How to Make Dhokla in Microwave

If you are a foodie person who enjoys trying traditional food of states, this will probably be your next super snack to make at home. Dhokla is a dish that is actually widespread in India due to its popularity; however, its origin is from Gujarat. It is a light snack and yet fulfilling your mid-day hunger. It is also best for serving unexpected guests. Just make the batter and quickly serve this hot, delicious, healthy snack that will save your day. But this delightful snack can also be cooked in your microwave instantly. 

Dhokla is a recipe typically made from chickpea or besan in a cooker or a dhokla maker; you can also use an idli maker. However, you can make dhokla in the microwave within 15 minutes. Microwave is a human marvel for our pangs of hunger and best serving unexpected guests. It saves a lot of time, plus it is hassle-free.  

Cooking dhokla in a steamer or cooker requires a lot of time as the steam in them. While you cook dhokla in a cooker or dhokla maker, the process of fermentation is long and slow steaming, plus you have to check every time if the batter is not sticking onto the plate. 

Steps To Make Dhokla in Microwave 

Making dhokla in a cooker or dhokla maker is similar to cooking dhokla in a microwave. There are not many changes; all you need be careful about the time and the heat. Since the microwave is a device to cook food from the heat produced inside, it helps the fermentation process slow down and quickly steams the food. Also it faster in cooking and allows you a lot to save time, moreover cooking dhokla in a microwave is cleaner, hassle-free process. 

While preparing dhokla in a cooker, there are chances that you might burn your hand by touching the hot steamer or cooker. Taking out the cooked batter is also a challenge as sometimes the batter becomes so soft that it breaks. But microwave prepares the dhokla at the right temperature, making it a perfect snack. 

To prepare dhokla in a microwave, you should check for the watt and alter the cooking time accordingly. For example, if your microwave is 1200W, then the temperature will be more. Following are the steps you need to prepare a dhokla. 

Step 1. In a large bowl, mix besan, Rava, and turmeric with ginger paste and oil.

Step 2. Mix the batter and slowly add water to avoid lumps.

Step 3. Add ENO into the mixture (avoid using baking soda as you will be cooking in a microwave).

Step 4. Rest the batter for 2 minutes and transfer it to a microwave-safe plate. Keep in mind that before you pour the batter into the plate, grease it with oil evenly on the sides as well. Make sure you use a flat plate so that it is easier to cut into pieces after it is done. 

Step 5. Immediately after pouring the batter into the plate, place it into the microwave and set the time and temperature accordingly to your watt. 

Step 6. Before you switch on the microwave, place a glass of water aside from the plate. It ensures that the steam is given to the batter to cook it. Make sure that you use a glassware glass or a microwave-safe glass. 

Step 7. It is recommended to set the temperature between 5 to 10 minutes on a high level of power. Overcooking may result in the batter sticking on the plate and burning it due to excessive heat. 

Step 8. Once you have the microwave on, keep an eye on it and check if the batter is increasing. If not, then the water you kept aside from the plate is probably not sufficient for steam. 

Step 9. Once the dhokla is done, wear an oven mitt as the plate will be hot. Please be careful and keep it away from your face and body. Also, for safety purposes, be a little aside when you open the microwave. The steam will directly come out and may burn you. Please take out the plate and rest it for 2 minutes. 

Step 10. After that, take a knife and cut the cooked batter into small pieces accordingly or any shape of your choice. 

Step 11. Your freshly cooked dhokla in the microwave is ready. Garnish coriander or anything or choice to make it tastier. 

These simple steps will give you a healthy snack for your tea time, mid-day hunger, and unexpected guest. Also, you get at least ten pieces of dhokla in a single batch( depending upon the size of your plate). 

Pro Tips for Dhokla making 

Dhokla is a fluffy snack, and people tend to make many mistakes while making a dhokla which ultimately results in ruining the efforts plus the dishes. Here are some tips to keep in mind while you prepare dhokla in the microwave or the steamer. 

Tip 1: Adding eno makes the fermentation process quick. However, make sure you add simple eno and not flavoured ones. 

Tip 2: Before you add eno to the batter, whisk the batter properly and avoid the lumps in it.  

Tip 3: You can always deep freeze the batter or the cooked dhokla. You can quickly microwave the dhokla. 

Tip 4: Besan or flour is the main ingredient in dhokla. Pour it in apply of quantity. If you pour less flour or besan, the batter will not be suitable for fermentation, and hence the dhokla will not be cooked. 

Tip 5: Always pour a sufficient amount of water. Less water or too much water can ruin the consistency of the batter.

Tip 6: One of the common mistakes while preparing dhokla is that the batter is not well whisked. Once you have all ingredients together, make sure to whisk it for at least 3-4 minutes. 

Tip 7: Your time for steaming the batter is not right for the dhokla. 

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