Best Laptop Bag Brands in India: Ultimate Guide

Choosing the right laptop bag is more than just a practical decision; it’s a statement of your style and a testament to your on-the-go lifestyle. With a plethora of options flooding the Indian market, you’re spoilt for choice, but which brands truly stand out?

Whether you’re a daily commuter or a weekend jet-setter, the quest for the perfect blend of durability, design, and comfort in a laptop bag ends here. We’ve scoured the market, considering the needs of every type of traveller, to bring you a curated list of the top laptop bag brands in India.

From handcrafted leather marvels that scream professionalism to rugged options that can withstand the toughest of travels, these brands have mastered the art of merging quality with functionality. Get ready to elevate your daily carry with a laptop bag that’s as resilient and stylish as you are.

Top Laptop Bag Brands in India

Dell Laptop Bag

Dell Laptop Bag

Among the myriad of choices for keeping your tech safe, Dell laptop bags emerge as a premium option. Known for their comfort and lightweight materials, these bags are specially designed to accommodate laptops of varying sizes. One particularly popular model is the Dell Pro Backpack, renowned for providing impact-resistant protection. It’s waterproof coating ensures your valuables remain dry, while the soft back padding and adjustable shoulder straps make it exceptionally comfortable to wear even when fully loaded. These features make Dell’s range a top pick for office-goers who value durability alongside a sleek design.

Polestar Laptop Backpack

Polestar Laptop Backpack

Polestar offers ergonomically designed backpacks that cater to comfort without compromising on style. Loaded with features, these backpacks provide waterproof materials and a sturdy build, perfect for braving the daily commute or sporadic cloudbursts. Abundant in space, Polestar laptop backpacks come equipped with multiple compartments, giving all your essentials a rightful place. Ideal for carrying on a rain-soaked trek or a bustling city street, these backpacks merge practicality with urban aesthetics.

Half Moon Laptop Bag

Half Moon Laptop Bag

In the bustling market of laptop bags, Half Moon stands out with its streamlined and minimalist designs. Designed with the on-the-go professional in mind, these bags provide a harmonious blend of style and substance. Their bags come equipped with robust zippers and thoughtful compartments enabling easy organization of your daily essentials. The cushioned interiors ensure your gadgets remain snug and safe, making them a reliable choice for those who seek convenience coupled with cutting-edge design.

Lavie Sport Laptop Backpack

Lavie Sport Laptop Backpack

Lavie Sport has quickly carved out a niche for itself with laptop backpacks that scream modernity and sophistication. These backpacks are not just about aesthetic pleasure; they offer spacious compartments with security features that keep tech gadgets and documents safely tucked away. With breathable back panels and adjustable straps, Lavie Sport’s innovation is evident, providing both style and comfort irrespective of your destination.

Wildcraft Laptop BagWildcraft Laptop Bag

Adventure blends with everyday life in Wildcraft’s laptop bag range. Known for its rugged durability and intuitive design, each bag is a nod to the mobile and dynamic lifestyles of today. Whether you’re heading to a boardroom or the mountainside, Wildcraft bags safeguard your laptop with their water-resistant and resolute build. These bags cater to the adventurers who demand resilience from their gear while subtly executing a contemporary look.

HP Laptop Bag

HP Laptop Bag

HP is often associated with reliable technology, and their laptop bags are no exception. Skillfully crafted to support your digital lifestyle, HP bags offer multifunctional compartments and protective padding to shield your gadgets from daily bumps and knocks. The streamlined design is coupled with ergonomically engineered straps that provide ease and security for tech-savvy users on the move.

Cosmus Laptop Backpackcasmos

For those in pursuit of understated elegance and comprehensive functionality, Cosmus laptop backpacks might just fit the bill. Spacious yet secure, these backpacks keep your tech and essentials ordered and in reach. Renowned for their build quality and ergonomic design, Cosmus bags also focus on load distribution to reduce stress on the wearer’s back, making it an ideal companion for prolonged use.

American Tourister Laptop Bag

American Tourister Laptop Bag

American Tourister brings to you bags that perfectly encapsulate global design sensibilities with practicality. Sturdy, stylish, and secure, their laptop bags feature dedicated compartments for laptops and essentials, reinforced corners and detailed organizational pockets. Known for their vibrant styled robust builds, they’re an excellent pick for professionals and youths alike looking for a reliable yet fashionable carrying solution.

Lenovo Laptop Bag

Lenovo Laptop Bag

Lenovo has emerged as a solid contender in the laptop bag segment with offerings that combine sleek aesthetics with utilitarian design. These bags ensure a snug fit for your Lenovo gadgets while also accommodating additional accessories in their well-structured compartments. Tailored for the tech-savvy crowd that demands both functionality and form, Lenovo’s laptop bags stand up to that brief, providing a smart solution for your everyday carry.

Factors to Consider when Choosing a Laptop Bag

Size and Fit

Finding the perfect laptop bag begins with the size and fit for your digital companion. It’s vital that you select a bag that snugly fits your laptop to prevent it from sliding around, which could result in damage. Always measure your laptop diagonally to ensure accuracy and compare these measurements with the bag’s dimensions. Most bags are designed to fit laptops of certain sizes, from the compact 13-inch models to larger 17-inch workstations. Remember, a proper fit enhances protection and keeps your laptop secure during transit.


The quality of material used in a laptop bag is not just about aesthetics; it’s about the longevity and protection of your gear. When you’re on the move, you’ll need a material that can withstand the elements. Look for waterproof or water-resistant materials like nylon or high-grade polyester which safeguard against the rain. Genuine leather adds a touch of class while also providing decent durability, though it may require more care. Whichever material you choose, ensure it’s thick enough to absorb shocks and bumps.

Design and Style

Your laptop bag isn’t just functional; it’s a part of your personal style. Your bag should reflect your lifestyle; whether you’re a professional in need of a sleek briefcase-styled carrier or an adventurer who prefers a rugged and ready backpack. The design and style of your bag should align with your needs, offering the right balance between form and function. Look for designs that offer organized compartments for your accessories and make a statement that complements your attire.


Durability gets its own spotlight. After all, a laptop bag is a protective shell for your electronic valuables. Explore options that boast robust construction with reinforced seams and quality zippers. Check user reviews and customer feedback for real-life testimonials about the product’s resilience. Bags that rate highly in durability are more likely to offer a longer lifespan for your electronics, providing peace of mind and an enduring appeal.

Comfort and Convenience

Finally, don’t overlook comfort and convenience. If you’re carrying your laptop daily, ergonomic features like padded straps and a breathable back panel are indispensable. Adjustable straps ensure the bag sits right on your shoulders, alleviating strain. Added conveniences, such as quick-access pockets and expandable compartments, can make your life easier, allowing you to pack more efficiently and grab items on the go without unnecessary hassle. For frequent travelers, features like a luggage sleeve are invaluable, streamlining the way you navigate through airports and train stations.

In essence, the right laptop bag merges your personal style with practicality, not only protecting your investment but also enhancing your everyday carry experience. Whether for daily commutes or occasional travel, the perfect laptop bag is out there, ready to fit seamlessly into your lifestyle.

Price Range of Laptop Bags

When you’re in the market for a laptop bag, it’s immediately apparent that there’s a vast range of prices. The cost can be a deciding factor, reflecting the features, materials, and brand prestige associated with the bag. To help you navigate through the options, let’s breakdown what you can expect across various price ranges.

Budget-Friendly Options

For those of you looking to protect your laptop without splashing out too much cash, there are plenty of budget-friendly options. These generally range from as low as Rs 1,125 to about Rs 2,204. Budget-friendly laptop bags offer basic protection and functionality, with some even offering water-resistant features and multiple compartments for your accessories.

S.No Product Price
8 Valex Laptop Backpack Rs 1,125
10 Titan Ultrafit Plus Bange Series 15.6-inch Laptop Bag Rs 1,299
7 Unisex Backpack for Laptop Rs 2,204

Despite their low price point, these bags are suitable for shorter commutes and come with convenient features like organiser pockets and luggage sleeves.

Mid-Range Options

Stepping up a bit in price, mid-range laptop bags offer enhanced features and durability without breaking the bank. These are typically priced between Rs 2,900 and Rs 6,360, and provide better design elements, stronger materials, and added comfort for everyday use.

S.No Product Price
2 SealPro Professional Backpack Rs 1,900
3 Groove Next 20L Backpack Rs 6,360
4 Genuine Leather Executive Convertible Office Bag Rs 5,756

The standout feature for these bags includes versatile usability, whether it’s for professional endeavors or more casual affairs. They often come with a water-resistant design, making them practical for various weather conditions.

High-End Options

For the ultimate in luxury and style, high-end laptop bags are where it’s at. These can range from Rs 4,999 and upwards, marrying premium materials with sophisticated design. At this price point, you’re paying for superior craftsmanship, brand value, and sometimes exclusive features that cater to niche preferences.

S.No Product Price
1 The Transit Backpack Rs 4,999
5 The Cabin Duffle Vegan Leather Bag Rs 5,999
6 Seek 32 Ltrs Overnighter Travel Laptop Backpack Rs 2,204

In this bracket, expect luxurious materials like vegan leather, bags that boast expandable bottle/umbrella pockets, and even those with luggage sleeves for ease of travel. These bags not only serve their protective function but also make a fashion statement.


You’ve now explored the diverse world of laptop bags in India, spanning from budget-friendly to luxury options. Whether you’re after basic protection or a bag that complements your style, there’s something for everyone. Remember, the right bag not only secures your laptop but also echoes your personal taste. With this guide, you’re well-equipped to choose a laptop bag that meets your needs and budget, ensuring your tech is always in safe hands. Ready to make your pick? Your perfect laptop companion awaits.

Frequently Asked Questions

What materials are best for laptop bags?

Nylon is often the material of choice for laptop bags due to its durability, lightweight nature, and water resistance. It’s particularly suited for frequent travellers or those commuting in wet climates. There’s a variety of styles and colours available to fit personal preferences and provide extra storage.

Which laptop offers the best value for money?

The best value for money in laptops varies based on individual needs, but some noteworthy options include the HP Victus with AMD Ryzen 5 5600H Processor, Lenovo ThinkPad with AMD Ryzen 5 7530U Processor, the HP Pavilion X360 with 11th Gen Intel Core i3-1125G4 Processor, and the ASUS Vivobook 16X with AMD Ryzen 7 5800HS Processor.

Which company makes the best laptop bags?

Several companies are renowned for their quality laptop bags, with top picks often including The Transit Backpack for its urban design and durability, SealPro Professional Backpack for its affordability, Groove Next 20L Backpack for its ample storage, and the Genuine Leather Executive Convertible Office Bag for a more professional look.

What are some trendy laptop backpack brands?

For trendy laptop backpacks that strike a balance between style and functionality, brands like Kanken, Rains, Herschel, and Topo Designs are fashionable choices that are popular for their unique design elements and reliability.

What is the ideal color for a laptop bag?

The best color for a laptop bag can vary according to personal preference. Black is a universally accepted choice because of its versatility and professional appearance. However, laptop bags come in an array of colors and patterns that can match different tastes and styles.

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