Top Chimneys in India: The Ultimate Selection Guide (Best List)

Looking for the best kitchen chimney in India can be quite the task, can’t it? With a myriad of options out there, it’s crucial to find one that keeps your kitchen hygienic and smoke-free. After all, a home without a chimney today is a no-go, especially when you love cooking up a storm with a variety of delicious cuisines.

You’re in luck because we’ve done the legwork for you. Our in-depth research has unearthed the top chimneys that promise to keep your kitchen clean and your cooking experience pleasant. Whether you’re eyeing the best value-for-money option or just need some savvy buying tips, we’ve got you covered.

So, let’s dive in and explore the best kitchen chimneys that not only meet all hygienic and safety requirements but also enhance your cooking space. Get ready to transform your kitchen into a culinary haven where cooking is a breeze and cleaning, well, almost effortless.

Faber 60 cm 1100 m³/hr Filterless Chimney

Faber 60 cm 1100 m³ hr Filterless Chimney

When considering an upgrade to your kitchen’s ventilation, the Faber 60 cm 1100 m³/hr Filterless Chimney emerges as a strong contender among the best kitchen chimneys in India. Let’s delve into what sets this appliance apart.

Fashioned to cater to the modern cook, this chimney boasts an impressive suction power of 1100 cubic meters per hour. This high capacity ensures that smoke, grease, and grime are efficiently removed from your cooking area, maintaining a clean and fresh kitchen environment. Its filterless technology means one less chore for you – there’s no need to regularly clean or replace filters.

The sleek design is not just about aesthetics; it’s also about practicality. The chimney’s dimensions are crafted to fit comfortably in the average Indian kitchen, making it an ideal choice for smaller spaces that demand efficient use of every square inch. You’ll appreciate its contemporary touch and gesture control, which allows you to operate the chimney without even touching it – a boon when your hands are messy from cooking. The inclusion of LED lamps provides bright, energy-efficient lighting to aid in your culinary tasks.

What’s more, the 5-year warranty on the motor is a testament to the quality and durability that Faber stands for. You can have peace of mind knowing that your investment is protected for years to come.

With a retail price of just Rs 9,350, the value offered by this Faber model is noteworthy. It stands as a cost-effective solution that doesn’t compromise on functionality or style. It brings together all the desirable features one might look for in a chimney, without putting a significant dent in your wallet.

Affordable, stylish, and packed with modern features, the Faber 60 cm chimney is designed to match the pace of your life in the kitchen, balancing efficiency with easy maintenance.

Feature Detail
Price Rs 9,350
Brand Faber
Warranty 5 years on motor
Suction Power 1100 m³/hr
Control Type Touch and gesture

Eurodomo 60 cm 1200 m³/hr Auto-Clean Curved Glass Kitchen Chimney

Eurodomo 60 cm 1200 m³ hr Auto-Clean Curved Glass Kitchen Chimney

When exploring the best kitchen chimneys in India, your search will lead you to the Eurodomo 60 cm 1200 m³/hr Auto-Clean Curved Glass Kitchen Chimney. Equipped with state-of-the-art auto-clean technology, this chimney eliminates the need for manual intervention, preserving its efficiency and extending its lifespan.

Product Specifications:

  • Brand: Eurodomo
  • Suction Capacity: 1200 m³/hr
  • Product Dimensions: 51D x 60W x 45H Centimetres
  • Finish Type: Black Finish
  • Special Feature: Oil Collector, Auto Clean

The black finish and curved glass design of this Eurodomo model integrate seamlessly into your kitchen, enhancing its overall aesthetic while delivering functional excellence.

Performance and Installation

You’ll find that the Eurodomo 60 cm chimney is uncomplicated to install; it comes inclusive of a ducting kit, simplifying the set-up process. It’s particularly adapted for small kitchens, effectively handling the fumes and odours generated from 2-4 burners.

Characteristic Detail
Installation Simple, with included ducting kit
Kitchen Suitability Small kitchens with 2-4 burners
Maintenance Minimal due to Auto-Clean Technology
Design Modern with Black finish and Curved Glass

User Feedback and Suitability

Home chefs have commended its ease of use and the noticeable difference it makes in keeping their kitchens clean and odour-free. Although not suited for kitchens with high ceilings, this model thrives in more compact spaces.

With the Eurodomo chimney in your kitchen, you’re investing in a device that combines effectiveness and elegance. The oil collector cup ensures a hassle-free cleaning experience, while the baffle filter caters to an optimal filtration process to provide a pleasant cooking environment. Touch and gesture controls propel this chimney into the modern age, where convenience is paramount.

Don’t overlook the 1200 m³/hr suction capacity; it’s engineered to tackle smoke and odours efficiently, keeping your kitchen environment fresh and inviting.

Elica 60 cm 1350 m3/hr Filterless Autoclean Angular Kitchen Chimney

Elica 60 cm 1350 m3 hr Filterless Autoclean Angular Kitchen Chimney

When you’re looking for top-notch kitchen ventilation, the Elica 60 cm Filterless Autoclean Angular Kitchen Chimney stands out with its high-end capabilities. It’s not just about aesthetics; this chimney offers a massive 1350 m³/hr suction power, ensuring your cooking space remains free from smoke and odours. Your comfort in the kitchen is pivotal, and Elica gets it right with a combination of functionality and style.

The standout feature of this chimney is its Filterless Autoclean Technology. You won’t have to worry about regular maintenance hassles, as the Autoclean function employs a heating element that breaks down grease and oil, funnelling them into an oil collector for easy disposal. This not only simplifies cleaning but also boosts the lifespan of the motor, which is sealed to prevent damage from oil and water vapours.

Here are some noteworthy attributes of the Elica Kitchen Chimney:

  • Motion Sensor Control: A simple gesture is all it takes to manage the chimney’s operations, reflecting the advancement in user-friendly tech.
  • Sleek Design: The angular aesthetic of the chimney adds a contemporary flair to any kitchen setting.

Based on user feedback, the Elica Chimney excels in keeping kitchens pristine. However, some have noted that the noise level could be improved. Notwithstanding, the benefits far outweigh this minor point, making it a favoured choice among discerning homeowners.

Pros and Cons
Pros Cons
– Motion-sensing technology – Noise level could be lower
– Sleek design

Priced at Rs 12,990, the chimney is a valuable investment for your home. It’s designed for those who appreciate a seamless blend of efficiency and elegance. With a generous warranty of a lifetime on the product, 15 years on the motor, and a 2-year comprehensive coverage from the date of purchase, you’re assured of a reliable support system, should you need it.

Moving beyond the technical specs, it’s clear that this kitchen chimney has garnered acclaim for creating a cleaner and healthier cooking environment. Whether you’re sautéing vegetables or frying spices, the Elica model is adept at ensuring a pleasant kitchen experience.

Whirlpool 60cm 1200 m3/hr Filterless Autoclean Kitchen Chimney

Whirlpool 60cm 1200 m3 hr Filterless Autoclean Kitchen Chimney

When considering a chimney that’s both efficient and stylish, you can’t overlook the Whirlpool CGFL 604 HAC BK HOOD. Its touch and gesture control makes operation seamless and caters to the modern functionality you desire in your kitchen appliances. With a filtration capacity of 1200 m³/hr, it’s tailored for the bustling Indian kitchen environment and is particularly effective in medium-sized kitchen spaces.

The Whirlpool chimney shines with its filterless technology. Say goodbye to the hassle of cleaning filters regularly; the advanced design eliminates the need for a filter, making maintenance a breeze. The internal motor is sealed to guard against oil and water vapour, prolonging the unit’s lifespan and ensuring reliable performance.

Feature Detail
Price Rs 11,999
Warranty Lifetime; motor: 11 years
Control Type Touch/Gesture
Suction Power 1200 m3/hr

Heat autoclean technology is another highlight. With the touch of a button, a heating element activates, clearing out grease and oil particles which then collect in a metallic oil cup located below the motor. The result is a kitchen free of smoke and grime, with minimal manual cleaning required.

Whirlpool’s offering is not just about functionality; the matte black finish elevates your kitchen’s aesthetic. But it’s not just about looks; the sealed motor and heat autoclean function work together to deliver a chimney that’s a powerhouse in performance.

However, it’s important to note that at over 19kg, it’s a heavy unit that might require a sturdy installation process. But once in place, it’s touted for its durable and energy-efficient operation.

What consumers appreciate:

  • Heat autoclean technology for effortless maintenance
  • Reliable installation and service from Whirlpool

What might give you pause:

  • The weight of the chimney necessitating robust installation

Experts have given this Whirlpool model high ratings for its innovative features such as the heat autoclean function and durable build. While it’s designed for small to medium-sized kitchens, its 1250 m³/hr suction capacity ensures a smoke-free cooking experience even during heavy frying and grilling.

V-Guard X10 BL180 Kitchen Chimney

V-Guard X10 BL180 Kitchen Chimney

When you’re on the hunt for a kitchen chimney that simplifies your culinary tasks, consider the V-Guard X10 BL180. This kitchen appliance prioritises your convenience with an Intelligent Auto Clean function. It takes the hassle out of maintenance by activating a cleaning cycle every 30 working hours. This innovative feature ensures that the rotor remains free of debris, promoting longevity and consistent performance.

The V-Guard X10’s thoughtful design extends to the inclusion of a separate oil collector tray, a feature aimed at keeping your cooking area spotless. The tray catches oil and other residues, which means they won’t end up on your stove or kitchen surfaces. This is especially beneficial if you frequently engage in high-heat cooking that tends to splatter grease.

Feature Specification
Suction Power 1350m³/hr
Control Type Touch
Price Rs 13,649
Warranty 1 Year on Product, 6 Years on Motor
Type Wall mount

Beyond the mechanics, V-Guard also addresses the sensory aspect of cooking. You’ll appreciate the efficient LED lighting that illuminates your cooking space, making it easier to monitor the nuances of your dishes. Whether you’re searing a steak or simmering a sauce, you’ll have clear visibility every step of the way.

User testimonies confirm the V-Guard X10 BL180’s transformative effect on the kitchen environment. The incorporation of motion sensor controls augments the appliance’s user-friendliness, while the Auto Clean function and oil collector work in tandem to maintain cleanliness.

This chimney, while robust in features, presents some challenges with installation. However, the pros significantly outweigh the cons for those who prioritise a clean, convenient, and well-lit cooking space. If you’re looking for a chimney that effortlessly melds advanced technology with user-focused design, the V-Guard X10 BL180 deserves your attention.

INALSA EKON 60BK 1050 m³/hr Pyramid Kitchen Chimney

INALSA EKON 60BK 1050 m³ hr Pyramid Kitchen Chimney

When you’re on the lookout for a chimney that combines efficiency with style, the INALSA EKON 60BK might be worth your consideration. It’s a pyramid-shaped chimney that not only adds a touch of elegance to your kitchen but also packs a punch with its 1050 m³/hr suction capacity. This means it’s powerful enough to handle the heavy-duty cooking that’s typical in large Indian kitchens.

The chimney’s black finish is sleek and complements most kitchen decors. You’ll appreciate the user-friendly push-button controls that make it a breeze to operate, whether you’re simmering or sautéing. And when the sun goes down, the dual LED lamps are a boon, providing ample lighting to ensure that every chop and stir is clearly visible to you.

Feature Details
Suction Power 1050 m³/hr
Controls Push Button
Lighting Dual LED Lamps
Filter Double Baffle
Warranty 5 Year on Motor
Finish Black

With a double baffle filter, the INALSA EKON 60BK is designed to ensure that your kitchen atmosphere remains smoke-free and fresh. This is particularly important if you tend to cook dishes that are rich in spices and flavours, which is often the case in Indian cuisine.

In terms of maintenance, the filters are a highlight. Not only are they made from premium stainless steel, but they’re also dishwasher-safe, which means clean-up is straightforward and doesn’t require any special tools or cleaners.

Feedback from users suggests that while the chimney operates silently at low speeds, it can get a bit noisy at its highest setting. However, the noise is often seen as a small price to pay for the efficiency it brings to the kitchen.

If you’ve got a spacious kitchen that sees a lot of action, the INALSA EKON 60BK with its high suction capacity and durable design is a choice that can handle the demands of your cooking space. Whether it’s the daily tadka or the occasional feast, this chimney is designed to keep your kitchen’s air as clean and fresh as your ingredients.

GLEN 60 cm 1050m³/hr Auto-Clean curved glass Kitchen Chimney

GLEN 60 cm 1050m³ hr Auto-Clean curved glass Kitchen Chimney

The GLEN 60 cm Auto-Clean Kitchen Chimney brings a blend of functionality and style to your cooking space. You’ll appreciate that ease of use is central to this model, with its touch control panel allowing quick changes across different speed settings. It’s designed to handle the demands of everyday cooking, ensuring your kitchen remains smoke-free and fresh.

Let’s dive into the core of what makes this chimney stand out:

  • Cooling Fan: Helps manage overheating during extensive use.
  • Oil Collector: Collects oil and other residues automatically.
  • Noise Reduction: Provides a quieter cooking environment.
  • Auto-Clean: Simplifies maintenance with no manual cleaning needed.

The chimney’s curved glass and black finish add a modern touch to your kitchen’s aesthetics. Not only does this keep the space clean, but it also serves as a statement piece. Here are the key specifications at a glance:

Specification Detail
Dimensions 47D x 60W x 43H Centimetres
Colour Black
Special Features Cooling Fan, Oil Collector, Noise Reduction, Auto Clean
Finish Type Painted

While the GLEN chimney is a powerhouse with its 1050m³/hr suction capacity, it’s mostly suited to small to medium-sized kitchens. Its performance ensures that even the heaviest of smokes and odours are expelled efficiently. The addition of LED lights brings not only sufficient lighting over your cooking area but also optimises energy consumption, giving you that much-needed efficiency without sacrificing illumination.

It’s important to note that although the chimney is sturdy and reliable, it might heat up during prolonged operation. However, this is a common trait among many kitchen chimneys and should not deter you from considering its overall benefits. With this model, upkeep is almost effortless, with the auto-clean function keeping the vents free of oil and residue. You’re left with more time to enjoy your culinary creations, rather than worrying about post-cooking clean-ups.

Your quest for a sleek, effective, and easy-to-maintain kitchen chimney could very well end with the GLEN 60 cm model. It’s tailored for modern homes where cooking is a daily affair but without the hassle of laborious cleaning tasks.

Hindware Atlanta 60cm 1350m3/hr Filterless Autoclean Kitchen ChimneyHindware Atlanta 60cm 1350m3/hr Filterless Autoclean Kitchen Chimney

When looking for the best chimney in India, you must consider the Hindware Atlanta Kitchen Chimney. This advanced appliance brings together high suction power and innovative technology, tailored to make your cooking experience as smooth as possible. Equipped with a robust suction capacity of 1350 m³/hr, it effectively eliminates smoke and odours, leaving your kitchen fresh and smoke-free.

This chimney surpasses others with its MaxX Silence Technology, which cuts down noise by 32%. You can cook in peace without the usual racket associated with powerful kitchen appliances. Imagine preparing your favourite dishes with just a whisper of background noise. That’s the tranquility the Hindware Atlanta offers.

Here are some compelling features:

  • Filterless technology for low maintenance
  • Powerful suction capacity of 1350 m³/hr
  • 32% noise reduction compared to standard chimneys
  • Thermal autoclean function
  • Motionsensing technology for hands-free operation

Moreover, the modern design isn’t just for show. The filterless system translates into easier maintenance, ensuring your chimney doesn’t become a headache over time. And for those moments when your hands are covered in marinade or dough, the motion sensor feature allows you to operate the chimney with just a wave of your hand — a godsend for multitaskers.

Feature Benefit
MaxX Silence Technology 32% less noise
Suction Capacity 1350 m³/hr
Filterless Design Easier maintenance
Motionsensing Technology Hands-free operation

Add to that the thermal autoclean function, which keeps the chimney clean without any rigorous scrubbing on your part. Plus, dual LED lamps provide more than enough light, so you can keep an eye on your cooking without straining your eyes, making late-night snack prep a breeze.

The sleek black finish ensures that the Hindware Atlanta is not just a workhorse but also a stylish focal point in your kitchen.

Factors to consider when choosing the best chimney

Size and Airflow Capacity

Understanding the relationship between the size of your cooktop and the chimney is pivotal. Kitchen chimneys come in sizes ranging from 60 cm to 90 cm, to accommodate two, three, and five burner stoves respectively. Your choice should be based on compatibility with your hob’s width to ensure effective fume extraction.

Another critical aspect is the suction capacity, which is crucial for maintaining clean air in your kitchen. The capacity varies from 800 m³/hr to 1500 m³/hr, with your kitchen size dictating the need. Small kitchens function well with a lower suction capacity, whereas larger spaces benefit from higher capacity to manage the greater volume of air and fumes generated.

Filter Type and Maintenance

Kitchen chimneys are equipped with different filter types, which influence the frequency and effort required for maintenance. Baffle filters, for instance, excel in separating grease and spices from the smoke, which is suitable for Indian cooking that involves heavy frying and grilling.

Auto clean chimneys spare you the trouble of manual cleaning by using an internal heating mechanism to remove oil particles, which then accumulate in a collector. This is a crucial feature that not only simplifies upkeep but also prolongs the life of the chimney.

Noise Level

The comfort of cooking is partially determined by the noise produced by the chimney. Look for models with noise levels around 65 dB for a quieter environment. Some chimneys, like the Hindware Atlanta, incorporate MaxX Silence Technology, reducing noise by up to 32% – a serene backdrop to your culinary activities.

Oil Collection Feature

An oil collector or auto-clean function provides a notable advantage. These chimneys are designed to auto-collect oil particles, which prevents clogging and extends the motor’s longevity. They also minimize the frequency of deep cleaning required, making routine maintenance a breeze. Opting for a chimney with this feature means you’ll spend less time on up-keep and more on perfecting your culinary skills.


Selecting the right chimney for your kitchen hinges on understanding your specific needs and the features that matter most to you. Whether it’s the size, the suction power, the type of filter, maintenance ease, noise levels or the ability to collect oil efficiently, your choice will define your cooking experience. Remember, a well-chosen chimney not only keeps your kitchen smoke-free but also adds to the overall ambiance. So take your pick wisely and enjoy a cleaner, quieter and more pleasant cooking space.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Faber a Chinese company?

No, Faber is not a Chinese company. It is headquartered in Fabriano, Italy, and was founded in 1955. Faber has a rich history of designing and manufacturing high-quality kitchen hoods, making the kitchen a more enjoyable space to work in.

Which chimney brand is best in India?

In India, the best overall chimney brand, based on performance and customer satisfaction, is Faber. Particularly, the Faber 60 cm 1100 m³/hr Filterless Chimney stands out for its powerful suction, advanced filterless technology, and substantial 5-year motor warranty.

Which is the best chimney for energy saving?

When it comes to energy saving, the best chimneys are those with high efficiency and low energy consumption. Amongst these are the:

  • Glen 60cm 1050m3/hr Autoclean Filterless Chimney (4.1 stars)
  • Elica 60cm 1200m3/hr Filterless Autoclean Chimney (4.5 stars)
  • Inalsa 60cm 1250m3/hr Filterless Kitchen Chimney (4.0 stars)
  • Faber 60cm 1500m3/hr Angular Kitchen Chimney (4.0 stars)

Is Faber chimney good or bad?

Faber chimneys are considered excellent in India due to their functionality, aesthetic design, and renown in manufacturing kitchen appliances. They are known for integrating innovative technology with reliability.

Which is better Elica or Prestige?

Choosing between Elica and Prestige depends on individual preferences and requirements, as both brands have their strengths. Elica is renowned for its Italian design and innovation, while Prestige is a reputed Indian brand known for its trusted kitchen appliances. Consider factors like specific features, budget, and design preferences before deciding.

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