Best Nursing Colleges in India: Top Picks for Aspiring Nurses

Embarking on a career in nursing promises both a rewarding and challenging journey. As you’re considering the best path forward, it’s crucial to choose a college that not only provides top-notch education but also opens doors to myriad opportunities in the healthcare sector. India boasts a wealth of prestigious nursing colleges across various cities, each offering unique advantages to their students.

From the bustling streets of Bangalore to the historic lanes of Lucknow, the choice of where to study can be as important as what you study. With institutions like AIIMS Delhi setting a benchmark with tuition fees as low as INR 6,740, and others like Sri Ramachandra University Chennai offering comprehensive programs, there’s a fit for every aspiration and budget.

Selecting the right BSc nursing college is a pivotal step in your career. It’s not just about passing the cutoffs; it’s about where you’ll thrive academically and professionally. Let’s dive into the details and discover which college aligns with your goals.

Postgraduate Institute of Medical Education and Research Chandigarh

Postgraduate Institute of Medical Education and Research Chandigarh

When considering a top-tier institution for postgraduate studies in nursing, Postgraduate Institute of Medical Education and Research (PGIMER) in Chandigarh undoubtedly merits your attention. Established in 1962, PGIMER has consistently made its mark in the medical education sphere, particularly in the nursing domain.

With a reputation solidified by a NIRF ranking of 2 for medical colleges in 2020, PGIMER offers a range of specialized courses that cater to the diverse interests of nursing students seeking extensive knowledge and practical experience. Their dedicated programs sharpen your expertise, whether it’s in clinical practices or in research methodologies.

Embarking on your academic journey at PGIMER means embracing rigorous coursework and a dynamic, clinical environment that’s integral to honing your nursing skills. As you navigate the paths of advanced healthcare education, you’ll find that the blend of theoretical and hands-on learning serves to bolster your confidence and competence in this demanding profession.

Admission to PGIMER requires successful passage through an entrance examination, which is a testament to the institute’s commitment to upholding high academic standards and selecting candidates who demonstrate a strong foundational knowledge base and a dedication to excelling in the nursing field.

The fees and admission details at PGIMER, much like its academic excellence, are transparent and straightforward. For ambitious nursing candidates, this clarity in the initial stages of admission proves to be a stepping stone to a well-charted educational journey. By placing yourself at the heart of an institution that values top-notch education, you’re setting the stage for a rewarding career that’s both challenging and fulfilling.

As part of your rigorous educational pursuit, you’ll engage with seasoned professionals and be immersed in an environment that’s continually adapting to the latest healthcare advancements. PGIMER provides a fertile ground for cultivating the leadership qualities essential for nursing professionals poised to make a significant impact in the healthcare sector. With the institution’s exceptional resources at your disposal, you’re well-equipped to navigate the complexities of modern nursing with confidence and skill.

All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS)

All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS)

When you’re seeking excellence in nursing education, AIIMS Delhi stands out as a premier destination. Renowned globally, AIIMS sets the bar high with its cutting-edge facilities and a curriculum that’s meticulously designed to mould healthcare professionals who can lead with knowledge and compassion.

Established in 1956, AIIMS is not just an esteemed medical school; it’s a symbol of India’s commitment to advancing health education. Year after year, AIIMS attracts a deluge of students aspiring to become skilled nurses, driven by a passion to care and a desire to excel at the highest levels.

Unmatched Academic Rigour

At AIIMS, you’ll find a blend of theoretical and practical learning that’s designed to challenge and refine your understanding of nursing. The faculty here aren’t just teachers; they are respected healthcare practitioners who bring real-world insights into the classroom. This direct-from-the-field knowledge ensures that your learning is always relevant and up-to-date.

Expansive Specialisations

Delve into a wide range of specialisations offered by AIIMS, which enable you to tailor your education to the niche you’re passionate about. Here are some of the specialisation options you can explore:

  • Pediatric nursing
  • Oncology
  • Critical care
  • Community health
  • Psychiatric nursing

AIIMS doesn’t just prepare you for immediate challenges; it equips you with the skills to anticipate and adapt to the evolving landscape of healthcare.

State-of-the-Art Facilities

With facilities that mirror the best in the world, AIIMS provides you an environment where learning goes hand in hand with technology. Simulation labs, digital libraries, and research centers are all at your disposal, setting you up for a future where you are well-versed with the latest trends and technologies in nursing.

Embrace the exceptional training that AIIMS offers and carve your path toward becoming a leader in nursing. Here, it’s not just about securing a prestigious degree; it’s about becoming part of a legacy that champions excellence and innovation in healthcare.

Mata Sahib Kaur College of Nursing, Punjab

Mata Sahib Kaur College of Nursing, Punjab

As you explore your options for a top-notch nursing education, Mata Sahib Kaur College of Nursing emerges as a leading institution. It’s located in Punjab and is known for attracting a large number of students due to its exceptional educational reputation. This college doesn’t just excel in B.Sc Nursing but also offers a wide array of courses that cater to various interests within the nursing field.

When looking at the programmes available, you’ll find that the college offers both B.Sc Nursing and Post Basic B.Sc Nursing, addressing the needs of aspiring nurses at different educational and professional stages. Moreover, the institute extends its curriculum to include specialized courses such as:

  • M.Sc Nursing
  • General Nursing and Midwifery (GNM)
  • Auxiliary Nursing Midwifery (ANM)
  • Critical Care Nursing
  • Disaster and Emergency Nursing

These programmes are designed to ensure that graduates are well-prepared to tackle the challenges of modern healthcare settings.

Besides the extensive course offerings, the college is renowned for its:

  • Highly experienced and skilled staff
  • Student and learning-friendly environment
  • Affordable and transparent fee structure
  • Consistently impressive results
  • Internships with top health organizations
  • Assured 100% placement rate
  • State-of-the-art infrastructure

Such attributes solidify its standing as one of the premier institutions for nursing education in India. Particularly noteworthy is the college’s commitment to providing real-world experience through internships that bridge the gap between academic study and practical application. This exposure is invaluable as it equips you with the skills that top health organizations are seeking.

With the drive for academic excellence and the provision of advanced facilities, Mata Sahib Kaur College of Nursing doesn’t just offer a degree but lays down the foundation for a successful and fulfilling career in nursing. The college’s dedication to fostering a supportive and enriching educational environment helps ensure that you’re not only prepared for your professional life but also poised to become a future leader in healthcare.

Armed Forces Medical College (AFMC)

Armed Forces Medical College (AFMC)

When your aspirations align with service and discipline, the Armed Forces Medical College in Pune stands out as a beacon of excellence in nursing education. Affectionately known as AFMC, the college is MCI accredited and offers a nursing education that’s synonymous with rigour and discipline. Your journey at AFMC begins with an entrance exam, a gateway to one of India’s most prestigious institutions.

Indeed, AFMC isn’t just about acquiring academic knowledge; it’s an institution that imbues its students with the values of the armed forces. You’ll find that the nursing training here is perhaps the finest blend of theoretical knowledge, practical skill, and military discipline. The college’s impressive facilities mirror its commitment to cultivating leaders in the healthcare domain.

Let’s talk numbers. While the value of education at AFMC is immense, the cost won’t set you back as much as you might think. With an affordable fee structure, you can focus more on your education and less on financial constraints. You’ll be stepping into a legacy where the emphasis lies on exemplary healthcare service threaded with the honour of serving the nation.

If you’re imagining what campus life at AFMC might be like, envision state-of-the-art classrooms, advanced simulation labs, and a community that’s tight-knit and driven by a shared purpose. The atmosphere here is conducive to nurturing not only your academic prowess but also your character and leadership skills. An education at AFMC equips you with more than knowledge; it prepares you for a lifetime of service with dignity and pride.

For those with a fervour for serving in the army and a passion for nursing, choosing AFMC could be your stepping stone to a fulfilling career. Be ready to transcend traditional learning as you embrace a rigorous curriculum designed for creating the future pillars of healthcare on a foundation of discipline and excellence.

Christian Medical College (CMC)

Christian Medical College (CMC)

When you’re considering top-notch nursing education, Christian Medical College in Vellore undeniably stands out. Renowned for its comprehensive curriculum and state-of-the-art facilities, CMC Vellore has paved the way for countless professionals who’ve made significant contributions to the healthcare sector. With a rich history dating back to its inception, this institution embodies a legacy of medical excellence and service to humanity.

At CMC, you’ll find a vibrant academic environment powered by a strong faculty and a diverse student body. The nursing program at CMC is noted for its rigorous academic standards and practical exposure, ensuring that you’re well-equipped to handle the challenges of a professional nursing career. Their commitment to blending classroom learning with real-world experience makes the program particularly attractive for aspiring nurses.

The college offers a competitive fee structure, making it accessible without compromising the quality of education. Here’s a snapshot of what you can expect in terms of tuition fees:

College Name Total Tuition Fees (INR)
Christian Medical College Vellore 93,120

What’s more, CMC’s location in Tamil Nadu’s serene Vellore district provides a conducive setting for focused study, away from the bustle of city life. Being a part of this institution means joining a legacy of alumni who have excelled in various nursing disciplines across the globe.

The rigorous admission process at CMC ensures that only the most dedicated students secure a place. You’re required to clear an entrance exam, which assesses your aptitude and readiness for the demanding nursing profession. Once admitted, you’ll become part of an inclusive community that values mutual support and academic excellence.

Whether you’re drawn to neonatal care, critical care nursing, or any other specialisation, CMC trains you to be a skilled practitioner. The holistic approach to education here not only prepares you for the technical aspects of nursing but also instills the ethical values essential for patient care. CMC’s program is designed to forge nursing professionals who are not just competent but also compassionate advocates for their patients.

Dr DY Patil University, Navi Mumbai

Dr DY Patil University, Navi Mumbai

When you’re considering a top-notch education in nursing, Dr DY Patil University in Navi Mumbai stands out as a beacon of excellence. Nestled in the heart of Maharashtra, this institution is not simply an educational establishment; it’s a thriving hub for aspiring healthcare professionals.

You’ll find that Dr DY Patil University offers a blend of theoretical knowledge and practical skills. Their programs are meticulously crafted, ensuring that each student receives a comprehensive understanding of the nursing profession. The College of Nursing here is recognized for its sophisticated labs and simulation centres that mirror real-world medical settings.

Their curriculum emphasizes critical thinking and patient care, which are crucial in the nursing field. Moreover, the college is equipped with an array of facilities for research and learning that help students stay abreast of the latest advancements in medical sciences. Your education here isn’t limited to textbooks; you’ll be engaged in workshops, seminars, and hands-on sessions that push the boundaries of conventional learning.

As a student at Dr DY Patil University, affordability is also a key consideration. With fees ranging from reasonable to competitive, obtaining a high-calibre nursing degree without breaking the bank is achievable. Their fee structure is designed to ensure that a diverse array of students can access quality education.

Dr DY Patil University is also linked to hospitals that offer abundant opportunities for clinical exposure. This means that your transition from the classroom to the hospital ward is seamless, and you’re well-prepared for the challenges that come with a nursing career.

Whether you’re a fresh high school graduate or a professional looking to further your expertise, the nursing program at Dr DY Patil University caters to your aspirations. It’s a place where ambition meets opportunity, creating an environment that fosters growth, innovation, and compassionate care.

Dayanand Medical College and Hospital, Ludhiana

Dayanand Medical College and Hospital, Ludhiana

When considering your options for nursing education, you’ll want to take a closer look at Dayanand Medical College and Hospital (DMCH) in Ludhiana, Punjab. This institution prides itself on its well-established reputation for excellence in the medical field and is a beacon of quality nursing education in North India.

Known for its holistic approach to healthcare education, DMCH is not just a place to grow academically but also a nurturing ground for personal development. The college offers a robust nursing program that integrates theoretical instruction with indispensable hands-on experience. Its curriculum is designed to ensure that you, as a nursing student, are well-prepared to handle real-world healthcare situations with skill and compassion.

At DMCH, you’ll find a multitude of resources at your disposal. From state-of-the-art simulation labs to a library housing an extensive collection of medical literature, the institution is prepared to cater to every aspect of your learning needs. Practical experience is a staple of the DMCH experience, with the attached hospital providing a rich environment for clinical rotations and valuable patient interactions.

Fee structures and scholarships at DMCH are constructed with a mind toward inclusivity, ensuring that students from various economic backgrounds can access top-tier nursing education. You’ll find the investment in your future here is not just financially manageable but replete with opportunities for career advancement and professional growth.

The college’s progressive ethos is embodied in its commitment to research and innovation. By engaging in cutting-edge healthcare studies, nursing students at DMCH contribute to advancements in medical science, simultaneously securing their place at the forefront of nursing practice.

Prospective students must meet the college’s admission criteria, which includes passing the requisite entrance examination. Once you’re part of DMCH, you’ll join a community of aspiring and current healthcare professionals dedicated to upholding the noble tenets of the nursing profession.

Madras Medical College, Chennai

Madras Medical College, Chennai

As you explore your options for nursing education, Madras Medical College in Chennai warrants special attention. Established in 1835, this institution stands out with its rich history and prestigious standing in the medical community. Recently, it was ranked 57th in pharmacy by NIRF in 2020, a testament to its academic excellence and commitment to healthcare education.

With an MCI accreditation, you’re assured of the quality of education that meets national standards. The college’s program balances theoretical knowledge with the practical skills necessary for a successful nursing career. This synergy of learning approaches ensures you’re well-prepared for the challenges of the healthcare sector.

What’s more, the pricing structure is designed with accessibility in mind. The average fees for the first year are set at an affordable rate, making it an attractive option for many students.

Fee (INR) Year
3,200 Madras Medical College

Apart from the fees, the college’s merit-based admission policy is key to foster an environment where your talent and hard work determine your prospects. You’ll be surrounded by peers who share your passion and dedication, pushing you to excel in the academic sphere.

Madras Medical College’s well-maintained infrastructure not only provides a conducive environment for study but also for the holistic development of its students. You’ll find modern amenities and resources readily available, giving you a competitive edge in today’s fast-paced healthcare environment.

Entry to Madras Medical College is by merit, so ensure you’re well-prepared for the entrance examination to secure your place. Focus on honing your skills and an understanding of nursing principles, and you could be walking the halls of one of Chennai’s most esteemed medical colleges.

Embarking on your nursing journey at Madras Medical College might just be the pivotal step in shaping a career filled with opportunities and accomplishments. With a stellar reputation and a curriculum geared towards making you industry-ready, the college is an excellent springboard for your ambitions in healthcare.

Krishna Institute of Medical Sciences, Karad

Krishna Institute of Medical Sciences, Karad

As you delve deeper into your search for premier nursing institutions, you’ll encounter the Krishna Institute of Medical Sciences (KIMS) situated in Karad, Maharashtra. Recognised by both the Medical Council of India (MCI) and the Indian Nursing Council (INC), KIMS stands out for its comprehensive nursing curriculum that prepares students for the complexities of healthcare.

KIMS Karad boasts an array of nursing courses, ranging from diploma to postgraduate programs. This variety ensures that whether you’re starting out or looking to advance your career, there’s a suitable path of study for you. The emphasis on blending hands-on practical experience with theoretical knowledge is a hallmark of their approach to nursing education.

Why KIMS Karad?

  • Comprehensive curriculum covering the latest healthcare practices
  • State-of-the-art infrastructure with modern facilities
  • Experienced faculty focused on creating healthcare leaders

With facilities such as well-equipped labs, libraries, and simulated training centres, you’re not just learning the fundamentals; you’re trained to excel in real-world medical settings. At KIMS, you’ll find yourself alongside peers driven by a passion for care and professionalism.

Admission and Fees

Admission to KIMS Karad is competitive, with an entrance exam as part of a rigorous selection process. The fee structure is competitive, reflecting the quality of education and resources available to students. Thus, while affordability is considered, the investment in your education at KIMS Karad correlates with the excellence and opportunities it provides.

Education Beyond the Classroom

At KIMS, education extends beyond lectures and textbooks. The college encourages participation in workshops, conferences, and community health programs, ensuring that you’re well-rounded as a person and as a professional. This holistic approach equips you to meet the evolving challenges of the healthcare industry.

KIMS Karad is not just an institution; it’s a stepping stone to a successful and fulfilling career in nursing. By prioritizing both personal and professional development, the institute stands as a beacon for those aspiring to make a substantial impact in the field of nursing.

Bharti Vidyapeeth, New Delhi

Bharti Vidyapeeth, New Delhi

When exploring options for top-notch nursing education in India, Bharti Vidyapeeth in New Delhi deserves your attention. Renowned for its exceptional quality of education, Bharti Vidyapeeth stands out among the premier nursing colleges in the country. With a focus on both theoretical and practical learning, you’re poised to gain skills that are pivotal in the healthcare industry.

Each year, a significant number of students choose Bharti Vidyapeeth for its reputation in cultivating nursing professionals who later assume pivotal roles in the medical field. This institution has made a mark by consistently ensuring that their graduates are fully equipped to meet the demands of their profession.

The fee structure at Bharti Vidyapeeth is crafted with a mind to affordability without compromising the breadth and depth of nursing education provided. You’ll find the investment in your education here to be both reasonable and rewarding, given the college’s emphasis on comprehensive learning experiences.

Apart from the academic curriculum, Bharti Vidyapeeth is reputed for providing students with extensive hands-on experience. This practical approach ensures that you’re not just poised to succeed academically but are also ready to tackle real-world healthcare challenges upon graduation.

The infrastructure of Bharti Vidyapeeth includes well-equipped labs and modern facilities, all designed to facilitate an environment conducive to learning and development. Coupled with experienced faculty, the college is a fertile ground for nurturing your nursing career.

If you’re eyeing a spot at Bharti Vidyapeeth, it’s crucial to be aware that admission is competitive. Start preparing early to enhance your chances of joining this esteemed institution. Remember, it’s not just about securing a place, but also about embarking on a journey that shapes you into a healthcare professional of tomorrow.

Jawaharlal Institute of Postgraduate Medical Education and Research Puducherry

Jawaharlal Institute of Postgraduate Medical Education and Research Puducherry

Embarking on your nursing journey, you’ll find Jawaharlal Institute of Postgraduate Medical Education and Research (JIPMER) in Puducherry to be a significant contender. Established as a central government-funded institute, JIPMER’s recognition in the medical education sphere is hard to overlook. It’s rated as one of the top medical colleges in India, offering a wide range of courses including an MBBS programme which is among the most sought-after by aspiring nursing students.

JIPMER’s approach to nursing education is holistic, encompassing both academic rigor and practical applications. Their curriculum is designed to ensure that you grasp the complexities of healthcare and acquire the competencies essential for the demanding nature of the nursing profession. The institute is known for its comprehensive educational structure which blends theory with hands-on clinical experience.

From state-of-the-art laboratories to extensive libraries, JIPMER is equipped with modern facilities which support an environment conducive to learning and innovation. As you seek an institution that promises excellent faculty, JIPMER stands out with an esteemed panel of educators and medical professionals who are not just teachers but also revered contributors to the Indian healthcare system.

Financial considerations are often critical when choosing your nursing college. JIPMER, while offering premium education, maintains a fees structure that reflects the institute’s commitment to making quality healthcare education accessible. With competitive fees and an intensive MBBS programme, it positions itself as a viable option for students focused on value and excellence.

Programme Location Type Total fees (INR)
MBBS Puducherry Government 0.00

Gaining admission to JIPMER is a testament to your academic prowess and dedication, given its selective nature. Here, you will join a community of driven individuals all motivated to excel in their pursuit to become skilled nursing professionals ready to address the dynamic challenges of the healthcare industry.

Factors to Consider when Choosing a Nursing College

Choosing the right nursing college is crucial for your future career in healthcare. It’s about more than just picking a reputable institution. Accreditation, course offerings, faculty expertise, and placement opportunities are key aspects you’ll need to evaluate. Let’s dive into each of these facets to ensure you’re on the right path.

Accreditation and Affiliation

When looking into nursing colleges, accreditation is paramount. An accredited institution has been recognized for meeting specific educational standards, ensuring that your qualification is accepted both nationally and internationally. Make sure to check that the college is accredited by the Indian Nursing Council (INC) or any state nursing council.

Affiliation with reputed hospitals and medical facilities also adds value to your degree, as it reflects the quality of clinical training you’ll receive. Research each potential college’s affiliations carefully to assure that your education and training are in sync with healthcare industry standards.

Course Offerings

Your nursing college should offer a curriculum that aligns with your career goals. Whether you’re interested in general nursing or specialized fields such as psychiatric nursing or midwifery, ensure the courses available cater to your interests and aspirations.

Top colleges offer a range of programs, including:

  • Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSc)
  • Post Basic BSc in Nursing
  • Master of Science in Nursing (MSc)
  • Diploma in Nursing

Examine the syllabus for each course to see if it covers the latest trends in healthcare and provides a robust foundation for your intended nursing specialisation.

Faculty and Infrastructure

A college is only as good as its faculty and facilities. Qualified and experienced faculty members can provide invaluable knowledge and mentorship throughout your study. Seek out colleges where the faculty are leaders in their field, with a mix of academic and practical expertise.

Infrastructure is another critical component of your learning experience. State-of-the-art laboratories, modern classrooms, and well-equipped libraries are indicative of a college committed to delivering a comprehensive education. Access to simulation labs and clinical rotations in hospitals are also markers of a college that can provide the hands-on experience vital for nursing proficiency.

Placement Opportunities

Finally, consider the career prospects that a college offers. Placement opportunities are a significant indicator of the institute’s reputation within the healthcare industry. A college with a high placement rate suggests strong industry connections and a robust alumni network—both of which can open doors for you post-graduation.

Investigate the placement records of potential colleges and gauge the quality of their employer partnerships. Look for a track record of students being placed in esteemed hospitals and healthcare facilities, as this often translates into better job security and career advancement for graduates.

Admission Process for Nursing Colleges in India

Entrance Exams

Kickstarting your journey into the realm of nursing begins with the essential step of entrance exams. NEET stands tall as the most prominent national-level entrance exam, opening gateways to top BSc Nursing courses across India. Similarly, CUET sprawls across various fields, including nursing, catering to aspirants nationwide. Individual states like West Bengal hold specific exams like JENPAS UG, specifically purposed for nursing and paramedical courses.

Keep a close eye on dates for these exams, with NEET being the cornerstone for many institutions. Below is a table showcasing the general timelines for these exams:

Exam Name Tentative Dates
NEET Announced Yearly
CUET May 15 to May 31, 2024
JENPAS UG Announced Yearly

You’ll find that other entrance tests may be conducted by individual colleges or universities, amidst a rapidly evolving educational landscape. Staying updated with the latest information and dates of these exams is crucial for ensuring your readiness.

Eligibility Criteria

Your eligibility to dive into the world of nursing hangs on key academic and age requirements. You’re expected to have passed 12th standard with at least 45% marks in the PCB stream and English as a core subject. Let’s not overlook the age criteria: you must be a minimum of 17 years and not exceed 35 years to qualify for a BSc in Nursing.

Here’s a snapshot of what you generally need:

  • Passed Class 12 with Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and Maths
  • At least 50% aggregate in qualifying exams
  • The candidate’s minimum age is set at 17 years

Make sure you’re aware of any specific prerequisites a college might have, as they can differ from the standard spectrum.

Application Procedure

Once you’ve got the entrance exam and eligibility boxes ticked, it’s time to zero in on the application procedure. Begin by shortlisting the colleges that align with your aspirations and ensure you meet their cutoffs. Head to their official websites or portals to fill out your application forms, often requiring you to furnish personal, educational, and entrance exam details along with necessary documentation.

Keep an eye out for:

  • Application release dates
  • Deadlines for submission
  • Documents required
  • Application fees

Submitting your applications ahead of deadlines can save you from last-minute hiccups. And remember, a methodical approach to the application process not only paves the way for a smooth experience but also keeps stress at arm’s length, allowing you to focus on the upcoming steps of your nursing education journey.


Selecting the right nursing college in India is a pivotal step in your journey towards a fulfilling nursing career. With the top-tier institutions like AIIMS and CMC at your fingertips, you’re spoilt for choice, each offering a unique blend of academic excellence and practical experience. Remember, your decision should align with your career objectives and personal circumstances. Armed with the knowledge of the admission intricacies, you’re now well-equipped to embark on this noble path. Embrace the challenge and get ready to make a significant impact in the healthcare sector.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is BSc Nursing a good career choice?

A BSc in Nursing is a solid career choice for those passionate about healthcare. It offers professional stability and a clear career path for graduates.

Which city is best for BSc Nursing?

The best cities for BSc Nursing in India include Delhi, Chandigarh, Vellore, Bangalore, Lucknow, Coimbatore, and Varanasi.

Which place is best for nursing in India?

Top nursing colleges are located in cities like Delhi, Chandigarh, Mumbai, Pune, Vellore, Manipal, and Varanasi.

Which institute is best for nursing?

The All India Institute of Medical Sciences in Delhi and the Christian Medical College in Vellore are highly esteemed for nursing education.

Which state is best for nursing in India?

Kerala stands out as the best state for nursing in India, given its reputation for producing globally recognized nurses.

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