Top Premium Credit Cards in India: List of the Best

Exploring the best premium credit cards in India can feel like navigating a labyrinth of luxury. With hundreds to choose from, you’re likely wondering which card will open doors to the most exclusive benefits and tailored rewards. Whether it’s lounge access, impressive cashback, or travel perks, finding the right card can elevate your spending to new heights.

If you’re drawn to the finer things in life, the allure of premium credit cards is undeniable. They’re crafted for discerning individuals who seek more than just financial flexibility; they’re about a lifestyle. But with the opulence comes a price, and you’ll need to weigh up if the annual fees and eligibility criteria match the value you’ll receive. Let’s delve into the world of premium credit cards and discover if they’re the golden ticket to the luxury you’re after.

American Express Platinum Credit Card

When you’re delving into the echelons of premium credit cards, the American Express Platinum Credit Card often sets the standard for luxury and service. Tailored to the discerning individual, it’s packed with a suite of benefits that cater to extensive travel, fine dining, and exclusive experiences.

One of the standout features with the American Express Platinum card is its extensive airport lounge access. Priority PassTM Membership grants you entry to over 1,200 lounges globally, ensuring your travels start with comfort and elegance. Additionally, you’ll find hotel perks with complimentary elite status in loyalty programmes such as Marriott Bonvoy Gold and Hilton Honors Gold—heightening your stays with upgrades and late check-outs.

True to its exclusive status, this card showers you with statement credits at selected establishments and offers comprehensive travel insurance, adding a layer of financial safety on your journeys. Its reward programme is robust, letting you accumulate points swiftly which can be redeemed for travel, shopping, or transferred to frequent flyer partners.

Beyond the tangible, the concierge service stands ready to fulfill personalized requests. Whether it’s booking a table at a top-tier restaurant or securing tickets to a sold-out event, your premium lifestyle is supported with exceptional customer service.

Embracing technology, the card allows you to manage your expenses effectively through the American Express App, providing real-time notifications and spend tracking. It’s an intuitive way to keep a tab on your luxury spendings without missing out on reward opportunities.

Bear in mind the exclusivity of the American Express Platinum Credit Card comes with a significant cost reflected in its Joining and Annual Fees. However, for those who can make full use of its extensive benefits, the return on investment can be worthwhile. Assess your lifestyle and spending habits to determine if this card aligns with your needs and expectations.

ICICI Bank Coral Credit Card

When exploring the arena of premium credit cards in India, you’ll stumble upon the ICICI Bank Coral Credit Card, a product engineered to blend utility with indulgence. The card caters to a wide array of needs, tailored for the discerning spender.

Regarded for its PAYBACK Points rewards system, here are some of the noteworthy benefits you may reap with the ICICI Bank Coral Credit Card:

  • You’ll enjoy enhanced convenience with 2 PAYBACK Points for every Rs 100 spent on dining and groceries.
  • On almost all other purchases, you’ll gather 1 PAYBACK Point per Rs 100, effectively enriching your everyday transactions.
  • Yearly milestones can result in an accumulation of up to 10,000 PAYBACK Points, paving the way for lucrative redemptions.

Beyond the realm of rewards, the card extends a spectrum of lifestyle privileges:

  • Exclusive lounge access at domestic airports transforms your travel experiences into tranquillity at no extra cost.
  • Dive into cinematic delight with the unique benefit of buying one ticket and receiving a discount on another — a fortnightly offer that guarantees joy for film enthusiasts.
  • Savour the moments at over 2,500 partnered restaurants and earn a minimum of 15% savings on dining bills — a tangible treat for gourmands.

Beyond the pleasantries of lifestyle perks, the ICICI Bank Coral Credit Card may also appeal to your pragmatic side with comprehensive security features and worldwide acceptance.

Feature Benefit
PAYBACK Points on Dining & Groceries 2 per Rs 100 spent
PAYBACK Points on Other Purchases 1 per Rs 100 spent
Yearly Milestone Rewards Up to 10,000 PAYBACK Points
Lounge Access Complimentary Domestic
Cinematic Offer Buy 1, Get Discount on 2nd Ticket
Dining Benefits Minimum 15% Savings at Partner Restaurants

While navigating through premium cards, ensure that the chosen one befits your spending patterns and lifestyle preferences. The ICICI Bank Coral Credit Card, with its combination of reward accumulation and lifestyle features, may tick the right boxes for those who value both return on spend and experiential luxuries.

Standard Chartered Priority Visa Infinite Credit CardStandard Chartered Priority Visa Infinite Credit Card

When your lifestyle demands exclusivity and tailored benefits, the Standard Chartered Priority Visa Infinite Credit Card stands out. Traditional financial tools might not suffice for your discerning tastes; that’s where super-premium credit cards like this one come into play.

As a cardholder, you’ll find yourself rewarded for both international ventures and high-fashion retail therapy. Indulge in your love for travel and style while earning substantial reward points. Here’s a glance at how your spends turn into rewards:

Spending Category Reward Points per Rs 100 Spent
Overseas Expenditure 5X
Retail Fashion Purchases 5X
All Other Spends 2X

Moreover, privileged access to selected lounges transforms your domestic airport experiences. Every quarter, you can relax in the comfort of four lounge visits, free of additional charges. Now imagine taking this luxury to a global scale with the Priority Pass Membership—granting you nominal entry to over 1,000 airport lounges worldwide.

The security of hefty insurance coverages adds a layer of reassurance to your excursions. An overseas air accident insurance cover of Rs 1.2 crore ensures peace of mind during your flights. For health-related emergencies abroad, you’re backed by a medical insurance worth USD 25,000—a safety net that can’t be overlooked.

Affiliation with Standard Chartered’s Priority Banking amplifies the card’s appeal, integrating your financial management and luxury lifestyle with finesse. While exploring the bevy of benefits under The Good Life Programme, you’ll discover perks that span travel insurance enhancements to gourmet dining experiences.

If you’re calculating the value these premium benefits bring to your table, remember that the worth extends beyond mere numbers. It’s about how the services fit seamlessly into the rhythm of your life while you accumulate rewards across the globe. The card’s offerings are designed to echo the aspirations of a discerning client like you—someone for whom the baseline of luxury keeps ascending.

HDFC Infinia Credit Card

HDFC Infinia Credit Card

When it’s time to truly step up your credit card game, you can’t overlook the HDFC Infinia Credit Card. Crafted for the select few, HDFC’s flagship offering makes a statement with its metal build and a wealth of features that cater to the luxurious lifestyle you’re accustomed to.

Unrivaled Rewards Program: First off, you’ll delight in the fact that the card offers a reward rate that’s hard to beat. For every spend you make, you’re earning points that can be redeemed for a slew of options, including flights, hotels, and a catalogue of premium products.

Exclusive Travel Benefits: If you’re constantly on the go, you’ll appreciate the comprehensive travel benefits that the Infinia card brings to the table. Enjoy complimentary lounge access to over 1,000 airports globally, assuring your pre-flight experience is just as comfortable as your destinations’ indulgences.

Airport Lounge Program Number of Lounges
Priority Pass Membership 1,000+

Not to mention, the preferential treatment comes with a dedicated concierge service available 24/7 to assist with your travel plans, dining reservations, and more.

Lifestyle Privileges: Got a penchant for the finer things in life? Your Infinia card grants you access to exclusive dining events, previews of luxury brand launches, and private sales that set the stage for unparalleled retail experiences.

Health and Assurance: Your safety net while travelling is robust with the comprehensive insurance coverage provided. You’re shielded with a hefty travel insurance protecting you from unexpected travel hiccups, adding invaluable peace of mind.

As you weigh up the advantages of the HDFC Infinia Credit Card against its annual fee, consider the unparalleled value you’re set to reap. It’s not just about the tangible gains but rather, the richness of experience and the ease of convenience that comes with holding such an eminent card in your wallet.

While the HDFC Infinia Credit Card requires you to meet certain eligibility criteria, those who qualify will find that the offerings are tailored to echo the exclusivity of their lifestyle.

ICICI Emeralde Private Metal Credit CardICICI Emeralde Private Metal Credit CardICICI Emeralde Private Metal Credit Card

Chasing the best premium credit cards in India leads you to the ICICI Emeralde Private Metal Credit Card, a top-tier option for those accustomed to luxury and efficiency in their financial tools. This metal marvel is not just a payment instrument but a statement of prestige. It comes laced with lifestyle benefits that cater to your discerning tastes.

Here’s a look at the features that make the ICICI Emeralde card a standout:

  • Taj Epicure membership plus 12,500 bonus rewards serve as a hefty welcome.
  • Earn 6 ICICI reward points for every ₹200 spent on categories including groceries, education, utilities, and insurance.
  • Vouchers worth ₹6,000 are on the table as milestone benefits, amplifying the value of every transaction.
  • Unlimited lounge access both domestically and internationally sets the stage for comfortable travel.
  • For the golf enthusiasts, there’s no limit to the golf lessons or rounds each month, and there’s an elegant simplicity in booking your slots via Golftripz.
  • Dining’s a breeze with the complimentary EazyDiner Membership.

Let’s dive into the rewards and savings:

Credit Card Annual Fee (Excluding Taxes) Premium Highlight
HDFC Bank Infinia Credit Card Metal Edition ₹12,500 Unlimited lounge access worldwide, free golf games
Axis Bank Magnus Credit Card ₹10,000 12 Axis EDGE Reward Points on every ₹200 spent
SBI Aurum Credit Card ₹9,999 Unlimited international lounge access
HDFC Diners Club Black Credit Card ₹10,000 5 reward points on ₹150 spent
ICICI Emeralde Private Metal Credit Card ₹12,499 6 ICICI reward points on every ₹200 spent

With an annual fee that’s competitive within the premium segment, the ICICI Emeralde Card is tailored for those who strive for unrivalled benefits. Additional perks like BookMyShow ticket discounts—buy one, get up to ₹750 off on the second—secure its position as an entertainment ally.

Whether it’s travel, dining, or day-to-day expenditures, your transactions become opportunities for rewards and experiences.

Standard Chartered Bank Ultimate Credit Card

Standard Chartered Bank Ultimate Credit Card

When diving into the realm of premium cards, the Standard Chartered Bank Ultimate Credit Card stands out, especially if you’re a frequent flyer. One striking benefit is the 5% cashback at duty-free stores, letting you save while you indulge in airport shopping. Moreover, with this card, every transaction earns you rewards, which is perfect for those who prefer using their credit card for a variety of purchases.

Here’s the breakdown of the Ultimate Credit Card’s features:

Features Details
Joining Fee Reward Points 6,000 reward points worth INR 6,000
Reward Points for Transactions Earn 5 reward points for every INR 150 spent
Conversion of Reward Points 1 reward point equals INR 1
Airport Lounge Access One free access per month upon spending INR 20,000 the previous month
Complimentary Golf Course Access Enjoy access to select golf courses
Air Accident Insurance Cover Up to INR 2,00,000 coverage
Emergency Overseas Hospitalization Up to INR 25,000 coverage
General Offers Discounts on EasyMyTrip bookings and various other products and services

Additional perks are also part of the package, including deals like up to 25% off on EasyMyTrip bookings, 5% discount on e-vouchers, and special offers on electronics and other appliances.

The value proposition of the Standard Chartered Ultimate Credit Card is solid, as you can see from the detailed benefits above. With an equal value of reward points to rupees (1 reward point = INR 1), you’re ensured a rewarding experience. Further, the added safety nets of air accident and overseas hospitalization coverages provide peace of mind during your travels.

As you continue to evaluate your options amongst the best premium credit cards, note that the Ultimate Credit Card’s wealth of rewards and travel-centric benefits make it a worthy contender for your wallet. Whether it’s the golfing privileges, the lounge access after meeting the spend requirement, or the robust insurance covers, this card has dimensions that cater to various aspects of your lifestyle.

IDFC First Wealth CardIDFC First Wealth Card

When you’re seeking a credit card that strikes the perfect balance between luxury and value, the IDFC First Wealth Card is hard to overlook. With its competitive 2.5% reward rate, you’ll find that accumulating points is straightforward and satisfying. This card demands attention with its promise of no joining fee—a clear advantage for those who prefer to avoid upfront costs.

Imagine having a credit card that melds seamlessly with your lifestyle. As a cardholder, you’ll relish the flexibility and freedom provided by the IDFC First Bank Wealth Credit Card, designed to cater to your discerning taste.

Standout Perks of the IDFC Wealth Card

You must know about the exceptional features that define the IDFC First Wealth Card:

  • Zero forex markup: For avid international travellers, this feature is a game-changer, removing the worry of extra charges on overseas transactions.
  • Unlimited lounge access: Your travel experience transforms with complimentary entry to airport lounges, allowing you to relax or work in comfort before flights.

Not to be overlooked are the card’s reward rates, which amplify its allure. Below is a snapshot of the reward structure:

Purchase Type Reward Points
Online Spends 6X
In-store Spends 3X
Above ₹30,000/Month 10X
Birthday Spends 10X

Moreover, the tailored welcome benefits, which include a significant bonus of 200,000 reward points worth Rs 50,000 and an exclusive Taj Epicure Membership, set the stage for a truly premium experience. The rewards don’t expire, ensuring that you can bank your points for when they matter the most.

It’s about not just earning points, but harnessing them to get maximum value. With the IDFC First Wealth Card, your reward points escalate with your spending, especially on birthdays and higher-spended months, allowing for substantial accumulation. This card adapts to your spending patterns, rewarding you more when you choose to spend more.

HDFC Bank Diners Club Black Credit CardHDFC Bank Diners Club Black Credit Card

If you’re eager to elevate your luxury experiences while managing practical expenses, the HDFC Bank Diners Club Black Credit Card might just catch your attention. Known for its elegance and exclusivity, this card strikes a balance between indulgent rewards and everyday utility.

Travel Benefits: You can maximize your journeys with unmatched travel benefits. The card provides you with complimentary airport lounge access not just in India but internationally, through the Diners Club network. You also enjoy air miles conversion with a variety of airlines, making those dream vacations more accessible.

Dining Privileges: When it comes to dining, you’ll find exclusive offers at some of the finest restaurants. This isn’t just about saving money – it’s also about savoring experiences that are usually reserved for the few. Whether it’s a business lunch or a romantic dinner, you’ll taste the best for less.

Benefit Details
Airport Lounge Access Complimentary with Diners Club
Air Miles Conversion Multiple airline partners
Dining Offers Exclusive discounts at premium venues

Eligibility for this card generally involves a higher income bracket, safeguarding its status as a tool for the discerning spender. With the annual fee structured to reflect the card’s premium nature, you are effectively buying into a world of privileges that could potentially outweigh the costs.

Rewards are another area where the HDFC Diners Club Black Credit Card shines. You earn reward points on all your spends, with accelerated earnings on travel and dining. These points don’t just sit idle – they can be redeemed for a variety of options, including flight and hotel bookings.

Security features are paramount in today’s digital world, and this card doesn’t skimp on protection. With robust fraud protection measures and emergency card replacement services, you can spend with confidence both domestically and overseas.

Choosing this card means aligning your financial tools with your upscale lifestyle. Its offerings include a blend of luxury and convenience, which can enhance your life in tangible and intangible ways. Whether it’s the joy of unexpected upgrades or the peace of mind with secure transactions, the HDFC Bank Diners Club Black Credit Card aims to be your partner in the exclusive realm of superlative credit benefits.

Axis Bank Magnus Credit CardAxis Bank Magnus Credit Card

As a discerning spender, the Axis Bank Magnus Credit Card may catch your eye with its impressive suite of benefits tailored for the high-flying individual. Known for its travel perks, this card ensures you’re travelling in style and comfort. Complimentary flight tickets and access to domestic and international lounges stand out, giving you a taste of luxury before you even reach your destination.

The Magnus Credit Card isn’t just about travel – your lifestyle needs are also well catered for. You’ll enjoy exclusive dining offers and a personal concierge service which is essentially your genie for all things lifestyle whether it be booking events, making dinner reservations, or even planning a surprise for a loved one.

Membership to this elite group comes at a cost. High annual fees are part and parcel of the Magnus experience, seen as an investment into a world of privileges. That said, you’ll find that the annual fee can be offset with the rewards on offer, if your spending patterns align with the reward structure.

Benefits of the Card Detail
Annual Complimentary Flight Ticket Available on reaching spending milestones
Lounge Access Complimentary domestic and international access
Dining Offers Tailored and exclusive
Concierge Service 24/7 assistance for various services

Eligibility criteria for this card are typically stringent, reflecting its premium nature. A high net worth and an impressive credit score are among the prerequisites for ownership. It’s not just about being able to pay the fee but ticking the right boxes in terms of your financial history and current standing.

Investing in the Axis Bank Magnus Credit Card makes sense if you’re after a combination of luxury, convenience, and a rich reward system. Make sure your typical monthly expenses can harness the full potential of the card’s offering. Remember, benefits only make up for costs if they’re utilised effectively.

Benefits of Premium Credit Cards

As you navigate the world of credit, premium credit cards stand out for their unmatched benefits that cater to your lifestyle and spending habits. These cards don’t just facilitate transactions; they offer a gateway to a more sophisticated financial experience. Let’s delve into some of the key advantages you’d enjoy with a premium credit card.

Higher Credit Limits

With premium credit cards, you’re not just obtaining a method of payment, but gaining access to Substantial Credit Limits that can vastly improve your spending power. These cards tacitly acknowledge your financial management skills by offering you:

  • Greater leeway in handling larger expenses with ease
  • The ability to maintain lower credit utilization ratios, which can positively affect your credit score

Enhanced Rewards Programmes

The allure of Reward Points is significantly magnified with premium credit cards. They’re not merely about spending; they amplify the benefits you reap from each transaction. You’ll find:

  • Reward Points that accumulate swiftly, offering high rates per transaction
  • Accelerated points on specific categories such as dining, travel, or lifestyle purchases
  • A diverse array of redemption options, from exclusive merchandise to travel bookings

The key is to leverage these programmes for maximum returns on your regular spending.

Exclusive Lounge Access

The hustle of travel is smoothed out with premium credit cards offering Unlimited Lounge Access. Picture yourself enjoying:

  • Calm and comfort in both domestic and international airport lounges
  • Complimentary refreshments and Wi-Fi, buffering the stress of layovers or delays
  • Access to services such as spa treatments in select lounges, adding a touch of luxury to your journeys

Travel and Lifestyle Privileges

The essence of premium credit cards lies in their ability to infuse luxury into your travel and lifestyle endeavors. With these cards, you’re privy to:

  • Complimentary upgrades and VIP treatment at hotels and resorts
  • Exclusive concierge services to assist with travel, dining, and entertainment arrangements
  • Unique benefits such as golf lessons, spa sessions, and discounts on fine dining

These privileges transform the mundane into memorable, elevating every experience.

Comparison of Premium Credit Cards

When you’re seeking the best premium credit card options in India, comparing cards such as the American Express Platinum Credit Card and the Standard Chartered Priority Visa Infinite Credit Card helps you pick the one that aligns with your financial habits and lifestyle preferences.

American Express Platinum Credit Card vs Standard Chartered Priority Visa Infinite Credit Card

The American Express Platinum Credit Card is a powerhouse of luxury benefits suited for those who desire unmatched service and exclusive access. On the flip side, the Standard Chartered Priority Visa Infinite Credit Card appeals to Standard Chartered priority banking clients, offering tangible rewards like overseas accident insurance.

Here’s a breakdown of these cards:

  • The American Express Platinum Credit Card offers an extensive global lounge access program, including membership to Private Club Access providing entry to elite and private clubs around the world.
  • Standard Chartered’s offering includes 4 domestic lounge access every quarter, and Priority Pass Membership for global lounges at nominal charges.
  • Reward points accumulation varies greatly with 5X reward points on overseas and retail fashion spends by Standard Chartered, while Amex’s reward program is tailored to offer valuable membership rewards points on eligible purchases.

Both cards serve the high-end market, yet they cater to distinct niches within the premium credit card sphere.

HDFC Infinia Credit Card vs Axis Bank Magnus Credit Card

The HDFC Infinia Credit Card, especially the Metal Edition, and the Axis Bank Magnus Credit Card are significant competitors in the premium sector.

  • The HDFC Infinia Credit Card provides unrestricted access to lounges globally through a complimentary Priority Pass Membership and is an optimal choice for individuals who value rewards and air miles.
  • Contrastingly, the Axis Bank Magnus Card has emerged as a top rewarding card for its generous reward points system and benefits like health check-ups and dedicated concierge services.
  • HDFC’s annual fee stands at Rs 12,500, whereas the Axis Magnus comes with its own fee structure and incentives.

These cards are designed for discerning customers who demand a suite of features that go beyond mere transactions, offering a lifestyle upgrade with each swipe. Each card has its unique propositions, setting the stage for you to weigh the perks against your personal expenditure patterns and lifestyle aspirations.


Navigating the world of premium credit cards in India can be a rewarding journey. With the right card in your wallet, you’re not just spending; you’re enhancing your lifestyle with every transaction. Whether you lean towards the exclusive rewards of the American Express Platinum or the tailored experiences of the Standard Chartered Priority Visa Infinite, there’s a card that fits your unique needs. Don’t forget the HDFC Infinia and Axis Bank Magnus cards, each with their own set of perks that redefine luxury. Remember, the key is to match your spending habits and lifestyle preferences with the card that best serves you. Choose wisely and let your premium credit card unlock a world of opulence and convenience.

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