How to Boil Potatoes in Microwave

Have you ever got a panic attack when you are just informed about some guest coming over for dinner and haven’t prepared anything? The best thing you can do is make some delicious potatoes and serve them. Well, your question may arise that boiling potatoes takes time. Yes, you are right, but how about cooking them in microwaves. It may seem a little unusual, but it is the next best thing you can do for your guest in less time. A microwave will save you from embarrassment. Here’s how to boil potatoes in a microwave. 

Reasons to Boil Potatoes in Microwave

Many people think that it is not safe to microwave potatoes or others veggies. Well, that is entirely untrue. You can surely cook potatoes, and other vegetables in the microwave and the following reasons can assure you that it is completely safe. 

  • While you boil veggies on the stove, it is supposed to dip in lots of water and cook for a longer time. However, this results in loss of essential nutrients and often leads to color loss. On the other hand, if you boil your veggies in the microwave, the steam will help them to retain their color and nutrients.
  • If you boil potatoes or any other veggies on the stove, you need to wait for a long time for it. But microwaving the potatoes will be done in a matter of ten minutes or so. Therefore they are ready to cook further. 
  • A long time to boil means overusing your gas. A microwave will be the best thing to save your gas, and on the other hand, it takes less electricity.
  • It is more convenient to boil potatoes in the microwave, and minimal equipment is used. 

These are the primary reasons why you should boil potatoes and other veggies in the microwave. Next time you boil something, head towards your microwave, pop in some veggies, and voila, they will be boiled in a matter of minutes. 

How to Boil Potatoes in Microwave

Let your microwave do wonders for you. Boiling potatoes in the microwave are simple, thanks to technology these days. Whether you would like to eat mashed potatoes or use them as an ingredient in another recipe. This methodology takes less time and preparation, and you’ll be able to boil some potatoes in a matter of 10 minutes. To boil potatoes in the microwave, you’ll have to take a microwave-safe bowl, some wrapping, and a small knife to see the potatoes once they’re done with the preparation. Here are steps to how to boil potatoes in the microwave. 

Step 1: Take some potatoes and take off the skin if you want. However, the skin on the potato will keep more nutrients. In case you want to make some mashed potatoes or use them in a different recipe, you probably should peel the potatoes. However, you can peel the skin after potatoes are boiled, but it will be a little messy. 

Step 2: Wash the potatoes thoroughly with your hands. Take time to wash them but do not pat dry them as the moisture layer will help them cook properly. 

Step 3: Quickly find a ceramic boil or a microwave-safe bowl. Mostly ceramic bowls are good to go in a microwave, but you can simply opt for a microwave-safe bowl or glassware if you don’t have them. Before using the bowl, check the bowl if it says “microwave safe.” Pro-tip never uses low-quality plastic or metal bowl in the microwave.

Step 4: Once you have washed the potatoes nicely, take a fork and poke each potato from all sides. It ensures that the potatoes will not explode inside the microwave from heat and pressure. Also, make sure you poke each potato deeply. 

Step 5: Put the potatoes in the bowl you chose. Ensure the potatoes are still a little wet; if not, give a quick rinse to potatoes. Additionally, you can pour a teaspoon of water into the bowl before switching on the microwave. The water will help to keep the potatoes a little wet, as they should not dry out while boiling.

Step 6:  Before you put the potatoes in the microwave, you have to cover the bowl with plastic wrap. This will ensure that the steam stays inside the bowl; additionally, it will help potatoes to boil evenly. Make sure the plastic wrap you are using is microwave safe. Usually, the wrap is microwave safe only, but there is no harm to check first. 

Step 7: Set your microwave to the highest power level available. These days microwaves have special buttons for potatoes so that you can press them instead. In case you don’t have one, opt for setting your microwave power at a high level. 

Step 8: Set the time according to the size of your potatoes. For small or baby-sized potatoes, you can set your microwave at two-three minutes. But if you have big size potatoes, set for about four-five minutes. Also, you have to keep an eye while the potatoes are in the microwave. However, you have poked each potato, but just in case, stay in the kitchen. The heat inside the microwave will pressure the potatoes, which are most likely to occur an explosion. Therefore it is advised to poke the potatoes real nice.

Step 9: Once the potatoes are boiled, use an oven mite to take the bowl out of the microwave. Then carefully remove the plastic wrap from the top. Please keep it away from your body and face as the steam will blow out. 

Step 10: To check if the potatoes are boiled or not. Take a knife and insert it into one of the potatoes; if the knife easily goes inside and comes out, then your potatoes are cooked. If it’s hard to insert and pull out the knife, then microwave them for a few more minutes. Plus, keep the potatoes aside to cool them.  

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