Best Kitchen Faucets in India for Style & Function

When it’s time to revamp your kitchen, choosing the right faucet can be as crucial as picking the perfect backsplash. With the Indian market brimming with options, finding the best kitchen faucet that aligns with your style, functionality, and budget isn’t a walk in the park.

You’re in luck, though, because you’re about to get a rundown of the finest kitchen faucet brands available in India. Whether you’re after a sleek, modern design or a classic look, you’ll discover how to select a faucet that not only matches your kitchen’s aesthetic but also meets your culinary needs.


Jaquar Kitchen Sink Faucets

While considering the durability and longevity of kitchen faucets, Jaquar’s kitchen sink taps stand out in the Indian market. Crafting their products with high-quality materials, Jaquar faucets not only offer a sleek design but also ensure they last through the rigours of daily use. You’ll find their anti-splash nozzles particularly helpful, reducing the frustration of water spraying beyond your sink while you’re doing the dishes or preparing food.

The brand’s reputation for compatibility with varying water pressure levels means that Jaquar’s kitchen sink mixer taps work effectively even when home water pressure is inconsistent. This adaptability is vital because it guarantees a steady water flow, which is essential for your tasks in the kitchen.

Another key feature of Jaquar’s kitchen faucets is their ergonomically designed single-handle. This design doesn’t only enhance the aesthetic appeal of your kitchen, but it also makes it incredibly easy to adjust the water flow and temperature to your liking. The ease of control makes Jaquar faucets user-friendly, catering to all members of the family.

Ease of maintenance is another aspect you’ll appreciate. The removable aerators in Jaquar sink mixer taps can be easily cleaned or replaced, eliminating the annoyances that come with water stream inconsistencies caused by lime and dirt buildup. A well-maintained aerator plays a part in water conservation too, ensuring you’re not wasting resources due to poor faucet performance.

In kitchens where multitasking is non-negotiable, opting for a kitchen faucet that can keep up with your culinary adventures is key. Jaquar kitchen sink faucets offer features that go beyond the basic, allowing you to manage your kitchen chores with greater efficiency and comfort.

With the mix of functional elegance and advanced technology, Jaquar faucets serve as a reliable choice for your kitchen revamp. They blend into any kitchen’s style, whether you’re going for a modern minimalist look or a more traditional decor. When selecting the right kitchen faucet, Jaquar’s offerings merit serious consideration due to their superior quality and user-oriented design.


Cera Kitchen Sink Faucets

When renovating your kitchen, CERA’s faucets emerge as a blend of functionality and aesthetics, ensuring that your sink area is as practical as it is stylish. Steeped in tradition yet infused with modernity, this brand, founded in 1980, has stood the test of time, consistently delivering products that meet the evolving demands of its users.

With a selection that spans sensor taps, single lever mixers, and quarter turn ranges among others, CERA caters to a diverse set of preferences. Whether you’re inclined towards minimalistic designs or seeking state-of-the-art technology, you’ll find a faucet to complement your kitchen’s theme.

  • Sensor Taps – Ideal for a touchless, hygienic experience.
  • Single Lever Range – For ease of temperature and flow control.
  • Quarter Turn Range – Offers precise control with a simple turn.

The brand’s emphasis on elegance and style is evident in every piece. The designs seamlessly integrate into any kitchen décor, be it classic or contemporary. More importantly, the durability of CERA faucets ensures they withstand daily usage, keeping maintenance to a minimum.

Equipping your kitchen with a CERA faucet is not just about meeting basic needs but about elevating the entire culinary space. From their allied faucets to concealed parts, each product promises a seamless blend of quality and innovative design.

Consider the F8030102 Health Faucet for its practicality or explore the wide range for specific features like swivel spouts and eco-friendly water consumption. CERA’s comprehensive range makes it easier for you to hone in on the perfect kitchen accessory.

Remember, while aesthetics are crucial, don’t overlook the importance of functionality and ease of maintenance with kitchen faucets. CERA’s reputation for crafting impeccable, long-lasting faucets ensures you’re investing in quality that’ll serve you for years.

By focusing on the harmony between each element, you’re guaranteed to find a faucet that doesn’t just fit your needs but also enhances your kitchen’s efficiency and appeal.


Roca Kitchen Sink Faucets

When you’re looking to infuse your kitchen space with both functionality and aesthetic flair, Roca kitchen sink faucets stand out in the Indian market. Recognized for superior craftsmanship, Roca faucets seamlessly blend with the intricate dance of aromas and family narratives that echo in every Indian kitchen.

Your search for a durable and stylish faucet could lead you to Roca’s impressive collection. The brand’s commitment to blending high-quality materials with innovative designs is evident in its range of products. As you explore various models, you’ll notice the brand’s affinity for modern elegance that doesn’t compromise on efficiency.

With Roca, the focus isn’t just on the visual appeal but also on the practicality of everyday usage. Options like retractable faucets and twin-lever models showcase a versatility that caters to your specific cooking and cleaning habits. Imagine the ease of maneuvering a retractable faucet when you’re washing bulky pots and pans. It’s features like these that elevate Roca faucets into an investment that enhances the heart of your home.

Roca’s commitment to innovation doesn’t stop at the functionality. A splash of colour can be just as important as the faucet’s shape or the water pressure it provides. Expect to find kitchen faucets that do more than just serve a purpose; they become part of the kitchen’s personality, a nod to the user’s taste and a reflection of their style.

Remember, a kitchen faucet is more than just a tool; it’s part of the kitchen’s soul, witnessing and participating in the creation of those delectable dishes. With Roca, you’re invited to round out your culinary space with a faucet that’s crafted to meet every conceivable need – whether it’s a model that complements the vibrant hues of spices or one that speaks to the subtle elegance of modern Indian decor.


Hindware Kitchen Faucets

When considering kitchen faucets that balance style, quality, and affordability, Hindware emerges as a leading contender. This brand has carved out a significant niche in the Indian market, known for introducing kitchen faucets that are not just visually appealing but also rich with features to elevate your daily kitchen experience.

Hindware kitchen faucets excel in combining form and function. Take for instance the Hindware Flora Sink Cock: a prime example of Hindware’s commitment to quality and design. It sports a sleek polished finish and a contemporary lever handle that seamlessly integrates into modern kitchen aesthetics. Constructed from durable brass, this faucet is built to withstand the test of time and frequent use.

Moreover, Hindware’s long-standing reputation in the market is backed by incredible after-sales service, offering a generous 12-year warranty on their products, ensuring peace of mind and a testament to their product durability.

Here are some key specifications of Hindware kitchen faucets:

  • Mounting Type: Wall Mount
  • Finish Type: Polished
  • Number of Handles: 1
  • Material: Brass
  • Handle Type: Lever

Your selection of a kitchen faucet should prioritize both visual and operational factors. With Hindware, you’re presented with a range of faucets designed to meet various preferences. Whether you’re after ergonomics or aesthetics, the brand offers functional elegance that doesn’t compromise on performance.

In the context of frequent use and the myriad of tasks facilitated by a good faucet, investing in a reliable brand like Hindware can redefine your culinary workspace. Opting for a well-crafted Hindware kitchen faucet ensures that you’ll have an efficient, stylish, and enduring element that plays a pivotal role in your daily kitchen activities.

Prestige Kitchen Sink Taps

Prestige Sink Kitchen Sink Taps

When you’re in the market for versatile kitchen faucets, Prestige’s range is a notable contender. Dual-handle controls offer you precise management of water flow and temperature, a feature crucial for culinary enthusiasts and home chefs alike. The ability to control these aspects can greatly affect the outcome of your recipes and the efficiency of cleanup afterwards.

In addition to their functional prowess, Prestige sink taps are designed with convenience in mind. Imagine effortlessly rotating the spout to access every corner of your kitchen sink—this is what you get with the swivel spout feature. It makes cleaning larger pots and multitasking a breeze, catering to your dynamic kitchen activities.

Speaking of multitasking, Prestige takes it up a notch with pull-out spray heads on their mixer taps. This versatile tool allows you to toggle between stream and spray modes seamlessly. It’s especially useful for rinsing produce, filling tall vessels, and ensuring your sink is spotless. Here are some compelling features of Prestige sink taps:

  • Dual-handle controls
  • Swivel spout functionality
  • Pull-out spray head with multiple modes

Quality is paramount when it comes to kitchen fixtures, which is why durability is at the forefront of Prestige sink tap design. Crafted to withstand the daily demands of kitchen use, you’ll find that these taps maintain their performance and appearance over time.

For those aiming to make a statement with kitchen décor, Prestige’s sleek designs can blend well with any modern aesthetic. Their taps can elevate the functionality and look of your kitchen without overwhelming it—a balance that’s often sought but rarely achieved. Whether you need a standard tap for everyday use or a more advanced model for specific needs, Prestige offers options that align with your culinary requirements and personal style preferences.

Somany Kitchen Taps

Somany Kitchen Taps

When diving into the world of kitchen faucets, you can’t overlook Somany Kitchen Taps. Each tap is a blend of modern design and practical functionality. With Somany, quality meets elegance to transform ordinary fittings into statement pieces of your kitchen’s decor.

Somany’s collection includes a range that fits every homeowner’s taste and requirements. From single-lever mixers that offer ease and efficiency in controlling water flow and temperature to dual-handle faucets that add a classic touch to your sink area, there’s a Somany design waiting to integrate seamlessly into your kitchen.

You’ll appreciate the cylindrical bodies and smooth lines characteristic of Somany faucets. These features aren’t just about visual appeal; they ensure that cleaning and maintenance are as straightforward as possible. No complicated grooves or ridges – simply a sleek surface that resists water spots and enhances the tap’s longevity.

  • High-grade brass construction
  • Choice of chrome, brushed, or matte finishes
  • Water-efficient flow rates

Here’s a quick peek at what you might find in a Somany tap:

Feature Benefit
Spout Swivel Range Full sink access
Cartridge Technology Precise control and reduced wear
Aerator Integration Softened stream and water conservation

Whether you’re doing a full kitchen renovation or simply looking to replace an outdated tap, Somany has models designed to cater to both aesthetic preferences and practical needs. The innovative cartridge technology underpins the durability of the taps, ensuring smooth operation and resistance to the wear and tear of daily use.

Installation is surprisingly easy, too, so you won’t be bogged down by complex setup processes. And when it comes to water efficiency, Somany taps are engineered to prevent wastage, helping you save on your water bills and protect the environment.

In the bustling heart of your home where culinary masterpieces come to life, Somany Kitchen Taps stand as both utilitarian tools and works of art. Their faucets reflect that commitment to both form and function, offering choices that not only look splendid but perform spectacularly day in, day out.


Johnson Kitchen Sink Taps

When it’s time to revamp your kitchen, the taps you select are paramount. Johnson Kitchen Sink Taps stand out as a sterling choice among the plethora of options available in the Indian market. These taps fuse functional prowess with visual allure, hitting the mark on both practical and aesthetic fronts.

As you explore the various ranges, you’ll notice that Johnson taps boast durability and robust construction, effortlessly withstanding the rigors of daily kitchen use. Their sleek designs seamlessly complement any kitchen décor, whether you’re aiming for a contemporary edge or a more classical vibe.

What sets Johnson taps apart is their emphasis on user-centric features:

  • Easy-to-operate handles
  • Water-saving technology
  • Multiple finishing options including chrome and brushed metal

The versatility of Johnson taps is evident in their application; whether you need a solution for a residential build or an upgrade to a commercial establishment, these taps are designed to meet diverse needs. With Johnson’s options, you’ll find a tap that not only functionally elevates your kitchen but also elevates it in terms of style.

Moreover, their products cater to the nuanced preferences of all homeowners. Whether you’re on the hunt for a minimalistic single-lever tap or a more elaborate dual-handle model, Johnson’s collection won’t disappoint.

Remember, investing in a quality kitchen tap isn’t merely about practicality. It’s also an investment in the heart of your home – the kitchen – where functionality meets aesthetics to create an inviting and efficient space. With Johnson Kitchen Sink Taps, you strike a balance that transcends mere utility, setting the stage for a kitchen that’s as pleasant to use as it is to behold.

While choosing the perfect kitchen faucet is essential for a functional and stylish culinary space, it’s equally important to ensure the quality of the water flowing through it. Learn more about maintaining water purity with top water testers , ensuring that your kitchen not only boasts the finest faucets but also delivers the purest water for your family.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Kitchen Faucet

When it’s time to upgrade your kitchen, selecting the right faucet is pivotal as it’s a blend of functionality and aesthetic appeal. Here are some vital aspects you’ll want to consider.

Design and Style

Your kitchen faucet is more than just a practical fixture; it’s a statement piece that ties together the look of your kitchen. When selecting a faucet:

  • Match it to Your Kitchen’s Theme: Modern, traditional, and transitional styles are all available, so choose one that complements your kitchen’s design language.
  • Consider the Spout Height and Reach: This not only impacts the faucet’s usability when washing large items but also defines the overall profile of your kitchen space.
  • Finish Matters: Whether it’s chrome, matte black, or a brushed-metal finish, the right choice can turn your faucet into a standout feature.

Material and Durability

The longevity of your kitchen faucet largely depends on the material it’s made from. Key points include:

  • Stainless Steel remains a top choice for its anti-corrosive properties.
  • Brass faucets are known for their durability and resistance to high temperatures.
  • Zinc Alloys might offer a cost-effective alternative but could have a shorter lifespan in comparison.

You’ll want a material that resists rust and tarnish while maintaining its integrity over years of use.

Functionality and Features

The usefulness of a kitchen tap extends beyond turning water on and off. Here’s what you should look for:

  • Handle Type: Single-handle faucets offer simplicity and ease of use, while two-handle versions provide separate controls for hot and cold water.
  • Spray Feature: Some faucets come with pull-out, pull-down, or side sprayers for added versatility.
  • Water Efficiency: Features like aerators and flow restrictors can help save water without sacrificing performance.
  • Temperature Control: Look for faucets with thermostatic mixing valves to maintain a consistent water temperature and prevent scalding.

Evaluate faucets based on how well their features address your daily kitchen routines. Choose wisely, and you’re investing in an appliance that excels in both form and function, paving the way for a more efficient and stylish kitchen environment.

Enhance your kitchen’s efficiency with a well-chosen faucet. For a comprehensive kitchen upgrade, explore our guide on top RO water purifiers and achieve both style and purity seamlessly.


Selecting the perfect kitchen faucet is a blend of style, durability, and innovation that enhances your daily kitchen experience. Remember, the right faucet isn’t just a functional necessity; it’s a centerpiece that reflects your kitchen’s personality. With options like Johnson Kitchen Sink Taps, you’re equipped to make an informed choice that marries form with function. Trust that investing in a high-quality tap pays off in the long run, ensuring your kitchen isn’t just stylish but also efficient and comfortable for all your culinary adventures. Make the decision that best suits your lifestyle and watch your kitchen transform into a space where functionality meets elegance.

Transform your kitchen aesthetics with stylish faucets and complement your modern ensemble. Enhance efficiency effortlessly by adding the best dishwasher, striking a seamless balance between style and functionality.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which taps last the longest?

Ceramic disc taps are more durable due to their resistance to wear and tear, often lasting longer than traditional taps with rubber washers.

Which brand is best for kitchen faucet?

The top brands for kitchen faucets include Grohe, Delta, Pfister, American Standard, Danze, Kohler, Elkay, and Waterstone.

What are the new faucets in 2023?

The 2023 trend highlights nickel, chrome, black, and brass faucet finishes, with options like brushed, matte, polished, satin, and dual-tone finishes.

What brand of faucet do plumbers recommend?

Plumbers often recommend Moen faucets for their excellent durability, reliability, and sturdy construction.

Which brand is best for taps in India?

Notable tap brands in India are Delta, American Standard, LIPKA, REGINOX, Parryware, Cavier, Somany, and RAK, with RAK known for its establishment in 1989 by Saud bin Saqr Al Qasimi.

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