Most Developed Cities In India (Top 7)

The transition of India from an underdeveloped to a developing country was not smooth. The most developed cities in India created such space, which led it to compete with advanced nations on some footing. The East looks towards India as a big brother, which is a significant achievement on our part. In the past decades, India has survived many challenges encircling its social, political, and economic scenarios. It has also created hubs that bagged positions in top-ranking cities worldwide. The country has come a long way, and now there is no turning back.

List Of The Most Developed Cities In India

From establishing Tata Group Industries by Jamshedji Tata as the best-known global brand to introducing big foreign multinational corporations in the country, India has come a long way. Therefore, let us look at the most developed cities with their achievements.

Bangalore- Silicon Valley Of India 

The IT Hub of India, Bangalore, is one of India’s most developed and lively cities. Due to its pleasant climate and optimal living conditions, it attracts people from all over India. Also, it is referred to as a biotechnological and pioneer educational hub with prominent educational institutions. Also, it will help you with its emerging opportunities at every corner and charming environment. 

The city is not only a technical seat but also one of India’s main tourist attractions. If you feel that there is no perfect place with an equal blend of career, entertainment, travel, etc., you must visit Bangalore. The city ranks among the top 10 cities in the world, which is suitable for entrepreneurs. 

Pune- Oxford Of The East/ Cultural Capital Of Maharashtra


The appealing aesthetics of this city will make you fall in love. With the perfect blend of climate, career opportunities, and academics, it will be one of India’s most developed cities in 2022. Pune has worked hard to aim for high and achieved one of the best GDPs for emerging IT- Companies. 

Many leading automotive and foreign countries have established themselves in Pune. The well-maintained administration with every basic necessity of life makes survival easier. If you are looking for an up-to-date city with a decent crowd and minimal issues, Pune is your go-to place. You will love the excellent quality and standard of living here.

Mumbai- The City Of Dreams


Boasted as the economic capital of India, Mumbai is home to many industries and is one of the most developed cities. It houses many essential and well-known leading banks’ headquarters like SBI and industries like Reliance Group. It is listed among one of the most progressive cities in India infrastructure-wise. The city has some outstanding buildings and monuments carrying its legacies. The official office of the National Stock Exchange has also made its place in this economic arena. Mumbai is known to have made stars out of the streets. Also, it has always welcomed people from multicultural and different ethnicities.

Moreover, it is well-maintained, with rich architecture from pre-colonial times. The majestic infrastructure of Chatrapati Shivaji Terminal to the Taj Hotel and Gateway of India mesmerises you with its aura. Being the powerhouse of modern technology and hypnotic nightlife, Mumbai has a lot to offer. Be sure that you spend your time and money well. 



With its rich cultural background and uncountable opportunities to explore, Chennai bags a respectable position among the most developed cities in India. It is one of the famous spots for the IT and BPO sector. It is also renowned for transportation, automobiles, healthcare, etc. Many well-reputed and popular automobile industries like Ford and BMW have headquarters in this dreamy city.

Due to numerous footbridges, it is also called the city of flyovers. It is a well-established focal point for the apparel and footwear industry. Although the climate is humid and a bit unsuitable, it is still considered one of India’s safest cities. You can experience various rich and intoxicating cultures in almost every congested street.

Ahmedabad- Manchester of India


With the tag of the largest city, Gujarat is also the fastest-growing city in India. It is the main attraction for textiles and garments. The city has birthed many great people in business who have changed the narrative of automation and machinery. 

Gujarat is also a famous and significant exporter of gems and cotton, thus called the Manchester of India. You can explore other tourist places like Kankaria Lake and Sabarmati Ashram. The taste of different cuisines makes the site worth exploring and remembering. It is growing at a breakneck pace with an incredible networking system. You can also enjoy the most famous ethenic Garba dance here during the Navratri. 



Kolkata is also one of the leading industrial hubs of India, with home to mining, the pharmaceutical industry, etc. It was India’s old financial capital until the rights were transferred to Delhi.

Due to its expansion in the IT sector, it attracts like-minded business people and is one of the safest cities in India. It is furthermore also called the city of Joys. Never miss the Durga Puja in Kolkata and experience the rich cultural and ethnic vibes. Also, Kolkata is heaven for art lovers. You can have a look at the most beautiful and scenic Victoria Memorial and Howrah Bridge. 

Hyderabad- The Pearl City


Another city on the list of fastest-growing cities with IT companies is Hyderabad. It has many Special Economic Zones, including educational institutions. This is what makes it the educational capital of India. The local Bazaars of Hyderabad make you experience a unique cultural hue. Another favourite thing to try in Hyderabad is the special Biryani of Hyderabad. 

Many renowned companies like Apple and Microsoft have established their offices here. You can experience a hassle-free life even if it is a heavy metropolitan hub. The vibrant and mesmerising Char-Minar of Hyderabad gives you some excellent evergreen cultural and historical vibes.




Surat has always attracted Diamond cutting merchants’ attention due to the prosperous diamond industry. Besides that, Surat is also famous for the petrochemical sector and is the fastest-growing market for real estate. Also, it is numbered among the top cities in the area of cleanliness. The alluring art silk centre and embroidery market are major attractions. Many renowned companies like ONGC, Ambuja, Reliance industries, etc., have their establishments in Surat. 

This city has fewer water and electricity issues than several other advanced and developed cities. Moreover, due to less crime, it is one of the safest cities in India. The well-maintained administration and drainage system make it an optimal living choice. 



Visakhapatnam is one of the biggest and most important ports in India. Besides that, it is also the hub of iron ore and minerals. Given their contribution to steel technology, some of the world’s leading steel plants and heavy industries in Visakhapatnam have made an enormous difference. Moreover, we have the Eastern Naval Command Office in Visakhapatnam from the defence viewpoint. 

This city was also chosen for the smart cities mission. You can enjoy the soothing beauty of Visakhapatnam anytime. A booming real estate industry has emerged, attracting investors and traders from all over the country. The primary perk of living here is its lower cost and family-friendly environment.

Delhi- Capital of India


Delhi has made a commendable position in the quality of living and exploring life and is also one of the wealthiest Indian cities. Moreover, the capital will amaze you in every field, be it historical monuments, mouth-watering street food, or the local bazaars. This city never stops and blends the cultures of different communities.

The fastest-growing industries here are the telecommunication, health, and power industries. You can wander and explore life here and adapt accordingly as it will try to get the best out of you in the career-related fields. 


India consistently ranks among the top developing countries in the world, and the major credit goes to those mentioned above most developed cities in India. They have harnessed the economic potential and provided considerable employment to the youth. The big metropolitan cities and the small economic cities have also managed to secure positions in the fastest-growing economies, but there is still a long way to go.

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