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7 Best Selling Tea in India (2021)

Tea is not just a drink; it is an emotion for thousands of people in India. It more than a hot cup of liquid; it is a drink to revive your sense in the middle of a chaotic day. A good cup of tea has made many good moments among people. It is common, but Tea originated from India, and Indians can get restless when they don’t get their cup of tea. Tea is usually known as Chai in India, a big part of Indian culture as its legacy starts from the 1990s. This beverage has grown popular worldwide; it is a bit hard to select the best tea for a cup of goodness. Trust me, a bad cup of tea in the morning can ruin your whole day. So it is kind of important to choose the best tea. Here are some top brands of tea in India which will surely make your day.

Varieties of Best Tea in India with benefits 

Tea is the state drink of Assam and India is the second-largest producer of tea. There are various types of tea across the world; each variety of tea has its taste and benefits. The best variety of tea in India is impossible for Indians to choose from. Everyone has their preference and addiction to tea. Following are some varieties of tea in India with their benefits. 

  • Masala Tea: Masala tea is one of the most famous variants of tea in India. It is a mixture of herbs, spices, cinnamon, and cloves which gives a refreshing taste. Ginger tea, cardamom tea is also considered under masala tea.

    Benefit: Boost immunity and reduce inflammation

  • Kashmiri Tea: Kashmiri tea or noon chai is a traditional tea from Kashmir. It is pink in colour and hence sometimes known as pink tea. Apart from Kashmir, it is also served in Rajasthan and Nepal. 

    Benefits: Reduces stress, anxiety and prevents heartburn.

  • Green Tea: This tea is used as a medicine for its long list of health benefits. This tea can be intake with a pinch of salt too.

    Benefits: Increases the fat burning process and clears the complexion.

  • Black Tea: Black tea consists of a strong flavour without milk. Few people like this type of tea. It is made from an Assamese plant. 

    Benefits: Reduces blood pressure and sugar level.

  • Iced Tea: This is a standard drink in India, which is mainly a summer drink. Mostly it is available in ginger or lemon flavour.

    Benefits: Keeps you hydrated during summers

  • Lemongrass Tea: It is one of the healthiest tea made with the lemongrass plant. It has a citrus flavour which provides many benefits. 

    Benefits: Increase metabolism

Facts about Tea

  1. There are 3000+ different types of tea.
  2. Tea tasting is equal to wine tasting. 
  3. Tea has more caffeine than coffee. Using less tea means less caffeine, and that is why tea drinkers don’t feel much affected.
  4. In the 18th century, tea was so valuable that it was kept in a locked chest. 
  5. You should never use boiling water for tea as you may burn the leaf.
  6. Tea Bags were first invented in the 1990s.
  7. Darjeeling is known as the Champagne of Tea.
  8. The London Tea Auction ran for 300 years; by the 1950s, a third of all tea was bought in an auction. 
  9. The most expensive tea is Tieguanyin from China. It was named to honor the Buddhist Iron Goddess of Mercy, which can cost up to $1500. 
  10. Herbal tea is not a natural tea. This type of tea doesn’t consist of actual tea leaves, and that is why Herbal tea is considered caffeine-free tea. 
  11. Tea has been famous since the 18th century.
  12. It takes about 2000 tiny leaves of tea to make just one pound of finished tea.

Best Tea in India


Organic India


If you are looking for a tea that can refresh your hard day and a drink that can keep you fit, then this is tea for you. Check out its features below.

  • Organic India’s Tulsi green tea helps you to detox your body daily. 
  • It is proved that green tea also helps to promote healthy and glowing skin. 
  • Moreover, green tea will make you refresh after a hard day at work.
  • Plus, tulsi is best for boosting immunity as it is rich in antioxidants. 



This is the best brand for green tea. Despite having a long list of health benefits, green tea relaxes your muscles and keeps you active for work. Following are the features listed.

  • It is rich in antioxidants and Vitamin C, which promotes a healthy immune system. 
  • Moreover, Tetley green tea bags are completely plastic-free and staple-free. 
  • It also helps to boost fat burning process in the body and balance your weight. 
  • Goodness or lemon and honey together will keep you hydrated as well as make you feel light. 


Red Label


One good cup of tea in the morning is everything you need, and for that, you need this brand to make your morning tea unforgettable. Look for its features below. 

  • Red Label comes with a premium blend of tea rich in taste. 
  • Red Lable’s one cup of tea will help you to boost your immunity.
  • Goodness in every sip will make you feel relaxed and light-headed.
  • It is best before 12 months.



Goodrickle is a Darjeeling tea with warmth in every sip. Turn your lazy morning into a fresh and active one. Here are some of its features.  

  • It is a premium black tea pack with a fresh aroma and flavor.
  • This is the finest Darjeeling tea that offers you freshness in every sip.
  • Moreover, it is best before 24 months. 
  • Darjeeling black tea will keep you active and focused all day, whether you take it with or without milk. 


Taj Mahal (Best Tea In India)


Taj Mahal has been the top brand for 50 years, which never fails to fulfill its promise to offer excellence in each cup. Check out the features to know more. 

  • Taj Mahal provides the essence of the finest tea leaves to give a rich taste. 
  • It is golden orange in color with a mood-lifting aroma that you can’t resist. 
  • Moreover, it is a perfectly blended tea that offers a balance of strength and flavor. 
  • Also, it is available in Teabags as well. 



Awake up with strong, Assan tea which will surely uplift your mood and active your cells in your body each morning. Below are its features.

  • Enrich your morning with Octavius Assam’s strong tea with an uplifting aroma.
  • This is best for tea lovers who can drink plenty of cups of tea during the day. 
  • It keeps you refreshed, makes you feel light, and keeps you active.
  • Octavius Assam’s tea is blended with rich tea leaves for the perfect cup of tea. 

In a Nutshell

Finding the Best Tea in India is a tricky thing as everyone has their preference, plus there are lots of other brands as well that people have. But at least it is all about a good cup of tea that can enlighten your mood in seconds. We have mentioned the Best Tea in India for you.

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