery like that of Noritake India offers a luxurious yet functional addition to your collection. These sets are designed to withstand the rigours of daily use without losing their aesthetic appeal. Furthermore, investing in brands that prioritise longevity ensures that your cherished patterns remain available for future additions.

  • Noritake India: Luxury crockery with styles and patterns for ultimate functionality and style.

Selecting a dinnerware brand that stands the test of time in both design and durability is crucial. Brands that have been established for many years, like Milton, assure you of quality and reliability. With proper care, your crockery will remain a graceful part of your household for years to come, ready to impress at a moment’s notice.

  • Milton: Superior quality and lightweight designs combined with traditional and modern manufacturing practices.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Crockery

When it comes to sprucing up your dining experience, selecting the right crockery is paramount. You wouldn’t just rush into a decision when the market is flooded with options, would you? Take a moment to absorb key aspects that ensure you make an informed choice that complements your lifestyle and aesthetic preferences.


The material of your dinnerware is more than just a texture; it’s a reflection of your dining philosophy. Different materials offer varied benefits and can affect the longevity and appearance of your crockery.

  • Porcelain and Bone China: Renowned for their refined look and exceptional durability, these materials are ideal for both casual and formal settings.
  • Glass: Luminarc sets the bar with its glass-based designs, offering a blend of elegance and practicality through dishwasher and microwave-safe options.
  • Bamboo and Wood: Eco-conscious choices that bring warmth to your table setting, best for non-acidic foods to avoid stains.
  • Melamine: Light, durable, and wallet-friendly, melamine crockery is perfect for everyday use without compromising on style.

Design and Style

Your crockery is a canvas that expresses your personal taste. Whether you’re hosting a grand dinner party or enjoying a cozy meal, the design and style of your dinnerware set the mood.

  • Corelle: Offers designs from Contemporary White to Double-Laced Patterns and Country Cottage, marrying functionality with aesthetic delight.
  • LaOpala: Stands out with vibrant colors and innovative patterns, adding a pop of modernity to any meal.
  • Noritake India: Delivers luxury on a plate with premium collections, elevating your dining to a sophisticated experience.

Whether you prefer understated elegance or bold patterns, ensure your choice reflects the atmosphere you wish to create.

Price Range

Budgeting for crockery is a delicate balance between cost and quality. Your investment should align with how frequently you plan to use and replace your dinnerware.

  • Budget-Friendly: Options like melamine sets provide durability without stretching your finances.
  • Mid-Range: Brands like LaOpala offer contemporary design at reasonable prices, while Borosil merges quality with cost-effectiveness.
  • Luxury Segment: Opt for Noritake India or finer porcelain ranges when you desire that touch of opulence without regard for expense.

Summary of Crockery Brands

Here’s a concise snapshot of the best crockery brands with their significant attributes:

Brand Designs Variety Longevity Material
Corelle Contemporary to Rustic Extensive High durability Laminated Glass
LaOpala Modern and Colorful Broad Selection Good with care Opalware
Borosil Elegant and Refined Limited but Fine Excellent Fine Porcelain
Melamine Simple to Chic Wide Range Moderate Plastic
Luminarc Classic to Modern Ample Choices Good; varies by care Glass

Aligning your preferences with the right material, design, price, and brand is pivotal to curate not just a meal, but an experience that resonates with your standards and expectations. Keep these factors at the forefront of your mind as you navigate through the myriad of crockery options available in the market. With a discerning eye and a clear direction, you’ll find what best suits your table and lifestyle.


Choosing the right crockery brand is about balancing your personal style with practicality and budget. Whether you’re drawn to the classic elegance of Corelle, the sophisticated charm of LaOpala, the durable versatility of Borosil, the eco-friendly appeal of bamboo and wood options, or the vibrant designs of Luminarc and Melamine, there’s a perfect set waiting to elevate your dining experience. Remember to consider the material and design that best fit your lifestyle and reflect your taste. With the right selection, you’ll not only impress your guests but also enjoy your meals with crockery that’s both beautiful and functional. Now it’s time to set the table with confidence and make every meal a special occasion.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is La Opala a good brand for crockery?

La Opala is widely recognized for its durable and stylish crockery sets, ideal for both daily use and special occasions. They offer microwave-safe options and resist scratches, catering to modern households.

What is the current trend in dinnerware?

In 2023, dinnerware trends are leaning towards minimalistic designs. There’s a preference for simple forms, clean lines, and neutral palettes that highlight the food served and contribute to a serene dining experience.

Which is preferable: Opalware or ceramic dinner sets?

Opalware, made from tempered toughened glass, is stronger and more resistant to scratching and chipping compared to ceramic. Ceramic may be heavier but is not as durable as Opalware.

What is the strongest material for dinnerware?

Porcelain, bone china, and stoneware are among the strongest materials for dinnerware. Their high resistance to chipping and cracking makes them a preferred choice for durability.

Which brand offers the best chinaware in India?

Corelle is considered one of the top chinaware brands in India, renowned for its wide range of designs and the durability of its dinner sets, making it suitable for a variety of dining occasions.

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