Top Juicers in India: Find Your Perfect Match in 2024

Looking to kickstart your health with a burst of nutrition? It’s time to ditch those store-bought juices and embrace the power of fresh, homemade delights. With the best juicers in India at your fingertips, you’re just minutes away from nutrient-packed juices that can revitalise your daily routine.

In the hustle of modern life, convenience is king. That’s why a top-notch juicer is your perfect ally, transforming fruits and veggies into liquid gold without the fuss. Stay tuned as we unveil the cream of the crop, the juicers that blend efficiency with ease, promising a healthier lifestyle with every sip.

Havells Vitonica 500W Juicer Mixer Grinder

Havells Vitonica 500W Juicer Mixer Grinder

When you’re scouting for the perfect juicer mixer grinder, you’ll want to consider the Havells Vitonica 500W. This nifty gadget is designed to make your juicing experience effortless and efficient. With its 500W motor, it’s powerful enough to tackle various fruits and vegetables, ensuring that you get a smooth juice every time.

The stainless steel jars that come with the Havells Vitonica are not just robust; they’re also varied in size to meet all your grinding and juicing needs. From making a quick smoothie to preparing a batch of tomato sauce, these jars have you covered.

One of the unique features of this mixer grinder is the foldable juicing spout. This smart design choice helps to prevent the messy drips and spills that often come with juicing. Combine that with the large pulp container, and juicing becomes a mess-free task. Not only do these features save you cleaning time but they also enhance your kitchen’s cleanliness.

Feature Description
Motor 500W of power
Material ABS Plastic
Voltage Optimal at 220V
Number of Speeds 2 settings for versatility


  • Foldable Juicing Spout – Makes pouring juice straightforward, reducing kitchen mess.
  • Large Pulp Container – It’s easier to make larger batches of juice without stopping.
  • Lightweight Design – Easy to move around and handle during your juicing adventures.
  • Not suitable for dishwashers – Manual cleanup is required to maintain the mixer grinder.
  • Limited speed levels – Only two settings available, which might restrict control over juicing and grinding.

Remember, with any kitchen appliance, considering its features, pros, and cons is crucial to make sure it fits your needs. The Havells Vitonica 500W Juicer Mixer Grinder boasts a 2-year product warranty and an extended 5-year motor warranty for additional peace of mind. This assurance speaks volumes about its durability and the manufacturer’s confidence in the product.

Philips Viva Collection HR1863/20


When you’re eyeing the best juicersPhilips Viva Collection HR1863/20 in India, the Philips Viva Collection HR1863/20 stands out. This model doesn’t just blend into your kitchen aesthetic with its sleek black and silver design; it’s a powerhouse with an 800W motor that deals with a variety of produce effortlessly.

The juicer is equipped with innovative QuickClean technology, which simplifies the cleanup process—an essential feature when you’re on the go. Its design includes an XL feeding tube that reduces the need for precutting fruits and vegetables, saving you time in the kitchen.

The capacity is impressive too, boasting the ability to churn out up to 2 liters of juice in one go. Ideal for families or those who love hosting, this juicer’s built-in pulp container ensures your juice is smooth and pulp-free.


  • Powerful 800W Motor: Juices efficiently across different types of produce.
  • QuickClean Technology: Simplifies the cleaning process.
  • XL Feeding Tube: Minimizes prep time by accommodating whole fruits.
  • Large 2L Capacity: Suitable for large batches.
  • Integrated Pulp Container: Keeps pulp out of your juice.
  • BPA-free juicer bowl: Ensures your juice is contaminant-free.


  • Robust motor efficiently juices both hard and soft produce.
  • Large capacity, perfect for serving multiple people.
  • Easy cleaning with dishwasher-safe components.
  • XL feeding tube allows for less chopping.
  • Accommodates whole fruits for user convenience.
  • The powerful motor can be louder.
  • The juicer’s size may require more counter space.
  • Larger fruits may still need pre-cutting despite the large feeding tube.

With the Philips Viva Collection HR1863/20, your daily juicing routine is not just about getting the job done; it’s about doing it with efficiency and style. Keep in mind the space you have available and your noise tolerance while considering this model.

Bosch Lifestyle 150-Watt Cold Press Slow Juicer

Bosch Lifestyle 150-Watt Cold Press Slow Juicer

When you’re on the lookout for a juicer that balances performance with a sleek design, the Bosch Lifestyle MESM731M 150-Watt Cold Press Slow Juicer may be just what you need. Bosch is known for its robust build quality, and this model is no exception.

The low 150-watt power consumption ensures that you won’t be hiking up your energy bills significantly. In addition, the cold press technology maintains a slow and steady squeeze on your fruits and vegetables ensuring maximum nutrient retention.

Let’s delve into the pros and cons to give you a precise picture:


  • Energy-efficient: At 150 watts, it’s designed to be kind to your electricity consumption.
  • Nutrient-rich juice: The slow juicing process is ideal for preserving vitamins, enzymes, and minerals.
  • Quiet operation: You won’t have to worry about loud noises disrupting your peaceful kitchen environment.
  • Size: The unit might be a bit bulky for smaller countertops.
  • Prep time: There’s still some chopping and prepping required despite the slow juicing process.

Bosch’s commitment to durability means you’ll get a machine crafted to withstand regular use. Whether you’re juicing soft fruits or tough greens, this slow juicer is designed to handle it with ease. The gentle squeezing action mimics hand juicing, giving you a fresher flavor and more vibrant colors in your juice.

Remember that a larger footprint means you’ve got to have enough space on your kitchen worktop. It’s best to assess your kitchen space and think about your daily juicing routine to make sure the Bosch Lifestyle slow juicer fits into your lifestyle.

AGARO Imperial Slow Juicer

AGARO Imperial Slow Juicer

As your search for the ultimate juicing experience continues, the AGARO Imperial Slow Juicer emerges as a noteworthy contender. With a design that prioritizes quiet operation and nutrient preservation, you’re looking at a juicer that suits both early birds and night owls keen on maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Key Features of the AGARO Imperial:

  • Slow Squeezing Technology: This technology ensures that the juice retains its natural taste and nutrients by minimizing heat build-up and oxidation.
  • Quiet Operation: Its motor operates at a low noise level, so you can juice without disturbing your household.
  • Safety Features: Equipped with safety locks, the juicer ensures that it operates only when all parts are correctly assembled and secured.


  • Maximizes juice yield and reduces waste, ensuring you get every drop of goodness from your produce.
  • Easy to Assemble and Disassemble: Simplifies the cleaning process, making maintenance a breeze.
  • The slow juicing process also means a lower risk of clogging and less foaming, giving you a smoother juice.


  • Given its slow juicing action, this may not be the quickest option for those in a hurry.
  • Despite being compact, it still requires some designated space in your kitchen.

The AGARO Imperial is designed to handle a wide variety of ingredients, from leafy greens to fibrous roots, with ease. You’ll find that the pulp is dry, which signifies efficient extraction. Additionally, the juicer’s components are often dishwasher safe, adding to the convenience factor.

Performance and Usability:

When considering a juicer, performance is key, and the AGARO Imperial doesn’t disappoint. The slow juicing mechanism works effectively to produce high-quality juice that could rival your favorite juice bar. With its user-friendly design, you’ll find operating this appliance straightforward and hassle-free.

Whether you’re new to juicing or looking to upgrade your current machine, the AGARO Imperial Slow Juicer is a strong candidate that balances performance with ease of use. It’s a solid investment for those who take their juicing seriously and appreciate a machine that’s as quiet as it is efficient.

Wonderchef Regalia Full Fruit Cold Press Slow JuicerWonderchef Regalia Full Fruit Cold Press Slow Juicer


When you dive into the world of juicers, nutrient preservation is key. The Wonderchef Regalia Cold Press Juicer stands out for its low RPM of 55, ensuring that the juicing process doesn’t rob your fruits and veggies of their natural goodness. Imagine sipping on juices that are as nutrient-packed as the raw produce you feed into your juicer.

  • Nutrient-rich juice: Low RPM for maximum nutrient retention
  • Quiet operation: No loud noise disturbing your kitchen peace
  • Motor warranty: 5 years of guaranteed juicing confidence

Here’s what makes this juicer a standout choice:

  • Low 55 RPM: Gently extracts juices ensuring minimal heat build-up
  • 240W High-Torque Motor: Keeps the juicer churning without a hitch
  • Easy to clean: Hassle-free cleaning with a nod to convenience

But let’s get real – every kitchen appliance has its drawbacks. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Manual cleaning: No dishwasher safe parts; requires a bit of elbow grease
  • Missing accessories: Doesn’t come with additional jars for extra convenience

It’s got a powerful 240W motor that runs without breaking a sweat, even during extended juicing sessions – ideal for those who’re serious about their daily dose of vitamins and enzymes. Plus, with a 5-year motor warranty, you can rest easy knowing your investment’s protected.

The inherent design features like the quiet DC motor, easy-to-clean parts, and shockproof body add to its allure as a must-have appliance in your quest to achieve a healthier lifestyle. The timeless challenge of balancing efficiency with health gets a persuasive argument in favor here, thanks to the careful engineering of the Wonderchef Regalia Juicer.

Overall, if you’re in search of a robust, nutrient-conserving juicer, this model should certainly be on your list. With its ability to extract 50% more juice, the Wonderchef Regalia may just become the cornerstone of your health-focused kitchen.

USHA J 3345 450 W Juicer, 3 Speed With Pulse Function

USHA J 3345 450 W Juicer, 3 Speed With Pulse Function

When considering the USHA J 3345 450 W Juicer, you’re looking at an appliance designed to cater to the nuanced demands of juicing aficionados. This juicer stands out with its high-torque copper motor that delivers 450 watts of power; enough to handle a variety of fruits and vegetables with ease. It’s not just about power though; the versatility comes from the three-speed settings plus a pulse function, offering you complete control over the consistency and texture of your juice.

Moreover, the built-in safety features of the USHA J 3345 are nothing short of impressive. It includes an overload protector that ensures the motor’s longevity, even during those heavy-duty juicing sessions. Easy-to-clean attributes are heightened due to food-grade stainless steel mesh and detachable parts, making maintenance as breezy as possible.

Key Features

  • High-torque copper motor (450w)
  • Three-speed options with additional pulse function
  • Detachable parts for easy cleaning
  • Sleek white design, perfect for modern kitchens


  • Robust 450W motor for efficient juicing
  • Three-speed settings and pulse for varied juicing needs
  • Overload protector for enhanced safety
  • Food-grade stainless steel mesh ensures quality juice
  • Compact and stylish, fitting seamlessly in any kitchen
  • Limited to juicing function only
  • Plastic construction may lack durability compared to metal
  • Possibly higher noise level relative to other juicers

Remember, when you’re in the market for a juicer that combines functionality with sleek design, the USHA J 3345 Juicer is worth consideration. It may not boast dishwasher-safe parts, but it more than makes up for this with its user-friendly features and powerful motor, which promises to be a workhorse in the creation of your daily juice recipes. Whether you’re passionate about fresh fruit cocktails or nutritious vegetable blends, this juicer has the potential to meet your needs without fuss.

Sujata Powermatic PM 900-Watt Juicer

Sujata Powermatic PM 900-Watt Juicer

When you’re on the hunt for a juicer that balances power and performance, the Sujata Powermatic PM 900-Watt Juicer emerges as a top contender. At the heart of this appliance is a 900 Watts motor, robust enough to handle even the most demanding juicing sessions. The double ball bearings design ensures a smooth and efficient operation.

Key Features:

  • 900 Watts motor with double ball bearings
  • 22000 rpm speed for maximum juice extraction
  • Unique honeycomb filter mesh
  • Up to 90 minutes of continuous usage

This heavy-duty juicer is ideal for both domestic and commercial use, thanks to its powerful mechanism and durability. The Sujata Powermatic PM goes well beyond juicing; it’s an all-in-one solution for making everything from chutneys to shakes.


  • Versatile all-in-one designing
  • Long-lasting performance with heavy-duty usage capabilities
  • The high-speed operation preserves natural flavors and nutrients
  • Specifically designed to deliver a finer, high-yield juice with its honeycomb filter mesh


  • Occupies more counter space due to its larger size
  • Can be complex to assemble and disassemble for some users

Efficiency is paramount with this model – the patented automatic-cutting auger ensures efficient juice extraction while reducing prep time. The impressive 22000 rpm operation not only enhances the juicing process but also maintains the natural flavor and aroma of ingredients. For those who need to blend a few ingredients or prevent mess, the smart cap for juice mixing and drip prevention is a handy feature. Even during extended juicing sessions, noise won’t be an issue as the Sujata Powermatic is designed for quiet operation.

Cleaning is often the least favorite part of juicing; however, the Sujata Powermatic PM helps alleviate this with its easy cleaning mechanisms, including the included green cleaning tool. Despite the larger footprint, which might require you to allocate more counter space, the long-lasting and reliable performance makes it a worthy investment for avid juicers.

Bajaj JEX 16 800-Watt Juicer

When you’re on the hunt for a versatile juicer that handles both soft and hard fruits with ease, the Bajaj JEX 16 800-Watt Juicer should be on your radar. Built with an 800-watt motor, this appliance is robust enough to deliver a seamless juicing experience.

Key Features

  • Dual Speed Control: The Bajaj JEX 16 offers flexible juicing options with its two-speed variations, allowing for customised extraction according to the produce you’re using.
  • Stainless Steel Blades: Precision is key when juicing, and the stainless steel blades ensure that you get the most out of every fruit and vegetable.
  • Direct Juice Extraction: The design facilitates direct extraction, meaning your juice is ready to drink straight from the juicer, saving you time and effort.

Pros and Cons

The Bajaj JEX 16 comes with its set of advantages and drawbacks:

  • Pros
  • Cons

This juicer strikes a balance between functionality and power, making it an appealing choice for those who want a no-fuss juicing operation. Its robust motor and speed variations make it suitable for a wide range of juicing tasks, while the stainless steel blades guarantee a smooth juice with minimal waste. Remember, the motor’s power may increase the noise level during use, and larger items will need to be pre-cut for optimal juicing efficiency.

Factors to Consider when Choosing a Juicer

Type of Juicer

When you’re on the hunt for the best juicer, understanding the different types is crucial. Centrifugal juicers are popular for their quick operation. They use sharp blades and high-speed spinning to extract juice, making them ideal if you’re short on time. However, they might not be the best for leafy greens and can introduce more air, thus reducing the juice’s shelf life. The cold press or masticating juicers, on the other hand, slowly crush and press fruits and vegetables. They’re great for a higher yield and keeping nutrients intact, but they do take longer to juice.

Twin gear (triturating) juicers are the top-shelf option, delivering the highest juice yield and nutrient density. They work by pressing food between two interlocking roller gears, creating minimal heat. Lastly, citrus juicers are designed specifically for citrus fruits, optimizing juice extraction without the bitterness from the rind.

Motor Power

Your juicer’s motor power is a clear indicator of its capability. High-power motors, typically above 400 watts, can handle tougher produce and continuous juicing without overheating. Maharaja Whiteline juicers strike a balance with efficient motors that are both affordable and functional. On the other side of the spectrum, Wipro Vesta FS101 boasts a strong 240W motor with a 100% copper DC motor for maximum juicing efficiency and dry pulp.

Juicing Speed

The speed at which your juicer operates affects both the quality and quantity of juice you get. Multispeed juicers offer the flexibility to juice at slower speeds for leafy greens and soft fruits, preserving more enzymes and vitamins. For denser produce like carrots and beets, a higher speed ensures complete extraction. Kenstar juicers provide multiple speed settings, ideal for basic juicing needs at a pocket-friendly price. Conversely, high-speed juicers like the 1500-watt Nutribullet efficiently process any type of produce with its three-speed options.

Understanding the type of juicer, motor power, and juicing speed will help you tailor your purchase to your lifestyle, ensuring that you choose a juicer that meets your daily needs without excess features or insufficient capabilities.


Armed with the knowledge of various juicer types and what to look for in terms of motor power and speed settings you’re now ready to make an informed decision. Remember choosing the best juicer is all about matching the machine to your lifestyle and juicing habits. Whether you opt for a fast centrifugal model for quick sips or a masticating juicer for nutrient-packed concoctions you’ll find that the right juicer can revolutionise your health journey. So go ahead and pick the one that aligns with your needs and get ready to enjoy fresh delicious juices every day.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which brand juicer is best in India?

The best juicer brands in India include Balzano with their Cold Press Juicer priced at INR 5,499, PHILIPS Viva Collection Hr1832/00 at INR 6,790, and INALSA Electric Juicer at INR 4,999. Wipro Vesta FS101 Cold Press Slow Juicer is another option at INR 12,999.

Is a juicer better than consuming whole fruit?

While juicing extracts most vitamins, minerals, and phytochemicals from fruits, it does eliminate the dietary fiber found in whole fruits. Fiber is beneficial for digestion and helps regulate blood sugar levels, which is lost during most juicing processes.

Which juice ranks number one in popularity?

The number one juice in terms of popularity is orange juice, especially in a convenient 180 ml serving size.

Which slow juicer is considered the best?

The Hurom H101 Easy Clean Slow Juicer is widely recognized as the best overall slow juicer. Other commendable options include the Nama Cold Press Juicer, the budget-friendly Omega Cold Press 365 Juicer, the high-end Kuvings Whole Slow Juicer EVO820GM, the Cuisinart Easy Clean Slow Juicer for its ease of cleaning, and the Breville Juice Fountain Cold Plus Juicer for larger batches.

Is Kuvings a good brand for juicers?

Yes, Kuvings is a prestigious kitchen appliance brand that has won the trust of health-conscious consumers in over 90 countries worldwide, making it a good choice for juicers.

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