Best Non Stick Cookware Brands in India Reviewed

Exploring the world of culinary delights, you’ll find that the right tools are as crucial as the ingredients themselves. Nonstick cookware, renowned for its convenience and ease, has become a staple in Indian kitchens. Whether you’re flipping a pancake or simmering a curry, nonstick pans promise a hassle-free cooking experience.

In India, a multitude of brands offer nonstick options to cater to your cooking needs. From the hustle of breakfast to the calm of dinner, these brands have revolutionized how food glides off the pan. Stay tuned as we delve into the best nonstick cookware brands that are a must-have in your kitchen arsenal.

Carote Non Stick Cookware

Carote Non Stick Cookware

Embarking on your culinary journey, you’ll want to ensure that every meal isn’t just a dish but an experience. That’s where Carote non stick cookware leaps into the fray. With kitchenware built to last, Carote’s offering to the Indian market doesn’t just promise quality; it delivers it with finesse.

Durable granite composition of the Carote Non Stick Granite Fry Pan coupled with an anti-slip bottom means you’re equipped with cookware designed for heavy-duty use. Its Swiss imported nonstick coating is your companion for a healthier cooking lifeline, ensuring that you’re whipping up meals free from common harmful substances such as PFAS, PFOA, APEO, and lead.

The delicate balance between ease of use and safety finds harmony in Carote’s design. A well-crafted ergonomic wooden handle makes manoeuvring a breeze, while the nonstick surface allows for low-oil cooking, simplifying your clean-up routine to a mere swipe with a soft sponge.

Carote’s adherence to EU regulations exemplifies the brand’s commitment to safety and health-conscious cookware. Whether it’s scrumptious pancakes on a Sunday morning or a sumptuous stir-fry for dinner, you’ve got a pan that promises even heat distribution, courtesy of its 5mm thick bottom composed of aluminium alloy.

Suitable for a multitude of cooking surfaces from induction to halogen, your Carote pan is versatile. Although not oven-friendly, its flat bottom ensures it sits snug over your cooktop, making it a reliable tool for any dish you dare to dream up.

Here’s how Carote stacks up against the qualities you value the most in nonstick cookware:

Brand Quality Durability Heat Distribution
Carote High-Quality Granite Heavy-Duty Use Even (5mm Bottom)

Take note that while the pan’s quality is high and clean-up a cinch, some users suggest there’s room for improvement with the glass lid’s quality. Regardless, whether you’re a novice or a maestro in the kitchen, Carote’s non stick prowess is worth considering for your cookware collection.

Cello Non Stick Cookware

Cello Non Stick Cookware

When you’re considering a nonstick cookware brand that’s been a player in the Indian market for over five decades, Cello springs to mind. Founded in 1967, this brand has a firm grounding in the cookware industry, and it’s no surprise that it’s a name often associated with quality and durability.

The Cello Non Stick Induction Base Non Stick Pan, in particular, shines with its aluminium construction and premium nonstick coating. This food-grade surface not only allows for healthy, oil-free cooking, but also ensures that food release is smooth and effortless. What’s more, cleaning up is a breeze – a simple wash with mild soap and a sponge will do the trick.

This pan has a cool-to-touch Bakelite handle, providing a secure grip that remains comfortable in your hand. Whether you’re toss-sautéing vegetables or shallow frying, its design facilitates varied cooking techniques. The fact that it’s suitable for both gas stoves and induction cooktops furthers its appeal, offering versatility in your kitchen.

Cello’s offerings stretch beyond mere functionality. With a gaze-stealing copper enamel coating on the outer surface of its utensils, the brand injects elegance into your cookware collection. The inclusion of granite particles in the nonstick layer is not just for show; it also contributes to the set’s nonstick prowess.

Below is a quick comparison of key attributes across various nonstick cookware brands you may be considering:

Brand Quality Durability Heat Distribution
Cello High Long-lasting Even
[Other Brand 1] Medium Moderate Uneven
[Other Brand 2] High Long-lasting Even
[Other Brand 3] Low Short-term Inconsistent

Now that you’ve got a sense of Cello’s operation in the nonstick cookware arena, let’s delve into the unique aspects that might sway your preference for one brand over another.

Prestige Non Stick Cookware

Prestige Non Stick Cookware

When you’re on the hunt for quality nonstick cookware in India, Prestige stands out as a brand synonymous with reliability and excellence. Their range includes an assortment of pots, pans, and kadais designed to meet your diverse culinary needs. With Prestige’s nonstick cookware, you’ll find that each item is constructed with an emphasis on endurance and health-conscious cooking.

Prestige nonstick cookware sports a robust build, thanks to its use of heavy-gauge aluminium. This material not only assures a longer life span for your cookware but also promotes even heat distribution, preventing those dreaded hotspots that can ruin a perfectly good meal. The five-layered nonstick coating is both durable and metal spoon friendly, which allows you to cook with your usual utensils without fear of scratching the surface.

Moreover, Prestige nonstick items come with ergonomically designed handles that stay cool and ensure a safe grip, making your time in the kitchen a comfortable experience. You’ll also appreciate that these products are thoughtfully crafted to be compatible with both gas stoves and induction cooktops, providing broad versatility regardless of your kitchen setup.

Sceptical about the safety of nonstick coatings? With Prestige, your worries are put to rest. Their products are free from potentially harmful chemicals like PFOA and PFOS. By choosing Prestige, you’re opting for a nonstick experience that doesn’t compromise on your safety or the environment.

Let’s break down the highlights of a few top nonstick cookware brands available in India:

Brand Quality Durability Heat Distribution
Prestige Heavy-gauge aluminium construction Five-layered nonstick, metal spoon friendly Even without hotspots
Carote Eco-friendly materials Requires careful maintenance Quick and even
Cello Aluminium with premium nonstick Long-lasting with regular use Good on gas & induction
Hawkins Sturdy construction Hard-anodised, long-wearing Rapid and consistent

Pigeon Non Stick Cookware

Pigeon Non Stick Cookware

When looking for reliable non stick cookware in India, Pigeon stands out as a brand synonymous with quality and durability. Founded in 1999, Pigeon has carved a niche for itself in the Indian market, providing kitchen solutions that blend functionality with style. Their non stick aluminium cookware sets are particularly popular, offering a combination of performance and ease of use that’s hard to overlook.

Pigeon Basics Non Stick Cookware Set is designed with a focus on healthiness and ergonomic handling. You’ll find the bakelite handles not only provide a comfortable grip but also stay cool, making your cooking experience safer. The five-layer nonstick coating is a remarkable feature, aimed at longevity and a cleaner cooking process. It lets you cook with minimal oil, supporting a healthier lifestyle.

Despite its advantages, this cookware set isn’t without its limitations. The absence of scratch resistance means you’ll need to be cautious when using metal utensils. Moreover, it’s not compatible with induction cooktops, which could be a deal-breaker if you rely on induction cooking.

The Pigeon NonStick Fry Pan specifically includes a 3-layer nonstick and scratch-free Greblon coating, which promotes even heat distribution and faster cooking – a boon for busy kitchens. Its construction is metalspoon-friendly, so you don’t have to compromise on durability when stirring up your favourite dishes. However, some users might find the pan’s thickness less than ideal for their cooking needs.

Brand Quality Durability Heat Distribution
Carote Premium nonstick coating Robust, designed for longevity Even heating
Cello Premium nonstick coating Durable with cool-touch handles Suitable for all cooktops
Prestige Heavy-gauge aluminium Metal spoon friendly nonstick Compatible with multiple cooktops
Hawkins Sturdy construction Long-lasting performance Efficient on gas and induction
Pigeon 5-layer nonstick Strong bakelite handles Even heating and faster cooking

Wonderchef Non Stick Cookware

Wonderchef Non Stick Cookware

Continuing your exploration of nonstick cookware brands, Wonderchef stands out as a vibrant and efficient choice for Indian kitchens. Wonderchef, known for its quality and style, brings a pop of color to the culinary world with its Royal Velvet Non Stick Cookware Set. Fancy cooking with a touch of elegance? Wonderchef’s range, with shades from carnation pink to olive green, might just be what you’re looking for.

The key to efficient cooking lies in heat distribution and the Wonderchef Royal Velvet Non Stick Cookware Set does not disappoint. Virgin aluminum as the base material ensures that food cooks faster, saving you both time and fuel. You’ll find that the set is compatible with a variety of cooktops, including induction, ceramic, gas, and conventional stovetops, making it versatile for any kitchen setup.

Ergonomy is another area where this set excels. Soft-touch handles offer comfort and a secure grip to ensure safe cooking. With ergonomic design, you can stir, flip, and whisk with ease, reducing the likelihood of spills and mishaps.

Durability is paramount when investing in cookware, and here the Wonderchef nonstick set stands its ground with a long-lasting build and high thermal stability. You can expect consistent performance over time, allowing you to cook a multitude of recipes without worry. However, it’s worth noting that while the five-layer nonstick coating offers superior food release, paying attention to the care of this layer can extend the lifespan of your cookware.

Here’s a breakdown of how each nonstick cookware brand compares across quality, durability, and heat distribution:

Brand Quality Durability Heat Distribution
Carote High Very High Excellent
Cello Moderate Moderate Good
Prestige High High Very Good
Hawkins Very High High Excellent
Pigeon High Moderate Good
Wonderchef High High Excellent

Tosaa Non Stick Cookware


Tosaa Non Stick Cookware

When considering Tosaa’s versatile nonstick cookware, price and quality stand out as key factors guiding your decision. Available for just Rs 4100, Tosaa’s cookware selection boasts the renowned Weilberg German C2 coating, enhancing both functionality and aesthetics. With turquoise-hued pieces that add a splash of colour to your kitchen, the aluminium material ensures an even Heat Distribution and Durability.

Your health-conscious cooking goals are achievable with these sets, as less oil is required during the cooking process. Not only do these features promote a healthier lifestyle, but upon purchase, you’re also granted a 1-year warranty for added peace of mind.

While the bakelite handle provides a sturdy grip, some users feel there’s room for improvement in the Quality of Handle. Despite this, Tosaa nonstick cookware remains a popular choice for its Convenience and vibrant aesthetic, particularly notable in the Tosaa Popular Nonstick Cookware series.

The Tosaa Popular Nonstick Cookware set is designed for efficiency with Aluminium construction. It’s also noted for its compatibility with gas oven and induction cooktops, making it a flexible option for various cooking styles.

Additionally, if you’re a fan of South Indian cuisine, you’ll find the inclusive tawa specially catered to your needs, ensuring those delicious dosas and chapatis cook flawlessly every time.

Brand Quality Durability Heat Distribution
Carote High Performance Very Durable Excellent
Cello Scratch Resistant Good Durability Very Good
Prestige Reliable High Durability Good
Hawkins Trusted Excellent Durability Very Good
Pigeon Budget-Friendly Moderate Adequate
Wonderchef Ergonomic Design Highly Durable Efficient
Tosaa Vibrant Colours Good Durability Even

Hawkins Non Stick Cookware

Hawkins Non Stick Cookware

When you’re eyeing premium nonstick cookware to enrich your culinary experiences, Hawkins is a brand that deserves your keen attention. With years of expertise and a commitment to quality, Hawkins has evolved from their humble beginnings with cast iron and stainless steel products to meet the modern Indian cook’s aspirations. They’ve keenly observed the shift towards nonstick cookware and have ingeniously adapted.

Hawkins nonstick cookware sets boast a variety of items catering to every cooking need. Imagine the convenience of using a flat Hawkins Futura Nonstick Dosa Tava for your morning pancakes or whipping up an evening snack on their handy frying pan. Not just that, the deep-fry pan is a dream for those sumptuous fried treats.

Their ingenuity doesn’t end there. The cook and serve bowls bridge the gap between stove and table—maximizing convenience and safeguarding flavor. The multifunctional design streamlines your kitchen workflow, allowing you to cook with flair and serve with elegance.

The highlight of Hawkins cookware is the Futura Non Stick Kadai. Designed with the quintessential Indian kitchen in mind, this particular kadai has become a household name. It promises robust construction, superior nonstick quality, and an ergonomic handle. It’s little wonder it’s often hailed as the best nonstick kadai in India.

Safety is paramount in cookware, and Hawkins meets the mark with their PFOA and PFOS-free products. Using high-quality materials that align with food safety regulations, they provide peace of mind alongside culinary delight.

Let’s get into the specifics. The Hawkins Futura Nonstick Dosa Tava isn’t just another pan—it’s engineered for optimal results with the right curve and thickness. The heavy gauge metal measuring 488 mm ensures swift heat conduction and distribution, a vital factor for the perfect crust and even cooking.

Brand Quality Durability Heat Distribution
Carote High Long-lasting Even
Cello Good Moderate Satisfactory
Prestige Superior High Very Even
Hawkins Exceptional Very Durable Optimal
Pigeon Adequate Good

Benefits of Non-Stick Cookware

The non-stick surface of these cookware items is not just a trend; it’s a breakthrough that transforms your culinary practices. Let’s delve into the perks of choosing non-stick cookware.

Easy Cooking and Cleaning

Imagine sliding your spatula under a perfectly cooked omelette and it just glides off the pan onto your plate. Non-stick cookware makes this everyday reality. You can say goodbye to burnt-on messes and hours spent scrubbing pots. Thanks to the innovative non-stick coatings, cleanup is as simple as a quick wipe. Some water and a dash of detergent are all you need, and you’re done. Not only does it facilitate a smoother cooking process it turns clean-up times into no time.

Reduced Oil Usage

Are you looking to cut back on oils and fats without sacrificing taste? Non-stick cookware is your ally in the kitchen. With these pans and pots, a minimal amount of oil is needed, which means lower calorie meals for you and your family. Efficient cooking surfaces distribute heat without requiring the generous dollops of oil traditionally needed to prevent sticking, allowing food to be cooked in their natural juices.

Healthier Cooking

Your path to healthier meals doesn’t end with less oil. Non-stick cookware helps maintain the integrity of your ingredients, letting you prepare dishes that are rich in nutrients and less in unwanted fats. As you use less oil, you’re also reducing the smoke and burn-off that can occur with conventional cookware, leading to a more pleasant and safer cooking environment. With non-stick cookware, you’re in charge of your wellness journey.

Brand Quality Durability Heat Distribution
Carote High Long-lasting Even
Cello Moderate Good Consistent
Prestige High Very Durable Superior
Hawkins Exceptional Robust Excellent
Pigeon Good Satisfactory Good
Wonderchef Very Good High Quick and Even
Tosaa Adequate Durable Fair

Each non-stick cookware brand offers unique attributes that stand out, but they all share the convenience of easy food release, the ability to cook with less fat, and promote healthier cooking.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Non-Stick Cookware

When you’re scouring the market for non-stick cookware, certain aspects should tip the scales in favour of one brand or another. Let’s delve into these points to ensure your culinary investments are well-placed.

Quality and Durability

You expect your non-stick cookware to last. Hence, quality and durability are at the forefront. Renowned brands reflect reliability, often entailing robust construction that stands the test of time. High-quality materials like ceramic or reinforced aluminium not only enhance longevity but also offer exceptional scratch resistance—ensuring your cookware looks good even after repeated use.

Non-Toxic Coating

Your health is paramount. Select cookware with non-toxic coatings free from PFOA, lead, and other harmful chemicals. Opting for brands committed to food safety means you’ll cook with peace of mind, knowing your meal remains uncontaminated by hazardous substances.

Heat Distribution

Efficient heat distribution is non-negotiable for even cooking and energy saving. Aluminium is a popular base material for faster cooking times and reduced fuel consumption. Uniform heat distribution prevents hot spots, ensuring your meals cook evenly without being over or underdone on different sides.

Below is a breakdown of non-stick cookware brands highlighting their quality, durability, and heat distribution capabilities:

Brand Quality Durability Heat Distribution
Prestige High Long-lasting Even
Cello Good Durable Efficient
Bergner Supreme Tough Superior
Hawkins Unparalleled Robust Exceptional

By paying attention to these three factors, you’ll find cookware that not only meets your cooking requirements but also contributes to a healthier lifestyle and better culinary results. Remember to check the specifics for each brand to match with your cooking habits and kitchen appliances.


Choosing the right nonstick cookware is crucial for your culinary adventures and with the plethora of options available in India, you’re spoilt for choice. Whether you opt for the vibrancy and efficiency of Wonderchef’s Royal Velvet set or the affordability and versatility of Tosaa’s Popular series, remember that quality, durability, and even heat distribution are key. Hawkins offers robustness and safety with its PFOA and PFOS-free cookware, setting a high standard for nonstick kitchenware. As you consider your options, think about the long-term benefits of easy cooking, cleaning, and healthier meal preparation. With the right nonstick cookware, you’ll not only elevate your cooking experience but also ensure it’s a delight for years to come.

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